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The Cause & Agenda Of Illegal Immigration
By Gary Jacobucci
A friend's son was visiting a border town in NE Nevada last week and witnessed a combined sweep of illegal immigrants by ICE, SWAT and local law enforcement mission with helicopter flying over head, the whole nine yards.
This is a compliant town that also served itself up as the staging of a Dept. of Homeland Security, anti-terrorism training exercise that culminated in an explosion of fuel tanks as the background for this photo-op
(Note that all of law enforcement participating in this exercise are uniformly dressed in military camo-gear.)
So when this sweep of illegal immigrants took place, I had to ask myself "why now?" Are these sweeps taking place all across the United States at this time in all the other towns that participated in Homeland Security training exercises?
This (not surprisingly) runs contradictory to all the pledges this administration has made to give blanket immunity and citizenship to illegals.
I found it frustrating to hear over the last few years a listing of the effects of illegal immigration while little attention was given to the cause and agenda. Maybe it was that the American public was so ready to shout "conspiracy theory" that it would have been a waste of time until the end game began to show itself ­ and it seems now it is.
The same pattern reveals itself with the creation of the illegal immigration movement as with all the other draconian initiatives ­ war on terrorism, global pandemics, man-made global warming, etc.
With this one, illegal immigration and Homeland Security are joined at the hip.
I'm going to assume that those reading this are part of a tribe that has a general understanding of the creation of world Zionism, world finance, world wars, etc, so I will simply point out a few of the intersecting pieces to this puzzle that are impressing itself upon me.
There are many articles documenting the role of the Ford Foundation funding La Raza into a politically potent tool - one article I looked at this morning that goes pretty deep into the subject is
La Raza and MEChA ­ Tools of the New World Order By Phil Brennan - which you might glance at as it does a good job on documenting the Zionist connection, etc...
There was a statement out of the 2010 Bilderberg that made me sit up and pay attention "President Obama has promised to support a United Nations small arms treaty that could represent an end run around the second amendment."
This correlates with the process that Hillary Clinton began in Oct 2009 http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSTRE59E0Q920091015
There was a Fox News clip out 6/15: Mexicans Take Over Parts Of Arizona
Fox News: "A massive stretch of Arizona now off limits ­ to Americans ­ critics say in effect the administration is in effect giving a major strip of the Southwest back to Mexico. US Fish and Wildlife have closed a portion of the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge all along the border, warning visitors to beware of heavily armed drug smugglers and human traffickers.
Pinal County Sheriff: "It's literally out of control and violence has increased just in the last four months. We've been, not just as a sheriff but the police chiefs in Pinal County, we stood with Senator McCain and literally demanded support for 3,000 soldiers to be deployed to Arizona to get this under control and finally control our border with Mexico."
"in fact President Obama suspended construction of the fence."
(A sheriff siding with John McCain to bring in 3,000 soldiers is an annoying statement ­ but that's another issue)
And a clip from the movie 'Machete' ­ a film that will no doubt be released when the time is right...
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R10ljA0-sHs
And a propaganda piece put out on Cinco de Mayo...
Robert Rodriguez cuts 'illegal' trailer for 'Machete' to protest Arizona immigration law
We also need to keep in mind that the justification for the FEMA camps (that came out in the Iran Contra hearings) was the incarceration of illegals rioting - which at the time made little sense.
While this is just one facet of the "anarchy of globalization" as it unfolds in the U.S., and I'm sure there are many other pieces of this picture that could be put in place, we need to see this engineered race war with 'eyes wide open' and do what we can to diffuse and expose it.
Along with whatever else is in the pipeline, this will be used as justification for a police state and all that that implies.
- Gary Jacobucci

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