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The Coming Of The Aeons
By Richard C. Cook

Planet earth is undergoing a huge transition. Every member of the human race has the opportunity to make a choice. This choice is whether to awaken to his or her spiritual potential and move to a higher level of vibration or to remain spiritually asleep.

This higher level is to be achieved spiritually by moving upward into the heart chakra. The first step is love of oneself followed by love of all creation. After all, every other created being is, in fact, oneself.

There are specific steps a person may take to make this transition. One is establishing a regular meditation practice, where one sits quietly every morning and every night and relaxes into the light in the heart. Another step is to join one's energy with others by becoming part of a loving and healing spiritual group. Within such a group, what is learned and experienced by one becomes the learning and experience of all.

Obviously, on the level of everyday life the world is filled with disaharmonies of every kind. There are also the ones who sit in the seats of power and attempt to achieve their own good at the expense of everyone else. A whole chorus of prophets has grown up who decry this situation and predict every kind of gloom and doom for the earth and humanity.

But part of the choice for awakening is to see that our era can actually be one of love, joy, peace, and rejoicing if we decide to see it that way. No human being needs to suffer if each of us loves our neighbor as ourselves. War will cease if all refuse to fight.

So it's up to us. But help is also available. Of course each of us has his or her own personal guides and teachers, along with a Higher Self who resides in another dimension. None is ever truly alone.

But there have been times in human history when the highest of spiritual beings have made their presence known on earth as guides and helpers for mankind. These beings, or "principles," were known at the time of Christ as Aeons. The Aeons were also present when the culture of ancient Egypt was first formed.

Today the Aeons are returning, as is the spiritual master best known in the West as Jesus Christ and the East as Buddha. This individual has had a special assignment over the ages as the guardian and guide for the human race. He is here again and is available to help all those who see as their own personal mission one of lending a helping hand to suffering humanity in its striving for wholeness.

Again, in order to have access to this energy, all one must do is meditate on the light in the heart, then carry the peace that results into daily life. It is the peace of the Creator.

Throughout history there have been men and women who have accomplished this. Now anyone can do it. The time is now.


Richard C. Cook



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