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Round Two - Who Owns This Country?
By Jim Kirwan
"The US Census Bureau has awarded IBM (NYSE IBM) Global Business Services a contract to provide data tabulation and dissemination services in support of the 2010 United States Census and other key Census Bureau Surveys. The project was awarded to IBM on September 20th and the value of the contract is $89.5 million over 9 years.
This is the same company that undertook the 1890 U.S. Census; the same company that was contracted by Germany's Third Reich to undertake census operations and similar advance people counting and registration technologies. IBM Germany not only head-counted the populace, but invented the racial census. They not only listed religious affiliation, but blood lines going back generations. This was the same company that was contracted to lease the whole-earth machine to the Nazis from 1933 to 1945. " (1)
Many Americans have been surprised to learn that the 2010 Census is not being run by the federal government of the United States, but by a private corporation using a registered version of that company's Logo for the 2010 Census, as was outlined in yesterday's article "Owning the United States ®." (2)
There is, it turns out, a somewhat awkward conflict between the mark they chose to register and the one they actually used. Here's what they registered: http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4008:beajte.4.608
It appears that they chose NOT to use the image they "registered."
The "wings" (Or feathers) shown in the link above do not appear on the official papers, which of course only compounds the problems inherent by choosing to 'register' this logo in the first place. Apparently they created something which they obviously did not expect would cause much of a reaction. Now that these problems have been pointed out graphically - and this registered mark is now "in national use," this is provoking more questions than they will likely choose to answer.
The question herein is; 'might there be a violation of Federal law for misuse of a registered mark,' given that the United States would seem to indicate that the 2010 Census is being undertaken by the government of the United States: Not by some private corporate interests that has a very long and ugly history where collecting census data is concerned?
What happened to the U. S. Census Bureau which is listed on the return address of the envelope in which the Census forms arrived - why weren't they used to print and distribute this 2010 Census?
And how can this be explained given that this envelope is clearly marked
Penalty for Private Use $300"
The OFFICIAL envelope looks very official, and there is no other indication that the 2010 Census is being run by a privately contracted corporation except for the symbol "®", just to the top right side of the Logo? Everything else about this envelope reeks of a government document. Even the metered stamp refers to the U. S. CENSUS BUREAU, and not to IBM (NYSE IBM). The contract for this Census is large enough so that one might think that
IBM could pay for the postage at least: but instead we get to do that on top of their $89.5 million contract. Why all the SECRECY, why all the conflicts that need not be conflicts: There would not be any conflict if there were no secret-contract with this private-corporation that has a very long reputation of collecting data on whole populations of people which somehow end up being very dead by the end of the contract. And the key to all of this confusion seems to have started with that tiny little symbol "®" that apparently is becoming very difficult to explain, in plain English!
Here's part of a Q & A that happened yesterday: Apparently I was wrong in thinking that the mark covered only the words United States; it was intended to cover the entire Logo as "the mark legally covers the whole phrase "United States 2010 Census"."
Question: 'The question remains, what authority does the United States Census Bureau have to obtain trademarks? The post office has been doing the Census for years, or so many believed; but it was recently "privatized". I'm sure their attorney Green would say that they do not want con men taking and using that phrase to defraud folks and they believed a trademark would give them more legal standing to go after any cons.'
Kirwan: "An interesting thought, but then why bother with that, being that the Census is no longer adhering to their original mandate which was to simply 'count' the people of this country once every ten years. In fact they now "count people" every year, and in some interviews they ask a great deal more of those being interviewed than just the literal number of people in the household. My point is there would be no 'reason' for anyone to attempt to hijack the "CENSUS" if the Census takers were not actually seeking and collecting, a whole lot more information that is not legally open to any census taker, by law."
Question: "Are you aware how far this 2010 census strays from Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution which allows enumeration (counting) only. Are you aware that the fine for non-compliance with the Census was secretly and recently raised from $100 to $5,000?"
Kirwan: "Yes, I am also aware that no such figures for failure to comply were included in the "by mail" version that was sent to me. In brief is this because there is a corporate use for the information that is not on the simple people-counting forms: Information such as income, medical histories, and virtual all areas of everyday life that might present problems for those people who choose to share that information with the government. The pamphlet does mention that it will keep whatever is gathered confidential - yet no mention is made of what will happen if that information is sold or leaked to another user, whether that's a government agency or a private entity?"
Question: Is the government attempting to set up folks who resist for prosecution, fines and taking away more rights. It seems like a covert set up to me.
Kirwan: "That would probably be a fairly credible assertion - so that they could then make examples of those individuals - as there might also be a prison term associated with the FAILURE TO COMPLY order?"
These were just some of the little things that this odd-ball Census-form seems to be raising.
Lots of people have sent abbreviated versions and links trying to explain this whole thing as a misunderstanding on my part-a stretch too far some believe.
But: 'It is the job of this government to explain this doublespeak, in
plain English, if they want to have a nation that is not seen as a total fabrication or as a place that is being held hostage to private and to very corporate interests - that is NOT MY JOB - it is the job of this
thoroughly corrupted government to answer the public's questions and to satisfy their questions with clear and candid responses.
There is certainly enough information available to enlighten anyone that wants to believe that their government is "not guilty" of any crime herein. I say let us treat them as they have been treating us now for the last ten years: Let the government prove that they have not broken any laws, otherwise whoever is at fault needs to face the most severe penalties: just as ordinary citizens must face, whenever they find themselves in one of our now totally-biased courtrooms around this nation.
Many people believe the double-talk and the mountains of legalese that half-assed lawyers try to cite to cover up this mess; but I'm staying with the basics - which until these questions become clearly a settled matter of law; then they must be answered publicly and on the record by whatever creatures now claim to speak for the US government.
I've been at this for over half-a-century and this has never been anything like a clear-cut affair to anyone outside the corridors of power! Cite all the obscurities you like - the fact is that when theCensus bureau issued this logo with that registration mark upon it they opened this steam of questions that could well threaten all their other lies - unless this matter is clearly positioned in an immediate and completely clear place in both our history and settled law.
The original question is still out there "Who owns us now?" The US government is supposedly owned by the people of this country. So when the government undertook to do this that way, in effect, it was as if we (the American people) were doing something for ourselves. However when a corporation is allowed to seize and use an agency of the public as if it were still the public's own agency; when in fact the project has become a private-for-profit contract with an agenda of its own: That is an entirely different thing from what the public has been led to believe is the case, at least when it comes down to actually 'taking' the 2010 Census!
Every single household in this country is about to get one of these things, if they haven't received one already: Study the contents and make up your mind as to whether or not you believe the lawyers and the corrupted government that has been lying to you all your lives: Or whether you think that this 'secret' contract for taking the 2010 Census is really just a front for something potentially much worse.
There is an IBM microchip that will be placed in people, it will give you a human IP address and it will plug you into the grid. It's sometimes been called the DEADSCAN and it's been out there for over 10 years now yet people are just waking up to it, I wonder how much that might have to do with this hush-hush contract for counting people-if anything?
1) One Mainframe to Rule Them All - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVWNlvI-eB4
2) Owning the United States ® http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2010/art38.htm
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