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CERN, Germans And The Vatican
By George Paxinos
Remember, remember
The Fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot !
I see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot !
-- kiddies' nursery rhyme from my youth, commemorating Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up the British Parliament in 1605
Guy Fawkes' Day dawned last Friday, November, 5th, commemorating a brave man's attempt back in 1605 to waste the despicable British Parliament.
November 5 used to be celebrated in Britain and British dependencies worldwide by kiddies letting-off firecrackers, until recently that is, when increasing elitist paranoia for the health of their sordid skins deemed fireworks bad physical and mental programming-competition to their Pan-Global, New-World-Order State-Terrorism Agenda being foisted upon us under the lie of "Fighting Terrorism", precisely as authors George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and others so accurately predicted back at the beginning of the 20th Century.
Thinking about Guy Fawkes last Friday, I suddenly remembered that the attempt at CERN, on the border between France and Switzerland, to create an odd quark that might rearrange our universe would take place in a few days' time, namely, on the 9th of November, this coming Tuesday :
On that date, the giant LHC or Large Hadron Collider
at the European Organization for Nuclear Research at CERN will try for a particle collision to produce "strangelet" Quarks, which many scientists believe might touch off a chain reaction in matter that will spread at the speed of light to all matter in the known universe.
Guy Fawkes is in no way out of place here ! Indeed, as true Anarchist, he might be watching from some other dimension, rubbing his hands in anticipation of how our Planet of Apes will do itself in !
Unfortunately, CERN, like the Vatican,
is also beyond jurisdiction of anyone else who might be affected by what goes on inside them :
so not much oversight can be got about the ardent young scientists in there, all attempting to create particles that might change, not only our world, but our entire Universe as we know it. See :
CERN affirms LHC has 70% chances to produce strangelets on 11/9
wherein this passage appears : (quote) :
Abstract. We have received and will show in this article astonishing documents leaked out of CERN internal servers, about the CASTOR
project, a Centauro and STrangelet Object Research to hunt for strangelets 'likely'to be produced at the LHC.
According to those internal documents CERN has been lying for years to the press and in the suits, since it always affirmed that it won't produce the ultra-dangerous, ultradense 'strangelets', the liquid explosive made of up, down and strange quarks, responsible of the ice-9 reactions that cause supernovas (below's graph).
In those documents CERN affirms there is a 65-70% of chances of producing negative strangelets, which according to standard science on strangelets today, will provoke the ice-9 reaction (name taken from Cat and Cradle's book in which a physicist destroys the world throwing a new type of water that freezes the planet, since an ice-9 reaction will condensate the planet in a 15 kilometers ultra-dense strange star).
Thus CERN has been lying and it is playing with all mankind a Quantum Russian Roulette game with 4 shots out of 6, 66% chances of extinction.
[The book referred to is "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut, see :
and the metaphor of process referred to in the CERN possibility, appears in it, one in which a scientist creates a form of water-ice he calls "Ice-Nine" or "Ice-9", in which water-ice molecules are stacked together in a special array so that they won't melt at ordinary ambient temperatures, but only at around 114 degrees Fahrenheit, well above human body temperature (of around 98.4°F or 37°C), and which has also the property of turning any water it touches into a similar state, that is, locking it up at most ambient climatic temperatures on earth and making it unavailable for life's processes, which, in the book, destroys almost all life on earth. -- author]
Trouble is, as the excerpt above points out, many scientists fear that this new particle intended to be created at CERN on November 9, 2010, will do something similarly permanent to matter in the universe as we know it, making it all ultra-dense and putting an end to the universe as we once knew it. We won't survive, of course, and a quick-and-dirty bit of mental arithmetic will show that the resulting, 15-kilometer world would have a density of around 3'300 tons or so per cubic centimetre, starting with an average earth density of, say, around 5.5.
Now, a mathematician-physicist friend, who likes to go by the name of "An Iowan Idiot", postulated to me recently, that the reason we are being visited by so very few extraterrestrial civilisations, despite continuing discoveries that most suns now appear to possess planetary systems about them like our own Sun, might not be that, as was proposed back at the beginning of our own Nuclear Age, they wiped themselves out in nuclear war : because, as he so correctly points out, at the beginning of a nuclear age, when weapons are relatively small, they do not have the potential to trash a planet and its ecology, and by the time they become bigger, more powerful and more sophisticated, any use of them will so have shocked their developers, that they would have the sense to prohibit their use.
No, he explains, the mathematical probabilities stand against that idea : Far more likely, is that the abysmal lack of education of their general public and especially their popularist politicians, would allow funding of experiments that the politicians might see as increasing their political power, without recognising the dangers of those experiments : and in the dog-eat-dog world of acadaemia, all-too-ardent, upwardly-mobile young physicists would ignore the dangers of unknown consequences at the mere chance of furthering their careers ... which might also explain some otherwise inexplicable flashes observed in astronomy in the vicinity of stars, where planets might be found, as, perhaps, civilisation after civilisation winks out of existence :
" ... and now, this is a perfectly safe experiment, chances of success -- bla-bla --- side-effects (whisper-whisper) -- nothing to worry about -- let's JUST DO IT ! -- [fame-&-fortune for all] -- and now, Senator Squink, Honorary Prof Emeritus by virtue of funding of this great project, will throw the switch ! ... " -- SQUISH.
Couple years back, after CERN went down after an ostensible leak of a ton or so of liquid helium when a superconducting magnet was hit and overheated by an energy dump from its coils, friend and self-styled "Iowan Idiot" (hereinafter II) and I were kicking around the possibility that a microscopic black hole had really been created, which had punctured the containment vessels for the liquid-helium super-cooling of the magnets, in the article we co-authored :
Strange Incident at CERN
In a later conversation, after the immense destruction of that alleged one-ton helium blowout had been publicly announced and the year or so of time required to repair it, we discussed it again, coming to the conclusion that this was no mere helium blowout : other, stronger forces had been at work, there !
I suggested that if a mini-black-hole had been created, then it, itself, might have sucked up that missing ton of liquid helium ?
Hmmm ... II thought about it, then : "Yes! it makes sense, because liquid helium is as close to a frictionless superfluid as one might reasonably come -- so that tiny black hole suddenly became a one-ton-or-more black hole ..."
I interjected and said : "If that is so, then I can tell you what might have happened ... if the collision of two particles that tiny had really taken place to create that tiny black hole, it is also very unlikely that any gross mechanical collimation of accelerator axes could have been precise enough to collide them perfectly head-on, therefore, if not precisely done, the mini-black-hole created would have had a spin moment, and if it were spinning, then it might also be PRECESSING, dynamically nutating, its poles circling about its axis of spin, like a spinning top when it becomes unstable ... "
II agreed, then suddenly yelled : "Nobody has ever thought of that before ! -- that a black hole might be both spinning, and precessing ! -- and if it did, then that explains the destruction ! -- the -- at first -- tiny black hole, suddenly weighing a ton, would have its angular momentum vastly increased by the input of all that mass, its electrons would be stripped away as the heavier helium nuclei were sucked in first, and that vast outer cloud of electrons -- science says that the most-efficient way to release matter's energy is to feed it to a black hole ! -- augmented by that energy release, and also in dynamic precession, would set up electromagnetic fields so strong, they would have ripped equipment clear away from the concrete foundations ! At its poles, cutting jets of pure energy might radiate out ! THAT could explain what happened, the large scale of destruction and why they are keeping so quiet about it all ! -- if the public ever found out ... and where IS that black hole now, orbiting and oscillating somewhere inside the earth itself, increasing its mass as time goes by, perhaps periodically popping up here and there, and touching off earthquakes and volcanoes ? -- why, the public would lynch them, if they knew !" So Iowan Idiot.
Did they learn anything ? Apparently not, and now, they are at it again !
Being sceptical of human rationality as especially observed in the way blatant lies regularly spouted by science or poly-tick-ians [many bloodsucking insects ­ Gore Vidal] are so blandly accepted by the unthinking masses, I decided that my or others' worst paranoias could not be any more insane than that, so I decided to give mine a free run and wondered if there is any hidden agenda behind these seemingly insane experiments ?
What could come of a "changed" earth, was this some sort of plan to initiate what soft-science, if not soft-headed, New Agers like to refer to as a "changing of frequencies" ? I remembered that a friend had once written me, that a certain sculpture, of a whole earth emerging from a splitting-apart one, had been set up, not only at the United Nations Building in New York, but also at the Vatican, see :
which site refers to another take on it, here :
which has an interesting referral to a long PDF file regarding planning the future of the European Union, or EU :
Now here it is again, at the Vatican :
The artist, Pomodoro (pomodoro means tomato in Italian) can be found here :
Arnaldo Pomodoro :
Well, I wondered, as Dan Brown, who writes on hidden and Illuminati themes, has a book, "Angels and Demons", that starts out at CERN and moves smoothly on to the historically-hidden Illuminati and then the Vatican, is there any chance that the numerological or other significance of the date might be any indicator of Illuminati intent ?
I mentioned the upcoming date to my friend Harry Cooper, Founder and President of Sharkhunters,www.sharkhunters.com, who is himself an historian, and he immediately replied, saying it was an historic date indeed, and mentioned the following events that came immediately to his mind :
November 9 :
1923 : Adolf Hitler's Munich Beer Hall Putsch is crushed by police and government troops ;
1938 : Reichskristallnacht, or "Reich's Crystal Night", after the Nazis came to power, when the windows of Jewish shops were smashed and lay glittering in the streets ;
1989 : The Fall of the Berlin Wall ;
and now ...
2010 : CERN tries to make the particle
that might destroy the known universe ... ?
I asked friend Iowan Idiot for his take on this sequence of events, and he said the common factor in it all seemed to be THE BREAKING OF THINGS -- obvious to him, but I had not seen it ! What could they break now ? -- was it the breaking of the earth, as in the sculptures above ? What would they gain by that ? Their own destruction, along with ours ... or were they sure that what might pertain for us, might be somehow avoided by them ? Was it a change in vibration, a madness that perhaps would seize us while sparing them, perhaps due to some technical means, that they had developed for their own protection ?
Pondering these conundrums, I boiled it down to the simplest known facts : In recent history, at least, the date has, seemingly, a strong German connection : Was there any further information to be gleaned from this postulate ? Were the dates somehow numerologically significant, as the Illuminati like to "sign" their handiwork of destruction in their own secret coding of dates and intervals :
Let us take a look at apparent secret-government actions of the recent past, say, between 9-11 and some other event set up to decoy people into believing in terrorism and justifying further restrictions on the world's peoples : the Illuminati/Elite seem to like numerological connections :
There were apparently precisely 11 years between then-U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush's first public speech mentioning a "New World Order" and the events of September 11, 2001,
And there were also just 911 days between that 9-11 event and the bombing of the railways in Madrid, Spain.
There are many, many more examples to be found, almost ad nauseum, on the Web.
Quite incident to the above example, Prescott Bush, GHW's father, was deeply involved with Nazi banking in the US before WWII ...
So what might connect the years 1923, 1938 and 2010, and what might be the German connection common to them all ? As the theme is one of BREAKING, Hitler's Putsch being broken on that date back in 1923, then his revenge against his perceived enemies, Jews, on that same date in 1938 as shop-windows were broken, and finally breaking and fall of the Berlin Wall beginning German reunification in 1989, is there a Revenge theme in all this, something Germany did not like once, and might be willing to break to avenge itself, now in 2010 ?
Take only the German historic events, then, and in the manner of calculating the Illuminati's secret more-recent events' time-gaps, let us look at the German events in their time-gap relationship to 2010 :
2010 2910 2010
-1923 -1938 -1989
= 87 72 21
What do they have in common ?
Well, there are 3 dates, and all are divisible by 3, so doing this, they become :
29 24 7
Might there be any significance to a combination of these numbers into a date ?
As 7 must be a month, there being no months 24 or 29, we have two possibilities :
July 29, 1924,
July 24, 1929.
I googled and wikipediaed both as to events, adding the parameter germany :
29 july 1924 germany
24 july 1929 germany
and did not find much on the first one, but on the second one, I got lucky, but it might just be pure coincidence, so let us just look at it in that manner :
KELLOG-BRIAND PACT, final ratification in 1929 :
One of the references is posted by the Avalon Project at the Yale Law School :
and reads, in these two excerpts :
Treaty between the United States and other Powers providing for the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy. Signed at Paris, August 27, 1928; ratification advised by the Senate, January 16, 1929; ratified by the President, January 17, 1929; instruments of ratification deposited at Washington by the United States of America, Australia, Dominion of Canada, Czechoslovkia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Irish Free State, Italy, New Zealand, and Union of South Africa, March 2, 1929: By Poland, March 26, 1929; by Belgium, March 27 1929; by France, April 22, 1929; by Japan, July 24, 1929; proclaimed, July 24, 1929.
[...] the original of which Treaty, being in the English and the French languages, is word for word as follows:
Deeply sensible of their solemn duty to promote the welfare of mankind;
Persuaded that the time has, come when a frank renunciation of war as an instrument of na tional policy should be made to the end that the peaceful and friendly relations now existing between their peoples may be perpetuated;
Convinced that all changes in their relations with one another should be sought only by pacific means and be the result of a peaceful and orderly process, and that any signatory Power which shall hereafter seek to promote its ts national interests by resort to war a should be denied the benefits furnished by this Treaty; ..."
Now, in no way imputing ulterior motives to the much-respected Yale Law School or inferring in this anything other than my own, rampant paranoia, I'd like to ask you, Gentle Reader, these questions :
Odd, eh, that the "PRESIDENT OF THE GERMMAN REICH" should be mentioned first, isn't it ? -- and by the victorious Allies, at that ?
Or that, although I have found other sites with these same texts, so far only this one site has that particular bit capitalised in upper-case letters ?
Or that the home of the Skull-and-Bones Society, of which the Bushes were members, along with many, many in the secret world of today, is Yale University ?
Or that Martin Bormann's revenge project to allow for German rebuilding after a lost World War Two, which he saw to be imminent as early as 1943. and to sluice billions of German Reichsmarks out of Germany, along with German technology, patents, technicians and general know-how, and carrying the secret code-name "Aktion Adlerflug" or "Operation Eagle's Flight", was also variously known as ... Project Avalon ?
Or that Martin Bormann, as reported by Argentine Intelligence, allegedly arrived in Argentina in 1948 aboard a steamer out of Genoa, Italy, dressed as a Jesuit monk and carrying a passport issued by the Vatican ?
Have a nice week ... at least until next Tuesday !
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