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The Illuminati (Eye/Sunrise)... Right In The
Center Of The Academy Awards Stage
By Jordan Maxwell
Here is the new logo for British Labour Party... the 'Sun/New Dawn' logo
On their internet site, under the New Dawn image, is the word CHANGE
Hi Jeff...
As you know, I've been talking about this 'Eye/Sunrise' symbol for many years.
In my DVD video 'Dawn of the New Day', I talked about the term 'New Dawn' that was coming into play soon. And here it is...right in the Washington Post
Obama Renames War In Iraq 'Operation New Dawn'
Here's the link -
Here are other stories announcing the 'New Dawn' name change -
Here's the 'Eye' symbol right in our faces at the Academy Awards...
OK, now take a look at the Century Plaza Towers in West Los Angeles...
Below via a Google Earth picture, you will see...
1. Two opposing triangle symbolic of the Star of David and Saturn
2. A totally blatant US Dollar Pyramid - with the EYE and all - right smack between them.
3. Another 'eye' right in the boulevard in front of the two towers.
Symbols, symbols everywhere, and so few ever figure it out.
Don't worry, be happy!
Everything is under control...
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Jordan Maxwell
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