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16,500 More IRS Agents
To Enforce Obamacare
By Jim Kirwan
They should dress these new agents in conducter's uniforms with a flair for the new military look that's "IN" at the moment.
These irs types will joining their co-conspirators in HOMELAND INSECURITY to begin to assemble the first of the new groups of inductees for the camps. That would be those camps made from so many converted US military bases that Ronnie closed, in order to elimate the civilian jobs and to send the troops overseas - and this fortunate series of events left the government with all these huge military bases with nothing to do.
But - Not-to-worry the government has been working on something called REX-84 (since 1984) that will very soon become very active. The trigger that will activate REX 84 is being created by all the new taxes, fines and penalties that government is about to impose upon a public already dessimated by wave after wave of devastating news as well as job losses, and personal setbacks (unaffordable healthcare, bankruptcies and cutbacks in everything incoming; while everything that is actually needed to live is climbing into the stratosphere.
The government's answer to our problems is the CAMPS; those new DEBTORS PRISONS where the unfortuanate and the gun-owners will end up, so as not ot overburder our already overflowing jails and penitentiaries in this land of the formerely free that is now inhabitanted by cowards without shame, because apparently for them - SURRENDER has become the ONLY option they will accept!

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