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Arrogance & Condescension
By Jim Kirwan
The "word" of any US government official is now Completely meaningless ­ Because all them lie continuously, about everything They either say or do!
This is what has led us all into the current quagmire that has been developing throughout the last five decades. Trying to make sense out of the world, as it has become, is rather like trying to see what this image really is:
This was a single photograph taken in front of the black & white original drawing for The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (A seven foot circle). But it's also something very-like today's political-spin that happened inside the camera, which produced this rather strange image-in which almost nothing is actually clear because of all the overlays (additional shots) that obscure the subject and totally skew all but the most prominent images, Death & the artist (an accidental truth) that adds something "more" to what was intended.
The flag on the extreme left is the Burning Flag of all Nations, and as the eye moves to the right; the sword of War can be seen followed by Famine with his raised scales wherein money outweighs food-followed by Death with his double-headed axe that symbolizes the personal-end of time. (1)
In Egypt at the moment the beginnings of a revolution have just entered their third week. Most people don't give 'the people of Egypt' much chance of success but the protest continues to unfold upon a world that seems to have been stunned, by something so vital, from a place that was believed to have been completely enslaved. Yesterday some articles surfaced claiming that all of this; specifically including the revolt in Tahrir Square was planned by USI, byIsrael, and by all of their respective criminal-arms of covert operations.
"The mess in Egypt is symptomatic of a major transition taking place in various African and Middle Eastern countries--taking advantage of boiling, pent up frustration with Western-backed dictators who have been sapping the wealth out of nations and suppressing dissent. For decades this frustration has gone nowhere--and it can't, really, unless a bigger power secretly sets the revolution in motion by whispering support for key opposition leaders. While the media has made this out to be a rather spontaneous uprising, it never happens that way. Only after assurances of external backing does an opposition leader (willing to be controlled by the West) have the clout to tell their followers that this time they can succeed. When the US decides it's time to dump a leader like Mubarak, who they have supported for decades, they never tell him and thus the leader fights back thinking he is still supported by the West.
What is going on in Egypt looks very much like the way the US overthrew their own puppet-the Shah of Iran, while keeping the Ayatollah Khomeini on tap in a luxurious villa in France, ready to stage his supposed spontaneous revolution. Are US globalist leaders setting up Egypt to be an Islamic state like Iran? It looks like it." (2)
The irony is that since the major powers (multi-national-corporations, represented by corrupted-governments worldwide) have been doing what they do for over fifty years now: No one that follows the actions of these barbaric-capitalists has allowed any room for the will of those that have been captured; to have any chance whatsoever to throw off their chains! That to all too many, is simply "beyond the realm of possibility."
The truth is that it is the ARROGANCE of this stance coupled with their inherent CONDESCENSION that is what really beggars the imagination of the rest of the world-because for the most part this world has been enslaved by the greed of Corporatism; combined with the 'corporate-right' to CORPORATE WELFARE that has now reached $1.4 Quadrillion dollars. That's more money than the entire world has, or could ever have-and yet that is the size of the DEBT these privateers seek to lay upon the backs of the global population-before they begin to kill-off anyone that refuses to even attempt to pay them, this outrageous sum in blackmail, just to keep on living!
These very proper theorists that are commenting now are relying on an outmoded time frame that no longer has any bearing upon the world as it is today. They have been looking back to the first and second World Wars for their strategies (because that was the last time they were ever successful in any real war): But that 'experience' has no more meaning today that the out-of-focus image at the top of this article. That's where their Arrogance is based and it is why they feel entitled to show the rest of us, so much of their unyielding Condescension.
What has changed? Just about EVERYTHING, that's all. A day in this time-frame would have consumed a week in the time frame they rely on. A week now equals almost a month, using the old-ways to measure events. And a month-now equals at least a year in pre-computer-utopia. A year today is like nothing we have ever experienced before: Yet these self-absorbed idiots just continue wearing their blindfolds and spouting their filth that bears no real relationship; to these times in which we must all now try to live.
Their "Arrogance & Condescension" stems from centuries of brutal and virtually unopposed power wherein the elites could do exactly as they pleased-and "the public be damned!"
This however tended to lead to a great number of beheadings (something that the NWO seems to have forgotten all about): Maybe because it was something that began to happen as the world began to leave the Dark Ages and move into Medieval Times? That was when Nobles-Oblige was developed: The theory that if their slaves were given the possibility of an education, or an apprenticeship, along with the possibility of a home of their own and a decent wage they might not notice the reality of their chains so much: But most important they might finally stop beheading their so-called "Masters!"
That worked well, for awhile, but then the descendants of those that had created Nobles-Oblige began to think again that they actually "owned" no one else anything at all. The descendent-elites began (again) to increase taxes to the breaking point and offering only death as a way out of this dilemma. These unapproachable tyrants saw absolutely nothing wrong with this equation; except of course that 'they' still wanted "more-much more." And they were actually well on the way to this (pre-computers), with their stellar-performance as Robber-Barrons; until as usual they went too far and had to be chained-up and shut down under Roosevelt. However they survived that purge to continue their crimes against humanity, and their perennial-quest to capture everything on earth.
With the murder of JFK, they freed themselves from bondage and their World War Three began upon the rest of us-quietly at first but gradually they shredded their velvet gloves and let the whole word see the naked fists of bloody and corrupted-steel with which they had always planned to rule the world-unchallenged.
FAST-FORWARD to NOW: Having focused overlong upon their first tier of tyranny across the Middle East: They have apparently forgotten that their second-tier of dominance, in Latin-America, has all but fallen apart. And just as in the Middle-East at the moment, the former Robber-Barrons tend to overlook the FACT that Latin-America has more than begun to recapture their own countries after a hundred years of brutality, torture, openly-practiced-slavery and millions of needless deaths. This is why all the sanctimonious pronouncements of absolute power that will only "negotiate with itself" (through precreated puppet-regimes) is such a total FARCE!
The alternative title for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is "Again & Again" because those four figures stand for the four most-important challenges that the human race has continually failed to address successfully: Conquest, War, Famine & Death. And just as humanity has so far refused to openly crush the deadly arrogance and condescension of the elites from previous times: We must again deal now, with this parasitic cancer that is once again threatening to murder the whole world-for a few Shekels more!
This very brief reminder of just some of what history tries to tell us ought to clarify the Folly that is being pursued once more, in the Middle-East-Again: Because even though that "history" was written by the so-called victors, it still contains a great deal of truth that the current elites have FAILED to even consider. Namely that they and their brain-dead leaders are not impregnable or immune to the demands of ninety-percent of the people over which they seek to rule-absolutely. That fact alone should give them pause; but so far at least they are proceeding as if absolutely nothing matters in Egypt and beyond; except for what they have planned for themselves and their own future goals. That mistake ought to bring back the ancient visage of the hangmen and the chopping block for all of them: Sooner rather than later!
It's our world that we must take-back from these murdering Zionist-thugs; who believe they are superior to every other person on this planet: This world is ours, because we built it with our Sweat Blood & Tears for a future which they are attempting to kill; even before it has drawn its first real breath. (3)
The only thing that Zionist-Israel does to justify its existence is to steal, to blackmail, to torture and to murder any and all that disagree with their plans for The Greater State of Israel. The rest of the world needs to tell Israel and USI to "SHOVE IT" and we need to begin to remember Egypt's call to arms:
'Of ALL the People, By ALL the People and For ALL the People
Egypt shall not perish from the Earth!'
However with our current population here in USI, that might not seem like something that the Amerrikan-population is equipped to do: "Too bad, so sad, Oh well"! (4)
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2) US Playing Both Sides in Egypt
3) Sweat Blood & Tears
4) Americans Are NOT Stupid, (Or are they?) ­ Video
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