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The SUPREME Delusion
The First Crime Of This Century

By Jim Kirwan

There is yet another 'choice' facing this country that used to be a nation. That choice is the coming appointment of another complicit-criminal to the criminal-Supreme Court of the supposedly United States of America.
What this refers to is the fact that the Supreme Court committed high treason on 12-12-2000 when it unconstitutionally interfered with a US presidential election result; illegally, and changed the course of American history as a result. That act was committed by five members of the Supreme Court that was allowed to go unchallenged by the congress in 2000, which was the body which had been charged, by the constitution, with the resolution of any irregularities in the voting process that was used to elect a president. Congress failed in their duty to do what they were constitutionally charged with overseeing; and they failed again after the "Court" acted illegally by not overturning that illegal decision taken by the corrupted court at that time.
The five members that voted to select George W. Bush as the winner, despite the fact that he had lost the popular vote count in Florida were: Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas, O'Conner & Kennedy. Since that day the Supreme Court has been acting as an illegal institutional construct of the New World Order, and not as the third branch of the U.S. government in its official capacity as the final arbiter for the country over all matters of legality and the US Department of Justice, together with all the other courts in this land. This was the First Crime of this Century and it has never even been challenged, much less dealt with. (1)
The 'Supreme Court' has been quietly murdered in all but the literal sense; and now we are being asked to appoint yet another criminally-inclined member to this totally illegal body to oversee the final chapter of the nation's star-crossed collapse.
Perhaps the most incomprehensible part of this whole saga has been the continued 'respect' with which the current potential nomination process is being conducted. The talking heads mouth the words and defer with reverence to 'the qualifications' of the nominees as if they were worthy of respect when the truth is that this entire pantomime is nothing but a continuing delusion that was and still is a continuing treason against the people and the constitution of the United States that in reality cannot continue to be ignored.
All members of the sitting court must be suspended and charged with complicity in their attempt to overthrow, by design, the constitution of the United States; because by extension the right to due process of the laws has been officially blocked by the Supreme Courts' willful criminal interference in the first of eight fraudulent election processes that were all part of the continuing election-frauds committed against the public, which this original act by the then Supreme Court set in motion.
Members of the court and members of the congress that cooperated in this massive criminal-charade ought to be in jail, yet they continue to speak to the public as though they were still respected members of the government which they, by their actions, reshaped into nothing more than just another privatized-takeover of an entire branch of this government. This led directly to the end of our rights as citizens to expect our right to 'a redress of our grievances' to even be heard much less to be respected. Without the possibility of the public's voice to be heard from, in either congress or the courts: It has not been possible for the public to have any say whatsoever in what this government has been doing since long before 911 and all the additional crimes which that treason also added to our national nightmare.
What passes for 'the system' today is run by people with a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" while the rest of us have lost any and all so-called protections from the corrupt-enemy which this government has so rapidly become in this New Millennium of shattered promises, compounded with lies-unending in a sea of cacophony that is roiling in chaos.
Government continues to intensify our problems while denying us any real help with the realities that must be dealt with if people are to survive. And because government has taken the public's measure and decided that no matter what they do-to-us; in reality, we will never say "NO" to them. Not only have we given them total control over our lives, but we have also given them control over the lives of our children and their children. and their children's children down to at least the tenth generation. And of course we have also surrendered our rights, our hopes and dreams, and our lives to these same criminals that now want us to sanctify yet another of their criminal choices to a thoroughly corrupted institution that is an outright enemy of the people, instead of being the institution of last resort that was supose to keep us free while insuring that everyone is being judged before a single bar-of-justice that serves the nation and not the few that almost own everything that still remains of this fourth-world shambles that used to be the USA.
You might want to think long and hard about this before paying even more taxes to this bunch of outlaws that call themselves the government. Included in the group that qualifies as complicit are the leaders of both major political parties, all except a handful of the congress, the media, and most of the institutions as well as the corporations and virtually all branches of the so-called federal government. Business-as-usual must be interrupted or there will very soon no longer be even the potential for those overrated but never to be realized 'tomorrows,' on which they have sold us, their right to take over everything that used to be ours. That is still a choice that we have, provided we are individually willing to say 'NO' to tyranny to Treason and to the Treachery that passes for everyday life in this totally compromised place that so many are still unwilling to see for what it has become in the last ten years. Here's another example of how "the system" now works against us all. (2)
We are individuals before everything else, and here in this one minute video is what that can mean to those willing to recognize the truth of what we can be, if we have the determination to become who we have always been. (3)
1) What Happened to Us
2) Epic Corruption and the Whistle-Blower
3) Tom Waite reads Charles Bukowski

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