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Rense.com Hacked Again - ALTA Report Targeted
Jeff Rense
My site was hacked into and Clif's report was somehow found, assigned a rense.com url, put into my server and circulated.
The hackers first assigned the url to Clif's name and then actually MOVED it during the LIVE radio program we were doing.
This is easy for the enemy...who employ the best hackers on the planet.
I am sickened by this. I have instructed James to do anything humanly possible to track and trace this invasion of the rense.com server but there will probably be scant, if any, footprints.
Clif and George work too hard on the ALTA reports...and the reports are TOO ACCURATE for the DARK side is, as always, trying to damage the good people. This effort to harm them is one of the most vile things I have ever experienced in my professional life.
I encourage everyone...even if you already have an illicit and illegally obtained copy of the report to please go to HalfPastHuman.com and purchase the report...they are offering it for ONLY TEN DOLLARS.
It's virtually FREE and honorable people the world over must support their work. Please show the EVIL on the planet that we will stand with our own kind and fight it to the last.
Again...Please go to HalfPastHuman.com and invest the $10 in Clif and George's latest ALTA report...and thank them for their astonishing brilliance and dedication to human kind.

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