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9 Years Of US Lies And Failures In Afghanistan
By Karl W B Schwarz
This month sadly marks the 9th anniversary of the US-UK invasion of Afghanistan. Most people are coming to the realization that there is something wrong with the picture in the post-September 11, 2001 delusion where Americans just sat back and let DC pretend to Defend America without asking even why the US and UK had been planning to attack Afghanistan well before that date.
The US-UK lies that led to Afghanistan and Iraq are coming unraveled.
If you missed the mainstream media TV interview Judge Napolitano did with Colonel Anthony Shaffer (Retired) and former CIA head of the Osama bin Laden team Michael Scheuer, watch it and get an education.
Take the time to watch this video because a retired US Army colonel and a retired CIA team director are clearly stating that the 9-11 Commission was in cover-up mode and did not seek the truth. These are not 9-11 Truth people, they are both high-level insiders. Both of these men are making it clear that each person on the 9-11 Commission was covering up for someone during that farce of an investigation.
Few people have the benefit of seeing what was a major part of my presentation at 9-11, Confronting the Evidence on September 11, 2004.
My presentation was based on the PDF linked to this article and it was assembled from facts I presented in the book I wrote ­ One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas, A Conservative Republican Speaks Out.
http://www.rense.com/9_11 presentation 24 Apr 04 v2.pdf
Take the time to study the attached PDF to get a much better picture of why the 9-11 Commission was in cover-up mode and who they were covering up for from start to finish.
Ever since 2004, I have stated the facts clearly for anyone to read, think and come to the conclusion that the US had every intention of attacking Afghanistan well before 9-11. They needed an excuse to attack and 9-11 was the justification to open fire and steal that coveted pipeline right of way.
We Do Not Have Clean Hands In Afghanistan
As usually happens, liars do not win but damn, they do a lot of damage refusing to admit their lies and their errors.
What has been most surprising (and appalling) to me about the US-UK led fiasco that is now Afghanistan is the total refusal to admit to any truth whatsoever. They wish for Americans to remain ignorantly supporting a war that never needed to happen in the first place.
The US was in and out of World War I, World War II and Vietnam in less time than Afghanistan. However, in this modern age of media and sound-bytes we are seeing that lying leaders can delay the inevitable and create a suspension of disbelief that all is OK, when it is not at OK all.
There is nothing OK with illegal wars. There is nothing OK with war criminals lying just so some insiders can line their pockets at the expense of US soldiers and the Afghan people.
Throughout history various wise men have advised that it is important to learn from history, learn from the mistakes made in days gone by. There is a simple reason for that because when people fail to learn from history they keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over again.
If three nations on this planet epitomize the blindness of greed that list would include Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States. Those three nations also epitomize how Ivory Tower nitwits think they rule the world and then find out the hard way that delusions and realities truly are not the same thing but always occur in the same sentence in those capitals.
Did you catch the news that there is somewhere between $1 and $3 trillion in rare earth resources in Afghanistan? That news came out earlier in 2010.
Did you catch the news that Afghanistan has oil and natural gas, too, just like Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan?
Have you paid attention that since the US-UK invasion the growth of poppies for heroin is at an all-time high? Are you even aware that the CIA prefers to fund black ops from illegal sales of arms and illegal drugs rather than submit to Congressional oversight?
When Americans figure out what delivering democracy to an oppressed people really means they will be much wiser Americans. All for the bravado and sound-byte, and the truth be damned.
The Russians learned the hard way that even a modern army with armor, howitzers, attack helicopters and machine guns are no match for Afghans fighting in the rugged terrain of their nation. Before them Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the Persians, the British in three Anglo-Afghan wars 1839-1842, 1878-1880, 1919, and they all failed to truly conquer and subjugate the Afghans.
The US has already failed in Afghanistan but DC does not want the American people to wake up and come to grips with that reality. They definitely do not want Americans to make the mental connection as to why 9-11 was done to America so they could justify an attack to take over a pipeline and oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin that some have salivated about since the Carter Administration.
It is not about a Global War on Terror; it is all about oil, natural gas, pipelines, money, etc.
No one dares utter the truth in DC that the Russians were after the same pipeline route that Bush and his buddies thought should belong to them. That is why the US and CIA backed the Afghans so Russia would not get that oil and natural gas to the ocean and tilt the balance of power before US greed merchants could get control of that mother-lode of oil and natural gas. The vast amount of oil and natural gas that was once within the borders of the USSR, now independent CIS states of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc, was just as valuable to the USSR as those nitwits in DC and UK that salivated since the Carter Administration to take it all over.
That pipeline route was just as crucial in 1980-1988 when Russia tried to get it done as it is today and, like Russia, the US and UK cannot get it done. A relatively small company from Argentina got it done but those (shitforbrains) folks around the Bush family did not want to joint venture. They wanted it all and still cannot get it done.
Not one single government person in the US or UK has dared utter the name Bridas Corporation. I have written on that matter many times. They had the entire pipeline sewed up from Ashgabat Turkmenistan, peacefully through Afghanistan, and Pakistan to the ocean. No, we shall not hear the truth from US or UK on that matter lest the American Mushrooms wake up take a deep snort of the shit (and lies) they have been wilfully buried in since September 11, 2001.
The parent Bridas SAPIC won $500 million in an interference of contract lawsuit that goes all the way back to the Clinton Administration and actions that the CIA took in Turkmenistan and Pakistan to block Bridas on that pipeline. It is a matter of public record in the US courts, especially the Fifth Circuit, US Court of Appeals in New Orleans. The US Supreme Court refused to hear the case and consider reversing the decision.
The decision was handed down just before the second anniversary of the greatest con job the US government ever pulled over on the asleep US Sheeple, September 9, 2003: http://openjurist.org/345/f3d/347/bridas-sapic
That all happened in September 2003 and March 2004, folks, so well after the US-UK lies had led to the US ­ UK attack on Afghanistan to steal the pipeline. Get it straight, the US-UK invasion of Afghanistan was to get control of that pipeline.
Even while sitting on the 9-11 Commission, the law firm that Richard ben Veniste is a senior partner in was trying to stop Bridas at the Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals and at the US Supreme Court. Think on that! While sitting on that commission, pretending to be seeking the truth, was actively engaged in making sure Americans never learned about the pipeline, Bridas Corporation, the lawsuit that Bridas won on the issue of interference of contract in TURKMENISTAN.
Get it straight, that is the origin of the pipeline that was to have been built across Afghanistan to the ocean. Landlocked oil and natural gas has to have pipelines to get it to the oceans. Get it?
That is why Afghanistan is important, and why Georgia is important because landlocked oil and natural gas cannot get to the oceans without the pipelines. Get it?
To this day the US and UK do not want the Brit Mushrooms or the American Mushrooms to know why Helmand Province is so important. The pipeline has to pass through there to get to the ocean. Get it?
To this day the US-UK controlled pipeline is not built and Bridas has completed major pipelines from Turkmenistan through Iran and Turkey to the Black Sea, another one from Iran north into Russia and a third one will be completed soon from the Caspian Basin area to China.
Not one single government or military person has uttered a word that the real reason that the US and UK attacked Afghanistan was to také over a much needed pipeline. No, we cannot rely that they will admit that 9-11 was cooked up to create the excuse to launch that attack.
Not one single government or military person has uttered a word that their intended port at the ocean was to be Gwadar Pakistan, which is in the Baluchistan province just south of Helmand Province Afghanistan (a Taliban stronghold) and is just east of Iran.
They do not want the American Sheeple to figure out that it is now a Chinese port and includes oil shipment and is a naval base so that China can protect its interest regarding Iran and over $400 billion in oil and natural gas business with that nation.
Not one single government or military person wants to discuss what the problem is with Pakistan. They are caught in the middle because China is currently building a pipeline from Gwadar Pakistan to China. That is the shortest route to get Iranian or African oil and natural gas from that region to China. It is not likely that China will let the liars in DC share that port with them.
No, the Sheeple need not wait for DC or London to have a brain fart and confess as to what their real agenda is and has been since long before September 11, 2001.
The US and UK governments do not want the Sheeple to know that after 9 years of war the Taliban have been pushed out of 3% of Afghanistan territory and control. No, they are averse to admitting their total, abject failure in achieving their missions, whether that be pipeline, or military victory, or any semblance that they went after the Afghans only due to 9-11.
To this day the huge efforts of the US and UK to conquer the Taliban have failed. Get it?
Approximately 160,000 NATO, UK and US soldiers against about 25,000 Taliban and cannot get the job done. Get it?
The events of 9-11 were just the excuse and damn, has their idiot idea blown up in their faces. They have been outmaneuvered at every turn by Russia, China, India, Iran, et al to the point they need to admit their defeat, their failed agenda and move on. It would be the right thing to do and the honorable thing to do, but I digress. We are talking about the scumbags that lead our nation like the sleazy scumbags they are.
No, the American Sheeple need not hold their breath waiting for that to happen. Hell might freeze over first because fading the truth and honor in DC is akin to trying to find the Ark of the Covenant.
All we get now is Barky Dirty Diapers rather than Bush, and the lies and the agenda go on well after total defeat.
When power speaks and the words are merely hollow and shallow, mere lies to hide the true agenda to launch an illegal war, Americans need to start demanding answers, asking why and do not stop until the truth is known to all.
Then hold each and every one of them accountable.

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