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Comment Censored On Other Sites
By Hany Hanna

Hello Jeff,

I posted the following comment on theuglytruth but it is clearly being censored.  I hope you'll be able to post this version of it.  I wonder how many other comments are censored?


I am an American Palestinian. My parents were both born and raised in Palestine; my mother's family were refugees from Haifa in '48 losing everything they owned. My family is Greek Orthodox by religion not Moslem.

It's absolutely ridiculous to demonize Jeff because of articles he has put up on his site. I for one am grateful for his efforts at exposing Zionism. Moslems are not beyond reproach. One time I met a Palestinian working in a convenience store in Whittier, California. I greeted him in a friendly manner. He asked me if I was Moslem or Christian. When I replied that my family was Christian, he replied, "Too bad." I asked why. He said, "Because I hate Christians."

Get off your high horses fools. There are Moslems who have been stupid enough to be railroaded by fundamentalism just as there are Jews stupid enough to fall for Zionoism. And there are those who are stupid enough to demonize someone for posting various viewpoints on their site.  As a Palestinian AND an Arab, I've been exposed to Moslems ALL MY LIFE.  Fundamentalist Moslems are just as deranged as fundamentalist Christians and Zionists, extremists AND Talmudic Jews. Those of you that think Jeff is a Zionist mole....well, there's not much I can say to insanity.

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