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The Complaint Department
By Jim Kirwan
In the long ago and far away time of LBJ and his clumsy efforts to chip away at the ability of people to have any voice in what his government was trying to do to us - I did a graphic article against his administration in 1966. It consisted of 66 images that were intended to become a book. This was two years before it was even thinkable to criticize the government. The book didn't happen but the Oklahoma City Times in conjunction with essays from one of my lawyers at the time, began to run the images as a series of op-ed political pieces. The first essay was simply called 'Would You Believe' - The Complaint Department.
Apparently what is still missing from among the thousands of government agencies that run our lives with bloodied iron fists ­ is anything called The US Office of Citizen Complaints. We do have lots of offices dealing with Consumer Complaints but Consumers have NO rights to anything; whereas Citizens do have rights-or at least we thought we did.
However we do have a huge Complaint Department within the government: It's called the Congress of the United States and believe it or not they're supposed to work for you. At the very least they must respond to serious complaints whenever the government has failed to listen to our voices. The theory was that if the government did not listen then those people that failed to do their jobs could simply be voted out of office-but at the time of the creation of the constitution total government corruption, on all levels, was not envisioned.
Many believe that because of the scale of this criminal-activity that calls itself the government; that "nothing can be done!" That's simply not true.
In the current case, where 58 million people are about to become unable to survive: What would happen if just one million of those 58 million began a letter writing campaign coupled with phone calls that would target everyone associated with the theft of the money they are owed by this administration: Both for this year and for 2009? What would the volume of mail from a million people look like to the government? Or just a million or two phone calls concentrated on a single issue?
The same people that say "There is NOTHING WE CAN DO!" These are the same people that watched while Newt Gingrich shut down the nation's capital during his "Contract onAmerica," so it has happened before-successfully-from the point of view of those who did that. How many have forgotten this event from 1994? (1)
Fast-forward to today. Our so-called political parties hypothetically exist to speak for us both inside and outside the government. They have all failed to do this: In fact they have done exactly the opposite they have used their power to subjugate us as a people and have tried their best to turn us all into voiceless slaves in a fascist-economic system designed to transfer all the wealth of this country from those who created it into their privately-held control; leaving those who earned these things and held these ideals to starve in silence or to rot in their illegally-structured debtor's-prisons that have just begun to become visible.
What can we do? We can by-pass the compromised two-party system entirely and take on those that have stolen our money, our jobs and our lives right in front us. How? By simply doing for ourselves what government has not only failed to do; but who are still trying to get us to believe that they and their bogus political systems are our only recourse. That's not true either.
Congress was supposed to respond to our complaints-they have not listened to anything the public has been saying since before Bush brought in the Millennium with his theft of the White House. With the political actions that this government was criminally-culpable in creating-surrounding 911-our fate as far as having any voice at all, was sealed. What we must begin to do now as individuals, is to do what congress would not willingly do. We have to act, not as constituents of the now corrupted political parties but as ourselves, because "the system's view of us" as depicted above in "Would You Believe" has finally come true. LBJ failed to do what he was put there to do; but so have all the others that followed in his treacherous bootsteps.
How to do this? It's really simple and it's what should have happened long ago. People need to spend a few minutes every day with the facts that control their lives. We need to know who is on our side and who wants to kill us-it really is that simple.
However because the masquerade succeeded in convincing people that politics is a lot like the weather: "It's out there and it changes every day; but there is nothing we can ever do about it" so no one paid attention. Politics is not something that comes with being born or coming of age ­ and that's it! Politics is a contact activity and is as necessary to being alive as breathing is. It is never that constant, because liberty lives on blood, and she needs to be fed every now and then, or she will vanish from our lives forever. However this concept was never part of the current fast-paced, high-tech whirlwind that we believe we have created for our fun-loving selves. So we simply need to find ways to insert politics back into what we do everyday. (Boring?) No ­ not if you make it a part of everything else you still will continue to do.
Most people still have cell phones and use them incessantly; so why not add your local politician's offices to your address book. Then whenever anything massively criminal really pisses-you-off, just call it in as many times as you feel might be necessary to insure that your message gets delivered. In fact this complaint department time could be factored into tailgate parties, card nights, or any little get-together where people gather for fun and to forget the general nightmare of their current world. Being able to complain is cathartic for the soul. And if enough people do this, routinely-real-CHANGE-in government becomes unavoidable!
For those of you that are paranoid or who actually believe all the garbage about national-security or "The HOMELAND" (a phase that Bush stole from the 1934 Nazi's) to replace "our country" with, when speaking of America: You need to know about why Bush hired the former head of the East German Stasi (secret police) and the Former head of the USSR's KGB to design our national ID card program, back in 2005-when the legislation for the US national ID card was passed by congress. When these two former communist officials were questioned about why they had been hired-they laughed! 'If you think that what happened to the Russians under Stalin was bad, then just wait and see what is about to happen to you-because that was nothing by comparison to what has been made possible here,' they said. (2)
The national ID card ironically could not happen because the states were all already broke, and the Feds demanded that the states pay for this outrage-so it did not happen then, but they're still working on it, because the criminal congress of 2005 passed the legislation, and Bush signed it!
Think about it-just a few phone calls every week, leave a message or better yet send a concise note, even postcards have an impact: Because the government just created 58 million new enemies; among which there must be several million determined people that will demand what is rightfully theirs-and which is theirs by law and is required, just to stay alive!
The illustration above was part of the 1966 article and illustrates what LBJ
was trying to do to the nation and to all of us. Will you let Obama finish this crime from which there can be no real "coming back"? The Complaint Department is one choice that everyone really has, and you don't even have to leave home to do it. . .
However this might not be an option much longer, if you and you're your friends don't begin to use it now!
A reader wrote to me suggesting how many are uncomfortable or just frustrated when they communicate with anyone in government, which is understandable, until you remember exactly who these people really are that they must hide behind their official titles, otherwise they'd be in jail!
Remember these are the people that have broken into your life and attempted to steal everything that you thought you owned, everything you loved, and most important even your life itself. And to top it all off they wear the uniforms of this country, and are in positions of power which we gave them; positions which they have used to get into our inmost-secrets as well to destroy every dream of any future existence, along with attempting to turn us all into virtual slaves inside our own country.
Remember this - and treat them exactly as they have openly treated us for over a decade now. Technically these creatures work for us, but their real profits amount to millions and are derived from the illegal actions they routinely do each and every day, to all of us.
Knowing this, if you met them on the street how would you treat them? Neither dignity or respect would have anything to do with your response - should you actually get that opportunity: IF however you would treat them as the criminals they are, then why not talk to them, through their offices, as if they were standing right in front of you on the street outside the place where you lived, which they have just burglarized, yet again, just before they have you evicted? It's your chance to tell them exactly what you think, be concise, be direct and don't stop calling until this travesty is reversed. Depending on the volume of response to them; can you really be part of making a real and needed change in this one respect - I think the answer is "YES"!
This is the difference between what most people think of when they "contact their congressperson" and what I was suggesting that you might soon be doing for yourselves in the near future?
1) Republican Contract with America
2) Our CRIMINAL-Justice System

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