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Jim Condit, Jr. Responds To Makow Piece
Jim Condit, Jr. responds RE: Makow piece
Date: 11-26-10
TA Long ­
I would like you to name ONE Jewish author that said that Hitler was controlled by Jews or cooperating with the future founders of Israel before we came out with it in 2003 in our DVD and CD commentary: "The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler." (hitlerdvd.com) The Jewish sources we used gave facts and clues ­ BUT NOT ONE OF THEM CLAIMED HITLER WAS CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS, or was cooperating with the Jewish Elite; they always put the spin on the facts this way: "Gads! Anti-Semitism was so widespread that even Roosevelt and much of the American power structure were anti-semitic!" (Riiiiigggggggggggt) ­ they skipped over the relevant fact or facts they included in their book ­ nervously skipping over it at times, other times not giving any commentary on it at all.
Controlled court historians did the same thing. Ian Kershaw, in his book circa 1990 "Hitler" covered that Hitler was working with the Communists in their six month takeover of Munich in 1919. Kershaw says paraphrase, "This period is unexplainable in light of the rest of Hitler's career. No. No. No. Hitler the part Jew was looking for his place in the world ­ and if the "Russian" Communists had succeeded in rolling over Europe in 1919 as they planned (until stopped miraculously by the Poles at the Vistula River) ­ then Communism would have been the future of Europe, and Hitler would have found his place there. After that, Hitler became a Nazi leader.
His adversary within the Nazis ­ Otto Strasser ­ as recorded by Douglas Reed in "The Prisoner of Ottawa" (1953) ­ fingered this as one of the three things that needed to be resolved about Hitler, as well as his "murky origins" and "the fact that his body was never found" ­ and said that in the early 1920s, after many a party meeting, the men would be standing around having a beer, and someone would say, in effect, "What was Hitler doing in Munich in 1919?" Strasser said the men would shrug their shoulders in puzzlement, and move on. This is an eye-witness report from a man who lived his life in exile in Canada rather than enter into an agreement with the Banksters, which he was offered also AFTER the war. He refused, and died in exile in Canada.
We go further and say that the preponderance of the evidence is that Hitler was either or even Jewish ­ but this is not proven because Hitler AND the establishment have taken great pains to confuse and cover up the facts around his ancestry.
That Hitler was cooperating for much of the war with the top banksters and top Ruling Elite operations such as IBM ­ is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
I'm thinking you have not seen the DVD or heard the CD.
How do you explain that IBM landed in Germany the very month Hitler was elected (March 1933) to help him start usingIBM punch cards to catalog the Jews in Germanic territories (in preparation for roundup and/or emigration to Palestine in preparation for the takeover which happened in 1948 ­ three years after Hitler passed from the world stage)? How do you explain the numerous public awards to Thomas Watson of IBM with no protest from the New York Times --- even thoughIBM was headquartered in New York city. (!!!!!!)
This is one of HUNDREDS of examples.
This does not mean Hitler was not a man of substance ­ he was. He was no shallow puppet a la W. Bush or Barack O'Bummer. He and Stalin both outmaneuvered or seemed to be contemplating the overthrow of the banksters. But Hitler was eventually outmaneuvered, realized it, and slinked away. (His body was never found as ALL reports said from 1945 to the 1970s ­ until the bogus 1989 "Soviet files" were released with those questionable pictures. Can you imagine Stalin having Hitler's body and not touting it TO THE SKIES before the whole world? Impossible.
Those who can't face all the pieces about Hitler and the Nazis (AshkenNAZIS) that don't fit ­ generally have no faith in Christ or a supernatural GOd, and need to prevent the "bringing down to earth" of their "savior", Adolph Hitler. These are truly the deceived and deluded ones. But, despite shunning by establishment news sources and revisionists, the thesis of the late, great Dr. Paul Reznowski, expressed in our DVD and CD ­ is winning the day everywhere with the everyday researchers throughout the world.
As far as McCarthy goes ­ I am a BIG booster of the great Senator Joe McCarthy ­ however, I think Piper has it right. McCarthy was being patriotic even though approached by a delegation with some Jews in it. McCarthy was PRAISED by the mass media in his early exposures ­ as he was unwittingly doing the bidding of the anti-Stalinist, Trotskyite Jews who approached him. HOWEVER, once he went beyond the parameters of the task they had given him ­ and started asking WHO PROMOTED PERESS? ­ thus threatening to bring down the Trotskyite network of Jews getting close to running theUS government ­ the Jewish media came down on him like a ton of bricks, and does so to this day. McCarthy, being a true patriot, kept going. The presence of the sleazy Roy Cohen and David Shine on McCarthy's staff showed all was not well ­ but Bobby Kennedy probably counterbalanced them to a large extent.
Both McCarthy and JFK should have come out with the whole truth in public if they wanted to survive. HITLER was erected by the Rothschilds, with his indiscriminate cruelty, for the VERY PURPOSE of discrediting anyone in the future who fingered the Jewish Criminal Syndicate as the source of the problem. Hitler may have been totally sincere in his loathing of the criminal syndicate of the Jews --- but he was used for this very purpose.
Unless the common man realizes what Hitler's role was related to discrediting the kind of legitimate opposition to the Talmudic Jewish leaders that characterized the Middle Ages in Catholic countries ­ and that Hitler as well was used to provide the impetus to get Jews down to Palestine before and after the war ­ then a broad based anti-Jewish-Crime Syndicate movement will not materialize. (Can you imagine someone who was truly against the leaders of the Jews who would help them get ahold of Palestine ­ the one piece of real estate NOBODY in the world wanted them to have? I'm speaking of the Transfer Agreement, never protested by Hitler in public, and training of the Irgun in Germanic controlled territories as arranged by the Yiddish speaking (!!!!!!!!!!!) and very Jewish looking Eichmann.
How do you explain that so many neo-nazi groups are led by Jews?
How to you explain that all sides now admit that the Warburgs/Rothschilds gave Hitler the equivalent of $100 million plus in 1929? Do you think the Rothschilds or their successors at the top of the banksters will be giving you, me or JP Campbell $100 million dollars anytime soon? I'm guessing not.
Jim Condit Jr.
PS ­ The reason some conservatives give anti-Nazi credentials before criticizing the Jewish Crime Syndicate is to gain credibility with the honest people listening ­ not to expect honesty from those about to hurl the anti-semitism card. Thanks for the McCarthy clip, by the way.
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From: T.A. Long 
Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2010 5:32 PM
To: T A Long
Cc: JB Campbell
Subject: Fw: Makow piece
I'm sending this one out for all the useful idiots out there who parrot Jewish disinformation that "Hitler was financed and controlled by the Jews" or that "Joseph McCarthy was a nut case" or that "Jesus was a Jew". It should be noted that the system line regarding McCarthy has now progressed from his being a nut case to the lie that he was controlled by Jews. That was the same evolutionary propaganda line used against Hitler and Christ so Senator McCarthy is obviously in good company.
One further note is that the publisher of this anti-McCarthy hit piece is none other than the Canadian Jew, Henry Makow who runs an internet site railing against Jews and some nebulous entity called "The Illuminati". Henry Makow works out of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and has never been prosecuted by the Canadian government under current "Hate" statutes or socalled "Human Rights" legislation as have so many other Canadians for far lesser offenses.
Examples? I was prosecuted twice, once for a phone message and a second time for "displaying signs and symbols discriminatory against an identifiable group..." by attending a private meeting out in the country. I was fined, my home raided by an RCMP SWAT team and forced to seclude myself from the "authoritiies" for over a year. Jessica Beaumont of Calgary, a young lady in her early twenties was prosecuted under "Human Rights" legislation for participating on an internet forum, fined $10,000, and forced do desist from any further participation on the internet. Brad Love in Ontario was jailed for 18 months for writing "hateful" letters to his MP decrying Canada's genocidal immigration policies, and on and on and on, the number of prosecutions here in Kanuckistan for being critical of the Jew and his machinations are seemingly endless. But good old Henry Makow writes about "The Illuminate" and the Jews for years and no one touches him! Only a complete and total moron, or worse yet a moral coward, could, or rather would, not conclude that Henry Makow is an agent for the other side. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??????
Henry Makow is a Jewish propaganda agent. As such one can expect that 95% of what he is saying is the truth and the other 5% is disinformation. As Bruce says in the following missive, both Henry Makow and Michael Collins Piper shoot themselves in the foot with this one. Watch the video that Bruce includes and you be the judge. Adolf Hitler was a good and honest man. Jesus Christ was a good and honest man. Senator Joseph McCarthy was a good and honest man and a great American. And that's why the Jews keep LYING ABOUT THEM.....GOT IT!!!!! -TL
Beam's First Law:
"If they don't like it, DO IT! It's gotta be good."
From T.A. Long  
To Jim Condit Jr.
How to you explain that all sides now admit that the Warburgs/Rothschilds gave Hitler the equivalent of $100 million plus in 1929?
Where is the evidence for this statement, Jim? I've never seen it. Need I remind you that the consensus for 40 years was that 6M Jews were exterminated by the Nazi during the second world war mainly in homocidal gas chambers? I don't care what "all sides now admit". Where's the evidence?  
Glad we agree that JC and McCarthy were good guys. Hey, Jim, that's 2 outa 3....not bad. Now if I can only convince you to like Adolf and Bruce to like JC, we could be like the Three Musketeers. :) TL
From Jim Condit, Jr 
To T.A. Long
Part of the evidence on the millions given Hitler in 1929 is in "The Prisoner of Ottowa" ­ Strasser said he looked up one morning in 1929 and Hitler had unlimited money ­ and he shortly thereafter had to flee the country for his life. HOW WELL I KNOW THAT SCENE, T.A. (minus fleeing the country for my life) ­ and it's NEVER the good guys that get the money in these last 100 years.
(Interjection: I just saw your longer email, and don't have time to respond to that at this hour, but will look at it soon. You say you stopped watching my DVD after a few minutes because it was innuendo, and not fact --- I am interpreting facts, yes ­ but the inconvenient facts are there for the Hitler-devotees; how do you interpret all these inconvenient facts? How about Hitler's working with the Communists ­ he was the man who gave speeches to the common soldiers to sell the top Communists communications ­ in Munich for six months when all the Communists thought Russia was going to roll acrossEurope? By the way, if you had watched the rest of the DVD, you would know that Hitler outlawed the "Friekorps" medals that were awarded to Otto Strasser and those who freed Munich from the Communists of which he was then a part. ­ Also, think about this: as Dr. Reznowski said, Until uncovering the Jewish backing of the Nazis, we thought all socialism was Jewish except national socialism; now we know that all socialism is Jewish.")
Next: Von Papen, his memoirs published in 1953 about the "sudden" acquisition of funds by Hitler and the Nazis. Here's what we say in our cover letter we send out with the DVD:
Several interesting sources have come to our attention since the video was made. Among these is "Hitler's Secret Backers" by Sidney Warburg. This book might appear to be a fiction, or made to order for our DVD thesis ­ except that Von Papen, a prominent Nazi throughout the Hitler period, referred to the book in his 1953 Memoirs. This is one of those little details of history that slips through the cracks, thwarting the censors.
Here is a quote from Chapter 10 of the late Dr. Anthony Sutton's book, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler":
"Who Was "Sidney Warburg"?
"The question posed in this chapter is the accusation that some Wall Street financiers (the Rockefellers and Warburgs specifically have been accused) directly planned and financed Hitler's takeover in 1933, and that they did this from Wall Street. On this question the so-called myth of "Sidney Warburg" is relevant. Prominent Nazi Franz von Papen has stated in his Memoirs: {p. 134} {quote} ... the most documented account of the National Socialists' sudden acquisition of funds was contained in a book published in Holland in 1933, by the old established Amsterdam publishing house of Van Holkema & Warendorf, called De Geldbronnen van Het Nationaal-Socialisme (Drie Gesprekken Met Hitler) under the name "Sidney Warburg." {end quote}
"A book with this title in Dutch by "Sidney Warburg" was indeed published in 1933, but remained on the book stalls in Holland only for a matter of days. The book was purged. One of three surviving original copies was translated into English. The translation was at one time deposited in the British Museum, but is now withdrawn from public circulation and is unavailable for research. Nothing is now known of the original Dutch copy upon which this English translation was based."
Another source is: "Our Crowd; The Great Jewish Families of New York," by Stephen Birmingham, published in 1967, which refers to the collaboration that went on between Max Warburg and the Nazis up until 1938.  (end quote)
You or anybody else can look these up for yourselves, T.A. ­ please note that Von Papen says that the MOST documented account of the National Socialists SUDDEN acquisition of funds was contained in the "Sidney Warburg" book. So you have Strasser ­ who refused an offer to go to Germany after WW II and play the role of "playpen" false opposition (he says in "The Prisoner of Ottawa" that the offer was made to him by Roosevelt's ambassador, Davis; he says he was offered all the funds he needed to run his movement, provided he would accept a veto from a Moscow controlling group any time he went out of bounds. And you have Von Papen. And there are others ­ enough that all sides now accept this sudden acquisition of funds in 1929 by Hitler and his wing of the Nazis. The die-hard Hitler apologists say that Hitler was using the banksters (HA!); that may have been his intention ­ but, if so, he was outmaneuvered, and quietly disappeared as Germany went into slavery ­ from then until now.
Again, what are some examples of the Banksters giving money to anyone on our side in such prodigious amounts at key moments.
Jim Condit Jr.
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