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The Night of the Living Dead
By Jim Kirwan
Even before the current Pandemic of Meth*, this nation was thoroughly committed to living in the half-life of "The Night of the Living Dead" of this there can be no doubt. The efforts to pollute the food chain, the water, the soil and the air have all been wildly successful; if the end of humanity is the goal - but still there was (in my view) a natural order of resistance to being exterminated, which every living organism shares. It appears that between all the various wars upon us this final barrier to self destruction has not only been breached but has become the dominate approach which enables the "personal denial" that keeps these braindead walking corpses from even noticing what they have become.
The reincarnated Robber-Barons have made no secret of their desire to massacre over 4.5 Billion of us, or the fact that they will soon enslave all who survive that global-genocide. Yet by any measure I have always thought it was impossible to obtain consent from so many to actually kill themselves, by cooperating with their assassins in so many different ways, while still pretending that they are either free or alive.
But that is exactly what has happened in so many totally different areas of life: Whether it's in teaching rape, torture and murder to children under ten, via video games, or whether it involves massive criminality throughout the whole society wherein there is no longer any law for those that steal or kill whole nations or whenever obscene profits are on the line anywhere in the world today. It hardly matters that at the same time petty criminals can be punished indiscriminately for infractions of the millions of "laws" that are tyrannically enforced upon all the rest of us.
The only thing missing from the current view of life in this country is any reality at all in what so many of these zombies still see as 'the good' in American Life. The reality is catastrophically out-of-balance. We are about to allow censorship on the net, which will end real-communications as we have come to know it; and this coupled with privatizing the global water-supply while eliminating anything in the food chain that has not been changed forever by Genetic Modification seems like overkill - Given that the air the earth and the water have all been poisoned, to an intolerable degree if human life is to continue on the planet.
We have elevated war and the business of perpetual war to a level where there is virtually no money at all left for anything else - and this alone would be enough to end the possibility of life, liberty or the pursuit of anything beyond minimal survival. This structural treason would only allow life to continue for a few million out of the billions that have been targeted. Our language has been thoroughly gutted, to enable greater success for the disinformation advocates of corporate-speak, that is now being taught in classrooms all over the nation, in much the same way that drugs have been promoted shamelessly for every conceivable non-existent problem through openly biased corporate-control of the media and virtually the entire entertainment world. Our money is not ours, our property belongs to the owners and not to us, and all of this was done to us with almost no resistance whatsoever.
Taken together this composes the Who, What, When, Where and Why of this new "Night of the Living Dead" that has become the legacy we created for ourselves - because we refused to face the realities that have become more extreme ever since Bush Junior received his License to Kill," from a congress that ran from its responsibilities and in that process sentenced this nation to OBLIVION, way back in 2002. (1)
*) Promises & Pipedreams
1)Open Letter to Congress

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