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Broken Promises Create Broken Lives
By Jim Kirwan
"What will become of human beings?"
"Many say they want to change the world, when what they mean is that they want the world to change without taking any personal direct-action to affect the necessary major shift in the global focus. Ask yourself how many wars were there in the last century; or for that matter in this century as well? How many Genocides, how many disasters have continued to go unanswered? 'Are we really capable of learning from 'grace' or 'beauty' or from what we call god?' Do we learn from real innovations brought about by individuals rather than from privatized-corporate schemes; or do we learn anything at all from the barrels of so many guns or from the dropping of so many millions of tons of bombs and phosphorus on unarmed people?" (1)
In society people deal with each other based upon reputations and trust as a key to whatever is being considered whether the topic is business or personal. When people are lied to, routinely, by the same people whether in government or in private life; then those people can no longer be considered to be reliable parts of ones' life-if and only if the life being affected is considered to be an authentic endeavor. What has happened now, because of all the official lies and public-deceptions, is that virtually anyone in authority has to be considered as an enemy of those people that they supposedly "serve." Every statement that this government issues ought to be met with the simple phrase "prove it!"
The principles by which we all must live have not just been ignored; those principles have been methodically under a concerted and long-planned-for attack that is and was designed to destroy the ability of ordinary people to have any control over their individual lives. Do the math: How many hours are left in your day, after you have gone to work, put up with that tyranny and then undertaken the trek home, only to try and squeeze any joy out of the few remaining hours before you have to do it all over again? There is "no time" remaining for people to even laugh much less to contemplate any of the much larger forces that are shaping everything we think or see or attempt to do with our lives. This prison without bars was not an accident: It is the planned outcome that continues to diminish any chance for any real change in the course or direction of our lives. The first casualty in that battle was the successful destruction of our ability to think or to concentrate on anything of substance.
"(Here) are two verdicts from a pair of recent research projects ­ respectively, the Poynter Institute's Eyetrack survey, and analysis by Jakob Nielsen ­ which both suggest that many of us no longer have the concentration to read articles through to their conclusion.
The problem doesn't just stop there: academics report that we are becoming less attentive book-readers, too. Bath Spa University lecturer Greg Garrard recently revealed that he has had to shorten his students' reading list, while Keith Thomas, an Oxford historian, has written that he isbemused by junior colleagues who analyze sources with a search engine, instead of reading them in their entirety.
So are we getting stupider? Is that what this is about? Sort of. According to The Shallows, a new book by technology sage Nicholas Carr, our hyperactive online habits are damaging the mental faculties we need to process and understand lengthy textual information. Round-the-clock news feeds leave us hyperlinking from one article to the next ­ without necessarily engaging fully with any of the content; our reading is frequently interrupted by the ping of the latest email; and we are now absorbing short bursts of words on Twitter and Facebook more regularly than longer texts."(2)
When government force is used to destroy the realities of the human condition that would normally prevent people from rejecting whatever is being done 'in our names,' then that crime becomes the vehicle by which no criminal act will result in charges or penalties when the crimes are committed by those in power. So long as no one is ever charged, no one will ever go to jail for any of the massive crimes in which this country has not just been 'a party to' but in which they have been one of the original instigating powers that profits directly from and continues to use these crimes to buttress and enable the creation of future crimes as well. The public can be charged with "thought-crimes" yet the government is never charged with treason against us? None of this will change until the public is forced to face the openly criminal past that this country has openly-embraced since the beginning of this 'new millennium.' The Package-of-Lies that has become known as "911" has been used a billion-times over to create everything that is now hard at work to destroy everything that any viable society needs to ensure its own survival.
These overwhelming forces of government and privatized corporate power coupled with militarized-policing, privatized and illegal-force and greed have cobbled together a total fiction which attempts to convince the public that "resistance is futile," yet this too is nothing but a lie!
Obviously ordinary people cannot openly 'fight' their legions of lawyers and corrupted officials that serve the new world order. We can however resist the falsely created-realities on the ground when it comes to their literal implementation of their criminal takeover of virtually everything in this country. All that remains for this to become apparent-is the crossing of the last line in the blood-stained and oil-soaked sand that will happen when the Hurricane season opens with a vengeance. It is one thing to send our troops to destroy and destabilize other nations; it is something completely other to attempt to do the same thing to this nation and to the people that gave birth to those same 'warriors' that we sent in to wreck other nations by our assumed right of 'Manifest Destiny.'
When the homelessness and the starvation, not-to-mention the torture of American families takes center stage under the guns of an occupying force then, and perhaps only then, will there be the revolt within theUS military that many have been waiting over-long to see.
For the US government to have designed this plan to criminalize most American citizens, while at the same time they economically set out starve us into complete surrender is obscene! Just as they planned to use our own troops to shut down the society that paid for this entire coup which has destroyed everything to date that is vital in the United States to 'life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness,' which only added farce to criminality. The arrogant cynicism inherent in this attempt alone, beggars the imagination of anyone that even tries to consider that a betrayal of this magnitude, just might be true. This seeming impossibility is what has kept the public from open rebellion since government began to try and complete what they undertook when they openly stole the White House on 12-12-2000.
Consider how much it costs to mount these privatized-military-exercises against the restive public whenever there is a major event. In Toronto the costs for three days of beating the hell out of the pubic at the G-20, exceeded two billion dollars. But if martial law is implemented that would require the same level of force in every major city in this country, 24-7, 365 days of the year. There are not nearly enough people employed by this fascist police state to even begin to deploy such a force, much less to maintain their activities for more than a few days anywhere: especially once the public becomes enraged at the levels of abuse and personal loss that the public will very soon be expected to endure; just because the government says that "we must!"
Remember please that we have not won a foreign war anywhere since WWII, and that 'victory' was only a technicality (because we ended up losing the so-called peace which WWII established). We have now been "at war" inside Iraq for nearly twenty years; and yet we cannot win even that aggression, against a nation about the size of California, which we launched back in 1991: So how can these same forces be expected to fare against the most heavily armed population on the planet; especially when we remember that the people those forces will be fighting will be our own people?
Where will the weapons and supplies come from to maintain such self-annihilating policies; especially given all the deceit and the self-serving constructs that supposedly underpin this farce? These occupying troops will have to eat and sleep here, not to mention the fact that the family homes they will be invading might well be their own homes? To actually believe that by issuing a state of Martial Law that somehow everyone involved from troops to citizens will suddenly forget that families will be torn apart along with whole areas of the nation that will be totally destroyed for nothing but another pack of lies ­ this is absolute insanity incarnate!
For the last ten years these soulless monsters have been running this dog & pony show with the near total complicity of all our so-called "institutions of society and government" in lock-step agreement; with only the general public in direct opposition to everything they have undertake to do. Now because we have remained silent they believe they have won what they needed to finish the job. But just as 'pride goes before every fall' they are intensifying their crimes accordingly. Now government is seeking to revise social security and the taxes that were collected for decades, while retroactively revising the promised payouts to those who worked their whole lives, with no choice except to provide that benefit, by government edict, to themselves: Even though no change in that contract is needed or even will be, for several more decades.
"The attacks on Social Security have steadily intensified in the past few months. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer recently called for a higher retirement age and House Minority leader John Boehner suggested raising the retirement age to 70. Meanwhile, President Obama's bipartisan 18-member commission dealing with the nation's public debt is due to come out with a report in November that is expected to recommend cuts to Social Security. We speak with Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research." (3)
What has been clear throughout these thousands of years in this struggle between privatization and publicly owned public services is not something that can be tolerated by any 'free-people," because in the end people must maintain control over the essentials of their own lives if there is to be any choice available when it comes to how we live our individual lives!
These incompetent criminals cannot possibly win against an aroused public, and if they are dumb enough to try and do this, despite the facts then they will lose-but because of the concomitant destruction, we shall all lose most of what remains of this world-if we allow this fight to enter the coming phase of new and ever-more deadly wars upon everything from nature to mankind itself.
The people that did these crimes must be charged with their crimes and imprisoned. Their assets must be seized and used to correct some of the massive problems which they have caused to be created: Because if we allow this treason to move to the next level then there shall be virtually nothing left to save because we cannot escape the fact that 'Broken Promises create Broken lives and Broken People.'
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2) The art of slow reading
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