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Humans Are An Intentional Design 
By Clark McClelland
On each of our own days of birth, we are taught that a human appearing God is the creative life source governing each of our lives. We are taken to a church to bestow honor on that God. It is a false religion.
Whether we are a born Catholic, Protestant, Islam, Mormon, Anglo-Saxon, Zionist Jew, Rabbinic Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism, Zulu, Voudun, Native American, Wicca, etc. All are teaching their own beliefs in order to capture the youthful minds within each shown nation.
What is called the Holy Bible has many passages mentioning the Giants mating with earth woman and having children of great renown. These Giants came from above, from the heavens. These same exact events are presented in all of ancient human history. The historic Gods of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Maya, Inca, Israel, China, have each a similar history of creation.  None are the singular chosen "people" of the ONLY GOD of humanity. There have been many. The Jewish beliefs restrict any Gods from the stars. Why? Think about this.
Astronomy may have taught the factual religion that humanity has known since earliest cave races roamed earth. It has come from the stars overhead. The Zillions of stars are such as that we here have named the SUN. Without our star, the Sun, the earth and all the planets in our Solar system cannot survive. No human God created from those described above has the power to save earth from a catastrophe of a cosmic proportion.
The pocked marked earth, moon, Mercury, Mars, the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune, etc., are all proof of immense, disastrous cosmic collisions. No "God" stepped forth to stop those impacts. And if the earth is in the future hit again as it has been in the ancient past, with such an asteroid, comet, etc., no humanly created God will help to stop the extinction of life on earth. Why??
The solar system and human life are an existence within the vast body of the UNIVERSAL GOD. Yes, we live within the living body of GOD!! The planet earth, Mars, and all known planets are living cosmic life forms within the cosmic physical BODY of the Universal God.
The Gulf of Mexico disaster has proven this Cosmic God theory. The oil drilling exceeded the natural limits that allowed such drilling to proceed. BP drilled far deeper than what the living life form earth would accept. BP may have severed what could be called a jugular vein of the living earth. Russia has done so in the past.
Humanity is a destructive virus, a dangerous disease invading the cosmic living "tissues" of earth. We can be called "biting fleas" or a cancer upon the surface of this living planet. As a dog does, earth is scratching those pesky fleas to rid it of pain and suffering of what humanity has done for centuries.
The planet earth is rare in space. It has all required natural materials for supporting life forms and providing sustenance to all living things.
The earth is a nursery of many Star Races that have been delivered here for colonization. These various differences have brought many physical appearances, skin color, life styles, religious beliefs, and WARS to earth for millennia. We are a dangerous disease on the surface of earth. Will we all be removed from the living earth by a cosmic order from the UNIVERSAL GOD??
Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet
Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 1958 to 1992
PO Box 233, Tavares, Florida 32778 

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