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David Icke On Time Speeding Up
The David Icke Newsletter

By David Icke
...Time, in my life anyway, and I know for others too, is just flying this year. What's happening?
It made me recall something that was said to me through the psychic I met in 1990 at the start of my amazing journey of the last two decades. I was told of a vibrational change that was coming - what I call the Truth Vibrations - and that 'time would eventually pass so fast it would be almost frightening'.
Well, it's not reached a frightening stage yet, but an astonishing one, certainly.
...It is interesting, and very relevant, when I look 'back' at how I was told through various psychics in the earliest days of my own conscious awakening that the speed of 'time' would eventually appear to be 'moving' so fast that people would have to simplify their lives, discard the irrelevant and concentrate only on what really matters.
Unless they did this, I was told 20 years ago, they would burn out and even go crazy trying to do all that they did before in the light of time appearing to pass quicker and quicker. There would 'not be enough hours in the day'.
I can see the wisdom of this even more clearly in the last few months as I have become more aware than ever at the way I am interacting with the phenomenon of time.
I began simplifying my life in the Summer of 2007, quite probably because my subconscious mind was preparing for what it knew was coming in the information construct of the Metaphysical Universe.
It is by tuning into the Metaphysical Universe, the vibrational/waveform level of this reality, that we can have subconscious, even conscious, premonitions of 'future' events. We access the vibrational information 'before' it is decoded into holographic reality and therefore we can 'see' or 'feel' the 'future'.
Anyway, from the summer of 2007 I cleared my life of everything I either didn't need in terms of possessions etc., and anything that was negative or detrimental to what I am doing. I kept only what I needed and what was positive and supportive to what I am doing.
I still do that and it has made a dramatic difference in the ease with which my life comes together these days compared with the constant battle of the 'past'. This simplification has meant that I can focus on my work virtually all of every day without the distractions or complexity that was taking up focus and ... time.
This really is a period for people to look at their lives and decide what is holding them back, diluting their focus and wasting their time. The great transformation is about freeing ourselves of the perceptions, rules, regulations and 'norms' of the passing energetic era and connecting with the new one.
It is a moment to clear out our lives - spring clean them - and the same with ourselves, because one is an expression of the other.
What are we mentally and emotionally attached to that is either irrelevant, time consuming or downright destructive in our lives? Do you really need that? Do you really have to do that? Is this relationship serving either party?
These are important questions for all of us because time is not going to slow down, nor even stay at the same rate. The Quickening is only going to quicken and its fellow traveler will be time.
My God, is that the time? Must rush ...

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