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The Great Lie
By Jim Kirwan
The dissolution of the natural world is being created one mega-disaster at a time.
The still unrecognized fact is that there are 49 other deep water platforms led by Atlantis; the world's deepest Oil & Gas drilling platform which is located 150 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. It too is owned by BP. If there is an accident on Atlantis the resulting damage could be five times larger than what happened with Deep Water Horizon; and reports from a whistle-blower on the platform indicate that the situation with Atlantis has become critical. See the map (1)
In the chaotic aftermath of the blowout related to Deep Water Horizon, many are confused about the vast differences between what is happening and what is being said about these events.
The facts are that all people and governments, in any situation must look beyond whatever is said, to what is actually being done about any given problem. We must stop talking about "how much we care" and begin to show the world by the actions we take, to change the facts and end the nightmares. Deep Water Horizon's colossal failures are only the spearpoint of the criminality behind this final push of the New World Order to end so much of nature's natural-ways while they finish their continuing-murder of the human spirit.
"The spirit of life is almost non-existent in the perceptual reality we are now in. They've got religion, they've got civilization, they've got military and they've got education-they've got all the stuff but they don't have the spirit to live.
The Great Lie is that this is civilization. It's not civilized. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilization, this is the Great Lie. Or if it does represent civilization, and that is truly what civilization is, then the Great Lie is that civilization is good for us. " (2)
The United States has waged a five hundred year long genocidal war upon its own native population; under the duplicitous banner of Manifest Destiny. This was and still is colonialism in service to Imperialism. And many of the pillars that have been used to support this slaughter are still at work against the native people of North America and beyond.
"The American people laugh about how 'you can't trust the politicians.' [But] They lied to you, they confused you. They told you that you had freedom and democracy but you go back and read your constitution. You read your Declaration of Independence and you will see that the only people that could decide those freedoms were white males who owned property and all the rest of us were excluded." (2)
Protecting the earth is what the native tribes wanted to achieve with their demands upon the feral US government. But the government and the criminal-corporations they represent saw great wealth under those tribal lands which they have taken back with paramilitary force, after the FBI-BIA standoff at Wounded-Knee. The powers of the human spirit are inherent in the very nature of life, so this assault by totally unchecked criminal-capitalism must be stopped before further damage is done, to the planet and to everything that lives upon it.
'The Great Lie' is also being used to cover something far more dangerous to the global population than the now staggering problems with the oil giants. The problem will shortly shift from one of oil to one of being able to obtain drinking water. The same people that own the oil have also been very busy while they've quietly been privatizing the global supply of drinking water. We might be able to live without oil; but every human being must have water to survive!
The water that is now contaminated will go through the evaporation process only to return to earth as rain. Much of the poisons and the toxic chemicals released in the false-flag cleanup of Deep Water Horizon will have attached themselves to the water particles, and the resulting loss of drinkable water will reek havoc around the planet as the oil problem spreads and then begins to morph into the unspeakably high price of bottled drinking water, wherever that might be available.
Think about Asia and the number of people that actually live on the oceans that surround so many of the world's most populous countries. As the oil continues to kill the life in those waters and contaminates the water with its poisons; millions upon millions will be displaced and the survival of a great many people will be needlessly forced to the brink of death; for 'a few dollars more' in the pockets of the filthy rich half-a-world away.
Controlling the oil and the water, as well as the food supply (which has nearly become total now thanks to Genetically Modified foods) will give the new owners of the aftermath of these disasters almost total control, over everyone that manages to survive. Make no mistake: The people behind these events have come to kill us and we need to cut all funding for their wars upon us, as a first step. Then we need to end this nightmare by dissolving the corporate charters of every major corporation that's played any part in this malevolent crime against the world.
We're approaching Memorial Day - I wonder if this will be the very last time we might have to think about anything beyond our own basic survival?
1) Lawsuit Filed to Stop 49 Gulf of Mexico Drilling Projects
2) Trudell: Independent Lens - 54 minute video
2006 documentary Available from Netflix

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