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Trolling For Opportunities
By Jim Kirwan
Look closely into the nets. The survivors of the financial eruption, behind the figure, are using their remaining coins as life-rafts to escape the chaos of the swirling waters, by clutching for what they see as the safety of the ever-shifting nets. What goes unnoticed are the compartmented individual cells, created by the same 'safety-nets' in which millions will now be trapped: [image created in 1974] This image mirrors what is beginning now with the nationwide-collection of still more data from the United States 2010 Census®.
The larger figures from the first tier, of our two-tiered society, have managed to escape the cells and the nets only to reengage each other in their perpetual orgy to join with the monstrous reaper; that huge personification of the New World Order who is the one 'Trolling for Opportunities' among the surging mass of humanity.
What too many still forget is that for seven months before 911, the entire population of this country was totally exposed to the electronic eyes and ears of TOTAL INFORMATION ACCESS; which has intensified its secret spying on us all in preparation for this last stroke of theirs: The 2010 Census that will lock in everyone else, that might have escaped their nine year dredging operations, which literally vacuumed up everything said or done electronically long before there was any declared 'need' for such a draconian measure. (No attack had yet happened to justify turning all Americans into enemies of the state).
IBM is to Information-collection what C-4 is to asymmetrical warfare: Both go beyond deadly all the way to pathological-obsessions that always end in deceptive but very destructive explosions. Most people will very seldom if-ever encounter C-4 but nearly everyone will soon be interacting with IBM; thanks to their new $89.5 million contract for the 2010 Census. Here's how IBM sees themselves and their mission today; as in INFORMATION & data collection are literally the keys to power in everything we do! (1)
"Thus, while the Census Bureau assures us that "your confidentiality is protected. Title 13 requires the Census Bureau to keep all information about you and all other respondents strictly confidential," these exceptions negate such assurances. Of course, the release of the "strictly confidential" data was also perfectly legal: during World War II, under the terms of the Second War Powers Act, and more recently, under the terms of the USA PATRIOT Act, now extended by the Obama administration.
In preparation for this year's census, 140,000 workers were hired to collect GPS readings for every front door in the nation. Such pinpoint precision will certainly simplify the process of locating any individual or group that may be identified as a threat to "national security" in the future. Remember, for example, the 1976 Senate Report in which 26,000 Americans were slated for roundup by the FBI in the event of a national emergency at the height of the Cold War. Now that the U.S. Government's Terrorist Watchlist has exceeded one million, the GPS data acquired could be instrumental in accomplishing such a roundup.
Meanwhile, the data is also shared a little more broadly than advertised. Stanford University recently joined UC Berkeley, Duke, the University of Michigan, UCLA, and others in having its very own census data center. As the director of the new center explained, "The Census Bureau is very interested in making the centers more accessible to scholars who can use the data they provide."
While reassurances are repeated that the data is held under the strictest security, and will only be used for innocuous projects like "government programs and solutions to our problems," do we really want academics to social engineer policy solutions based on sensitive personal data? After all, they may turn out to be no more desirable than the "solutions" provided by government programs like internment and renditioning. Without the protections afforded by a right to privacy, there's little chance of escaping a political will to enforce discriminatory policies.
This "mission creep" for the Census thus pushes up against a level of discomfort no amount of advertising dollars can likely assuage. Many will no doubt choose to follow former Senate majority leader Trent Lott's advice to skip any Census questions they feel violates their privacy-which may well include any exceeding the Constitution's mandate for an "actual Enumeration." Unfortunately, choosing privacy now costs more: legislation recently passed raises the fine for "anyone over 18 years old who refuses or willfully neglects to complete the questionnaire or answer questions posed by census takers" from a limit of $100 to $5,000-a fact not advertised even in the small print." (2)
Until this point, the above has been the almost familiar routine behind the
Census and its problems. But this map indicates the origin of a new face, created by the Nixon Administration, which served as the template upon which the North American Union is now based. These FEMA regions and USACE boundaries replaced the states and borders, in black-ops planning, that until then had been known as the United States. This changed everything, and not for the better! This basic shift ties in closely with map of the twelve Federal Reserve Divisions that are still in place. (3)
Federal Regional Councils
'the president then being Richard M. Nixon'
"The proper functioning of "Government requires the development of closer working relationships between major Federal grant making agencies and State and local government and improved coordination of the categorical grant system.
I have heretofore directed the Domestic Council to:
(1) receive and develop information necessary for assessing national omestic needs and defining national domestic goals, and to develop for the President alternative proposals for reaching those goals;
(2) collaborate with the Office of Management and Budget and others in the determination of national domestic priorities for theallocation of available resources;
(3) collaborate with the Office of Management and Budget and others to assure a continuing review of ongoing programs from thestandpoint of their relative contributions to national goals as compared with their use of available resources; and
(4) provide policy advice to the President on domestic issues. Furthermore, I have assigned to the Office of Management and Budget the responsibility for assisting the President in developing efficient coordinating mechanisms to implement Government activities (and to expand interagency cooperation. Three years ago I directed that the senior regional officials of certain of the grantmaking agencies convene themselves in regional councils to better coordinate their services to Governors, Mayors, and the public.
I have now determined that the measures prescribed by this Order Would assure improved service to the public. NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:
SECTION1. Federal Regional Councils. (a) There is hereby established a Federal Regional Council for each of the ten standard Federal regions. Each Council shall be composed of the directors of the regional offices of the Departments of Labor, Health, Education, and Welfare, and Housing and Urban Development, the Secretarial Representative of the Department
of Transportation, and the directors of the regional offices of the Office of Economic Opportunity, the Environmental Protection Agency,and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration- The President shall designate one member of each such Council as Chairman of that ~
Under the terms of this "plan" each of these districts was to have a new capital, and a newly appointed governor that were all to be part of a Board of Governor's, just like the one Bush Jr. proposed for the NAU. That same North American Union is now being reborn as this is being written. It is for this reason that this latest Census is being so thoroughly undertaken-to furnish absolutely Total Information Access to the New World Order, via IBM, that will soon become the NAU. (4) & (5)
We've been "had" again. This time we were sold out by too many ways to panic; and to few options to explore. Coming as this does in the middle of this the 2010 Census that seems like a traditional nothing with a few more government intrusions than usual, but no one seems to really fear the census takers. We should fear what they came to get; because that information isn't just about affluence or poverty-It's about control-and ultimately it will lead to the most total control over every aspect of your life. It's dangerous because the information they are seeking will be contained in a single chip that will transform every action, by every person, into one that requires permission or punishment: And every such act quite literally can then carry with it the viability for life, for your erasure or for the order for your death.
You will not have a choice about how this information is used, anymore than you are being given choices now about how this information is being gathered; and if you don't start to care about what is going on with everything, and not just with the census; then all of this will reach reality much sooner than most could ever have imagined.
While we've been sleeping that gargantuan shape of darkness has been continuing to Troll for new Opportunities to capture the unaware, the meek and the compliant in order to turn their lives into physical or mental slavery; into sexual or financial slavery and possibly into becoming living organ banks; or into any of the other new income streams for the N.W.O. that will serve only their own ends. The FEMA camps are ready now and will quite possibly become Debtors Prisons for those that cannot pay all the fines (access to health insurance), or the failure to fill out every line in the of the Census or any of the extrodinary new compulsory federal laws that are mandating fines that could affect millions of individuals.
The public tends to believe that because so many might risk jail to resist these completely illegal actions by the government (As in forcing people to buy private-health insurance ­ or forcing people to answer questions from a privatized Census run by IBM), because the prison system is already overflowing: Yet everyone seems to have forgotten about the 600-800 FEMA prison camps (which were built to hold millions) that have recently been completed!
There are still real choices that you need to make: but if you hesitate now there will probably not be a second chance to save your own life. Stand up to the Census; stand for your right to remain silent and your right to privacy when it comes to the details of your personal life which this government has no constitutional right to demand of you: Especially when the entity asking the questions is NOT the government, but a privately concerned corporation whose business has been the creation and restructuring of fascist state populations since 1933. (6)
It's still your life, in theory. What it shall be tomorrow is the question that each of us must answer very soon. Remember this census is being taken to gain as much information as possible from every person here; not as part of the headcount which the constitution calls for; but as part of a resource storage vault in which we shall each be cataloged, sorted and stored, against that future time when we shall become useful to one of their projects; 'useful' to the point quite possibly of death.
All of this has been 'in preparation' for hundreds of years already-did you really think that this would all just magically melt away or that the economy would by some miracle suddenly become not just solvent again, but prosperous as well! Between the financial, the military, and the social decay; there is simply no room left to turn this around amid this final stroke in the gathering-of-the-herds for the New World Order version, of that ever-darkening new beginning that most of us will thankfully not live to see.
Unless of course people finally decide that enough-is-enough and make themselves heard and felt.

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