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Turning Dreams Into Nightmares
By Jim Kirwan
Dreams have always been a major source for keeping people on track, especially when things become seemingly-impossible when the real world is upside down. This has been documented at least as far back as the ancient Greeks. In dreams there are no rules that must be obeyed, which is why they can have a very strong impact on how we see ourselves in the cold clear light of day. Nightmares on the other hand can often warn us of what lies in store for us, when we have chosen to elevate the wrong side of any equation.
To be able to judge for ourselves which course of action is required of us, by our own lights; there must be a sound source of credibility coming from the authorities that we choose to trust. In the world of Deep Water Horizon and Atlantis; there is no official credibility for anything that has happened during these last five weeks. This should not come as a surprise as there has been a major propaganda war upon Americans since before the Cheney-Bush Cabal stole their way into office in December of 2000.
What is at stake now is whether people will ever be able to believe anything about this intensely lethal war between those that are living in poverty; while remaining under the heels of those that live in comparative luxury while the elites control everything from our money to our health and who have decided that we must be destroyed as people so that we will be forced to surrender to their twisted ideas of what our sweat and blood should be able to earn for anyone besides themselves.
Until now the Banksters and the New World Order have gotten away with mass-murder and have been able to suck the gullible and the terrified into their tyranny of enforced silence which will kill us all if we do not wake up first. Ten years of this treason is long enough. The word of the government and its co-conspirators in the vast and privatized commercial world has no credibility whatsoever-on anything which they might ever choose to comment on. They have lied and deceived and stolen virtually everything they have from lesser countries because of the intimidation and the treasons they commit daily through their unilateral policies and lawlessness and hatred around the world. What we are seeing now is the deliberate destruction of the not just the Gulf of Mexico, but throughout the animal and oceanic environments which they have now attacked with a callow-vengeance and a total disregard for life in any form upon this planet.
CARL SAFINA: Well, that this is not just a regional disaster, although it certainly is, but that the Gulf of Mexico is a tremendous engine of life and also a tremendous concentration zone, where animals from the whole open Atlantic Ocean funnel into the Gulf for breeding and millions of animals cross the Gulf and concentrate there on their northward migration and then fan out to populate much of North America and the Canadian Arctic, the East Coast, the Canadian Maritimes. So it's a real hotspot, and it's a terrible place to foul.
CARL SAFINA: The bluefin tuna that occupy most of the North Atlantic Ocean have two separate breeding populations. One breeds in the Mediterranean. The other breeds in the Gulf. So all the tuna that populate the East Coast, the Canadian Maritimes, the Gulfstream, even that go as far as the North Sea, many of those are from the western population and breed only in the Gulf of Mexico. This is their breeding season. They've just about finished now. And their eggs and larvae are drifting around in a toxic soup of oil and dispersant.
AMY GOODMAN: Talk about the dispersant Corexit.
CARL SAFINA: Well, the dispersant is a toxic pollutant that has been applied in the volume of millions of gallons and I think has greatly exacerbated the situation. I think the whole idea of using a dispersant is wrong, and I think it's part of the whole pattern of BP trying to cover up and hide the body. They don't want us to see how much oil, so they've taken this oil that was concentrated at the surface and dissolved it. But when you dissolve it, it's still there, and it actually gets more toxic, because instead of being in big blobs, it's now dissolved and can get across the gills, get into the mouths of animals. The water below the floating oil was water. Now it's this toxic soup. So I think that in this whole pattern of BP trying to not let people know what's going on, the idea of disperse the oil is a way of just hiding the body. But it actually makes the oil more toxic, and it adds this incredible amount of toxic pollutant in the dispersant itself.
JUAN GONZALEZ: And the potential you were talking about, that this is the season when so much of the marine life and the bird life is creating their young, what is the effect on the birds, on those birds that are about to hatch or maybe are already in the process of hatching?
CARL SAFINA: Yeah, well, not only do you have birds there that are breeding, like the pelicans and some of the gulls and some of the terns, those birds will probably have a completely catastrophic breeding season, because it's not just birds on the beach or birds in their nest. Their parents make a living diving into water. There's no way around that. You can put booms that are twenty-feet high. They're going to fly out to feed. And when I was there, we could see on theChandeleur Islands quite a few of the terns were already lightly oiled, but they will just get progressively more and more oiled. And no amount of protecting the area where the nests are is going to change the fact that the parents are going to have a tremendous amount of trouble. And many of them will just get killed.
But also, there were sanderlings, ruddy turnstones, black belly plovers and a dozen other species that don't stay there. They're moving, and they're migrating through. They come-they winter as far south as southern South America. They nest across the Canadian tundra and in the HighArctic. They're some of the longest-distance migrants in the world. They cannot do that unless their fathers are working. And if their feathers are sticking together, they're not going to be able to make it. They don't have the energy to get to where they're going to go. So they're going to be dropping out along the way. The other thing is you have peregrine falcons that are coming across from the Yucatan on their way to breeding grounds in the Arctic-excuse me-and as far away as Greenland. They will be selectively picking off these birds that are compromised. So they will be getting higher doses of oil. So this is just a horrible place to have something like this happening, because it's such a concentration point for animals that move.
CARL SAFINA: Well, BP had a lease to drill. They did not have a lease to pollute the Gulf of Mexico. They did not have a lease to blow oil into the environment. They did not have a lease to disperse the oil and try to hide the body. They don't have a lease to clean up. They don't have a lease to make the fishermen sick. They don't have a lease to tell the United States, "We'll keep using a dispersant that's banned in Europe, even though you're telling us to stop using it." They should have been shoved out of the way on day two. And there should have been a war council of all the other oil companies that know how to drill to focus on stopping the oil from coming out of the hole. And then BP's responsibility-they are responsible, but they obviously don't know what to do, and they can't do it, and they're not doing it. Their responsibility should be what they're good at: pay money. Pay money to the United States. They're on our property. They're in our water. They're making our people sick. They're destroying our wildlife. Pay money and have the United Statestake over." (1)
This is their opening shot in doing to the United States what we have already done to so many nations around the world, as illustrated above. (Korea was overlooked in the illustration) Without credibility there can be nothing of consequence in the edicts issued by such people. The so-called laws, the taxes, the restrictions and the treatment of Americans by both the government and the Corporatocracy cannot stand in light of their total lack of credibility-because they simply cannot be believed on anything they have to say about anything "official."
Obamanation has broken every promise he ever made to the public, Gitmo stands as proof positive that he is just a common puppet for the powers that be. His war policies have been more than just a disaster they are bankrupting what is left of this nation that now seeks to punish its people with trogledian taxes and unbelievable restrictions on travel and wages that will leave Americans, in this country, as the most oppressed people living here: Because the needs of everyone else in this world take precedence over the rights and wages of American people.
America's "word on anything" is not just worthless; because the whole world knows that everything they say is a lie. But it gets worse. Not only do we lie about everything we say we're doing, but in reality we do exactly those things that we say we are here to oppose. We pledged Freedom & Democracy" to Iraqwhile we were murdering both of those ideals here at home. We proposed that they should write their own constitution while we were busy shredding the original US constitution. We allowed Israel to attack us on 911, and then we made the American public the target of the witch hunt that included illegally spying on every American seven months before 911 even took place.
Our "leadership" has sworn loyalty to Israel above all other considerations, in every case, regardless of the security interests of the United States; and now we are thinking about Orwellian new taxes that will reduce us to slaves inside our own country-and all of this has been done without ever considering the silenced voices of those people that this government has sworn to defend from "all enemies, foreign or domestic." This truly has turned our dreams into nightmares. The only question is whether or not this nightmare will become permanent. We need to kill the fear and remove the monsters that govern us from the secrecy enshrouded chambers where they go each day to decide who shall live and who shall die in this transformation of America; from the pursuit of prosperity and life to the fear of death!
1) Marine Biologist Carl Safina on Ecological Impacthttp://www.democracynow.org/2010/5/27/expert_ecological_impact_of_spill_could

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