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Living In The Moment
By Jim Kirwan
One of the most pivotal approaches to life can be found in something called living in the moment. This partial philosophy was developed as a counter to the chaos of contemporary life that basically demands that we continue to hang onto those traditional societal-rocks that are keeping us all prisoners. The concept is not new, but when most people recently began to find themselves nearly underwater, in the sea of crass commercial pseudo-passions for the acquisitions of junk and addictions of all types, many turned to "just let go of the rocks" to deal with the entire range of problems.
When seen against that background the ability of people to focus on the totality of "Living in the Moment" could and sometimes has provided a more than welcome relief from some of the nightmares.
But Living in the Moment, without context for everything else in the world that is in competition for attention 24-7, can turn this key potential value on its head. The reason is simple. The intensity that's needed to learn to Live in the Moment for constructive reasons can also block the lessons that must be remembered from the past; just as it can conceal the very real-dangers of any future; IF that future does not include a real-balance in the life being lived by those trying to find their way through the mine-fields of everyday life-especially now!
It's All About the Future: The Future is a very convenient political out, because it can never ever arrive. The past is past and can be studied, and today (the present) is always here; but "The Future" has become a political mantra because it can never be attained. The Future is forever locked into something that shall always be "coming" but never does it ever arrive. That's why politicians and scam-artists and so many religions have always turned to this over-used word to justify whichever con their trying to pull off.
In the 1980's there was war under way to steal the public library system of the United States and turn the whole privatized mess into "Libraries of the Future." The corporations in San Francisco supported a bond measure by the public called "Building the House of the Book" wherein a new library was authorized to hold not just the current collection (then 2.3 million books & periodicals) but supposedly with room to house the next twenty years of growth, as well.
Between getting the bond money and finishing the new library everything changed. The collections as audited by the libraries own computers (afterhours) showed that the collection had been cut down to 750,000 plus, from 2.3 million that had been housed in the old library. And the new book budget that had been quadrupled was frozen and then used to expand acquisitions of computers.
"In the Spring of 1994, four out of five voters, thrilled with anticipation at the unveiling of the New Main Library, approved Proposition E at the ballot box. In doing so they amended the Charter to double the library's budget and quadruple the book budget. Their action made the San Francisco Public Library System, the wealthiest in the nation. The libraries $17 million budget became a $36 million budget. Poverty was no longer an issue at the Public Library."
The goal was and still is The Death of the House of the Book, and the triumph of a bookless Library of the Future with its heavy emphasis upon on computers and communications, rather than the now dead arts of literature or archival resources-that's not hard to do when you send truckloads of books to the city dump. Here's part of the story of how that war upon future generations was going in June of 1997. (1)
This same kind of duplicitous-privatization has occurred in virtually every area of American life. Since the dawning of the New Millennium when the gloves were thrown away, everything this society supposedly once stood for has gone the way of those 1.3 million books that had once been part of the public's valuable collections but are now just landfill.
Here's another often overlooked outcome that is about to be perpetrated upon the world. We're coming up on the 10th Anniversary of one of the most heinous crimes this country has been part of. That would be everything that happened on 911 and all of the subsequent illicitly massive-crimes which that day enabled around the world.
The public has been led to believe that 'more war' is now inevitable as well as being the only solution for every new situation in this hostile world. Once the American public finally finishes swallowing that monstrous lie; then the public will demand that we join in a global-war to prevent the war we're being told is inevitable from coming here. If this happens it will be because the public has been brainwashed into believing that only an all-out war will prevent the self-fulfilling possibility of "a global war" by engaging ourselves in the so-called "fact" of an artificial and unproven-potential war that was always supposed to be "unthinkable."
When government-insiders conspire with the international Corporatocracy to begin preaching "War, War and Lots More War," as Rummy did during the early stages of the 2003 Iraq invasion, "we" are in effect creating something that was formerly unthinkable. Yet when people now find themselves driven by the combination of fear and terror, initiated by this government-then about the only way most will see this, is that 'we must act to avoid the unverified threat of war that the owners are insisting will come. When that happens, people will have given their right of civilian control over the military to the traitors that planned this entire thing from the beginning.
'If you show someone the future, then they will have no future; because when you take away the mystery (of the future) then you have taken away hope. So despite all the well-intentioned individuals that want to try and 'see the future' for us: If they 'succeed' then their vision (our worst nightmare) will destroy us totally in the end-because of the terror of the fear that we allowed them to create, around the crimes in which they committed treason on 911.
Not only will the public have to pay for all of these unending wars, but it's clear that we shall also be blamed in the end for everything that was done in our names; because survival has a price, and that price must be paid!
The cynical truth is that this entire scheme was built upon government created terrorism against the American people; and the horror that is coming will actually be created because we have not resisted these Barbarians now that they've brought their war upon humanity home to these disunited states.
"Living in the Moment" is one thing when you're trying to improve your life but when that course results in getting your Bachelor of Addiction Arts on the express path to a Masters in Self-Destruction then it's time to reassess your choices. Because just as in the fact that in only four years your brain and body can be totally destroyed by Crystal Meth, rotting you from the inside out, this will turn you from an individual into a virtual slave to anyone or anything that provides those drugs-when we do this with our belief systems and our political structure then we will live our lives in total surrender to everything, just to avoid facing all the blood and death that we have made into reality.
1) The Plunder of the San Francisco Public Libraryhttp://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2006/art27.htm

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