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Behind The Sun
Jim Kirwan
What has been happening inside Egypt is a wake-up call for the entire world; but it is also something that ought to move any real Americans, to follow what the Egyptian people are now doing to remove state-sponsored tyranny from their lives.
The uprising in Egypt has come out from 'Behind the Sun' to demand real change. US citizens, here, must begin to realize that this country is nothing but a hollowed-out corpse of what it once thought it was. We have no culture of our own, no individual responsibility exists for the things that this country does routinely to the aspirations and the dreams of its own people because all of that has evaporated in the ongoing Zionist Occupation of America. If you don't believe me: Then ask yourself why we have allowed this government to actually rename-our-country after a term that came directly from the Nazi-camps in 1934: HOMELAND, is not a term that has any meaning except to Nazis-and being just good-members of the herd we said nothing about this radical alteration of everything we supposedly stood for once-upon-a-time. Words matter, as does real culture and both have been obliterated by the Zionistas-inside-the HOMELAND (formerly the USA).
'Words' when physically backed by a whole nation of people, most directly affected by the government in such places, actually now contains that universal Fire-of-Freedom that cannot be denied!
The world is on the edge of a great divide between those who make life possible and the global-elites that are demanding that all of us comply with their self-serving orders which "if followed" will finish destroying us all before they close-in to arrest and torture us while shooting the wounded at will.
If more 'proof' were needed as to exactly what will happen in the US, if Egypt does not succeed in gaining her freedom: We need only look to Haiti and to Gaza; where there were massive rejections of the elites, by the people in both places; but where no one-else came to their aid.
Haiti in particular is a perfect example. Zionista, GHW Bush intervened and removed Haiti's dually elected president with US Marines. Clinton then restructured Haiti's commerce to cripple any possible recovery from the tyranny instituted by Bush 41. Then Bush 43 delivered the final blow that ended Haiti as a viable country and paved the way for what then happened during the Earthquake. Afterwards all three traitors, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43 then campaigned supposedly for the relief-effort in Haiti; but the money they raised went into their pockets and never reached the people of that war-torn place.
In Gaza the US has constantly supported every war-crime committed by Israel both in Gaza and in the whole ofPalestine as well: Despite the opinions and the demands of the wider world that opposes everything which the world wants to happen in that savagely-destroyed state-of-Zionista Occupation. Here is the situation as it has been practiced since Israel
was artificially created by Zionista-Truman and the New World Order.
"If Israel is eating babies the US would support it. Exactly what kind of crime could Israel possibly do that would be horrendous enough to shake the US's unconditional support for them? What would they have to do? I thought a long time about this; it took me a long time because I couldn't imagine anything worse than the things Israel does and has done. Then I had an idea; maybe "eating babies" ­ it's about all that's left in terms of 'lines to cross' for Israel to see if the US would ignore it or even apologize for it. Hell, Joe Biden would probably offer up his grand-kids.
Of course no one in Israel is actually eating live babies ­ yet ­ or advocating such a thing: But that's the kind of extreme thing that one would have to come up with in order to surpass all the very real crimes that Israelhas done and is doing.
Israel is so bad that practically anything you could imagine would still sound possible because they are already so twisted. I mean, how to you top poisoning unborn-children with depleted uranium? Or murdering the ethnically-unwanted by radiation; and telling them that it is for 'ringworm-treatment'? Radiation is a form of torture; radiation-poisoning. Turning babies into freaks shows: Something that I can't show you on U-tube because they'll censor the video. Just type-in "Depleted Uranium, babies", into Google and click on "images" but be prepared!
Israel also has no problem putting a bomb or a bullet through a child. They have no problem starving people; they have no problem dumping chemical weapons on people or cluster bombs. They can shoot civilians at will; demolish homes, set up racial colonies: None of that seems to matter. So they can steal and murder with impunity and that doesn't shake US support. One could argue that killing indiscriminately infants and unborn children with radiation poisoning is actually worse or at least equivalent to eating a baby. At least it's possible after all that an animal could kill a baby and eat it. But only a human could purposely cause birth defects from radioactive poison which ultimately kills the baby for nothing. One thing you can count on though is that Joe Biden would stand behind either case; so long as it was Israel doing the killing.
What else could be worse? Starvation; well that's not a problem, that's the whole point of Israel's blockade onGaza. It's something they are willing to murder people to protect. Murdering infants is not a problem; Israel does that all the time; in fact they'll delay an ambulance at check points and kill the child or the mother-not a problem for them. Torture? That's something Israel does all the time. Organ harvesting-check! Children's prisons with sexual abuse scandals-got that! Theft and genocide, chemical-weapons, cluster bombs, MK-77: Check, check and check! Shooting up schools and hospitals-check. In fact you can one-up that and say they just blow them up entirely. [Additionally they used Phosporous bombs to wipe out the UN Headquarters inside Gaza] They have also blown up cities; let's see what else: Brainwashing kids to sign bombs that's not a problem. Murdering humanitarian­aid workers; they'll do that. Not only will they do that but they'll blame the victims; and they'll claim "defense."
You see in Israel's twisted world bringing food to starving people is TERRORISM. And yet murdering people trapped on a boat and kidnapping the rest of them; confiscating their cameras and holding them in jail and then forcing them to sign papers that say they can't sue, and beating the crap out of several others: After they've been handcuffed and arrested is DEFENSE! That's all defense; bringing food is terrorism. And they said all this with a straight-face AFTER they were caught faking the audio and photographs of the event and even falsely trying to link them to Al Qaeda. Which reminds me of the US in the Straights of Hormoz instance, where they faked audio and tried to blame Iran for terrorism.
And after all of this Israel tries to act like they did nothing-wrong and they don't have any guilt or worry about what they've done. Of course Israel has been caught faking Al Qaeda in the past; faking Al Qaeda attacks setting up fake cells. They also got caught blowing up one of their own buses, and blamed that on Hamas and got caught doing that. They hijacked their own airlines and blamed the PLO. They bombed a USship and tried to blame Egypt for that-and when that didn't pan
out they admitted that they bombed the ship but they then changed it to say that we didn't know it was American, "we thought it was an Egyptian boat." And they also shot up the life-rafts ­ I mean it was clearly an American boat and Johnson was in on it, because they had blackmail on him for the whole JFK thing.
They bombed targets in Egypt, western targets and they tried to blame that on the Egyptians and it ended up being Israel itself. And so it's routine for Israel to do things, to lie, to use deception to steal passports and assassinate people. To set up fake Al Qaeda rings; to bomb themselves and blame someone else: to bomb someone else and blame someone else to set up their political rivals. This is what Israel does. They create 'incidents.' They were involved in 911, they were involved in 77, and they were involved in the USS Liberty and in Operation Suzanna and whole Lavon Affair: In countless operations in Lebanon and Palestine, that is how Israel works! We're talking about a country that wants 'amnesty for a spy' and throws a whistle-blower in jail for revealing to the world that Israel made nuclear weapons: Secretly and illegally with technology that it got from spying on the United States.
They routinely spy on the United States without consequence. They are the largest lobby and they know they can get away with anything because the US is their "Bitch" and 'vetoes' every UN resolution against them. And the ones that do get through are just ignored! ~ [and] they are definitely willing to sacrifice their own people for that and they are more than willing to sacrifice Americans!
So exactly what kind of exaggeration could you say that Israel could compare to the things they have really done? You can't even make things up that are worse than what they really do. Israel is Hell-on-Earth, it created a massive outdoor prison; you are talking about millions of refugees, tens of thousands of people who have been murdered. They set up check-points, they demolish houses, they shoot children, they poison babies, they assassinate people, they drop cluster bombs on civilians, they murder people at will, they torture people in their jails, they harvest people's organs; they've been caught in sex-slavery traffic, child-slavery traffic, and child sex-slavery traffic,. Their Prime Minister is up for War-Crimes, their former Defense Minister is on trial for crimes that are not even allowed in several countries around the world, they are ethnically cleansing their neighbors: they've got a forty-year-long-occupation and what's the US do? We send them money-every day-ten million dollars!
Screw US support for Israel and have a nice day!" (1)
For a much more concise review of both the crimes and the attitudes involved in what has happened throughoutPalestine, see this video. (2)
A truly new opportunity has been born in just the last week of life-in-captivity as this has been practiced since Eisenhower gave us the Congressional-Military-Industrial Complex: The Zionistas rewrote history to focus upon his "warning to the American people": But what actually happened was that Ike's contribution to the Zionistas was to create that entirely criminal-association-and then shamelessly to pretend to warn us about what he had just finished doing.
There is apparently no end to the criminality of those that claim to be leading this place; and with 'consumers instead of citizens unless something horrific happens to awaken the herd; then we shall die in a series of very ignoble ways; all because we shall have failed to follow the lead of the Egyptians that have realized that 'everyone's life is at stake in this revolution that has
sprung from the hearts of 80 million people that are not partisans for any political group: But who are acting as Egyptians first and foremost. Americans need to come to understand this massively-needed difference between an ordinary political act-and what is unfolding as this is being written.
If we do not act against Israel and the totally corrupt USI: then we shall see our entire history erased just as the history of Palestine has been erased right in front of the whole world: While the rest of the planet has chosen to stand idly by while these crimes against the entire human race go unpunished!
1) If Israel were eating babies the US would support it ­ video
2) I AM ISRAEL ­ video
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