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The Criminal-Legend Of Jimmie & William
By Jim Kirwan
The Legend of County Deputy Sheriff Jimmie Gyllenskog & BLM Ranger William Finch will not make history in Oregon, but it should have! These two thugs apparently committed several unprovoked crimes against unarmed civilians in the name of requiring a state-sticker that needed to be placed upon their Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV). This entire episode does much harm to anything that might have anything to do with law-enforcement actions of any kind, and amounts to violent crimes against the population by two out-of-control and out-of-uniform individuals, in the course of their supposed duties. How could not having a sticker merit the threatened use of deadly force?
"Dennis and Michelle Easley, their three children and friends Lana Walker with her two children, Lana's sister Jennifer Mobbs, Adam Ramirez and his brother Zues and friend, Mark, were all preparing for a day of fun with their off road RV's that were parked at a gravel pit near Elderberry camp grounds. Elderberry camp grounds and the surrounding area are located in Southern Oregon about fifteen miles from Central Point Oregon and has been a popular place for families to camp, ride bikes and off road vehicle's for at least 40 years.
According to witnesses, as some in the families were preparing to ride two armed men wearing camel packs and Helmets riding unmarked dirt bikes displaying nothing that would readily indicate they were law enforcement rode up and said, "we are checking for Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) stickers."
Michelle said they started with their new friend Mark with questions about the lack of an off road sticker on his OHV. Mark told them his OHV was broken and inoperable so they left him alone.
After a few moments the armed men came over to talk to Dennis and Michelle, and told them they were only going to give them a fix it ticket for not having OHV stickers and one of the men told Dennis he wanted to see his ID.
Dennis said he started to comply and then thought, "wait a minute, I do not even know if these guys are law enforcement." He told the man, no I am not going to show you anything until you show me you're ID, the man took out a container of pepper spray and started to shake it, ( that's when) the mood became more intense. Dennis told the man, you took it out, if you're going to use it then use it, but I am not going to show you anything until you show me that you are a cop.
The man raised his voice and said show me your ID right now or I will place you under arrest.
Dennis turned around placed his hands behind his back and told the man arrest me then; the man produced handcuffs and handcuffed Dennis, telling him he was under arrest.
At this point everyone that witnessed this incident unfold stated they were frightened, stunned and could not believe it was happening. The Easley's family dog was barking and some of the children were becoming extremely upset.
Michelle stated, as the man was putting cuffs on her husband she walked over to them and asked, why are you arresting my husband?
That's when the second man, later Identified as BLM Ranger William Finch told Michelle to step back and she did so and then again she asked the first man, later identified as Jackson County Deputy Sheriff Jimmie Gyllenskog, why are you arresting my husband?
BLM Ranger Finch bristled and shouted I told you to step the f- - K back, Michelle complied then started walking over to the truck where Dennis and Michelle's 13 yr. old daughter, Cheyenne, was in the back of the truck with the family dog. The family dog, a 9 month old 100 lb Rottweiler was barking and growling at BLM Ranger Finch. Michelle said the way Ranger Finch was acting, she was afraid if the dog got out of the truck that Ranger Finch would shoot the dog in front of the children.
Adam Ramirez, standing a few feet away said at this point Ranger Finch started yelling at Michelle, that she had better show him her ID. She told him twice that she did not have it with her because she had left it in their other car, but she could give him her Drivers License Number.
Adam said he walked over to the truck, took the dog out of the truck and he had only taken about 10 steps when he heard Michelle shout I have a bad neck and then her body slammed against the ground. Adam said when he spun around Michelle was on the ground and Ranger Finch was twisting her arm up behind her back and he was screaming and cussing at her.
Adam said his two small children were so frightened that his three year old daughter tried to take off running down the road and his four year old son along with Dennis and Michelle's three year old son jumped into the car and were trying to hide. Adam said that's when Lana tried going over to the children to calm them down. Adam said that Ranger Finch reached for his gun and started yelling, "Get the f- -k away from the car now.
Adam said Lana started crying and told Ranger Finch that she was just trying to get the children. Adam stated, "Deputy Gyllenskog told Lana that she could go to the car and try to calm the children down. BLM Ranger William Finch, while holding Michelle to the ground, put his hand on his weapon again and shouted at the thirteen year old child to get the f- -k away from the truck. Adam said that Cheyenne was so frightened that she did not know what to do."
Witnesses to the incident stated at this point that Ranger Finch got up off of Michelle's back and started to walk toward Deputy Gyllenskog, while Michelle was still on the ground crying out in pain, then Ranger Finch spun around, walked back to where Michelle was lying on the ground , bent down so he was right in her face and started screaming at her to shut the f- -k up over and over while he was banging her again and again in the forehead with the bill of his helmet.
Michelle said she did not remember much after Ranger Finch grabbed her wrist and spun her around, sweeping her feet out from under her as he slammed her to the ground.
Then he shoved his knee into the back of her neck and head and told her I said to put your f---ing hands behind your back. Michelle claimed that was the first and only time Ranger Finch had told her to put her hands behind her back. Eye wittiness's less than 10 feet away have confirmed Michelle's claims.
Dennis stated that he could not see everything that went on because Deputy Gyllenskog was holding the chains between his handcuffs and kept twisting him around so he could not see BLM Ranger Finch attacking his wife Michelle. Dennis said he and his daughter Cheyenne were both shouting to Ranger Finch that Michelle has a bad neck. Dennis said there was a lot of shouting, crying, cursing, name calling and dog barking going on and BLM Ranger Finch was not only the cause of it, he was the loudest and using the most vile language.
Michelle stated, "even after we were in their custody and waiting to be transported to jail, Ranger Finch continued to appear agitated. Everything he said was very sarcastic, things like, oh, you want to be nice now, well it is too late. It seemed he was trying to stir things up again; it just seemed to make things worse."
Michelle said she asked BLM Ranger William Finch for his ID or business card twice after they had them in custody and all Finch would say was, "I don't have them with me."
All interviewed witnesses are in agreement that neither Jackson County Deputy Sheriff Jimmie Gyllenskog nor BLM Ranger William Finch was wearing a uniform or operating a vehicle that would cause a reasonable thinking person to believe they were law enforcement officers.
Dennis and Michelle Easley and all of the adult witnesses I interviewed agreed that neither Jackson County Deputy Sheriff Jimmie Gyllenskog or BLM Ranger William Finch were displaying the required identification cards or badges needed to enforce any laws, anywhere in the United States of America.
All interviewed witness have corroborated Dennis and Michelle Easley's statements that both of them asked the officers more than once to show identification that would prove they were law enforcement officers. Neither officer ever complied with any of the requests.
Again, all interviewed witnesses corroborated Dennis and Michelle Easley's claim's that neither Deputy Gyllenskog nor BLM Ranger William Finch ever advised Dennis or Michelle Easley of their Miranda right, to remain silent and the right to counsel, before they were transported to jail." (1)
In the rest of the copyrighted story by Investigative Reporter Curt Chancler, the officials responsible for Jimmie & William made soothing noises and dismissed the testimony of the other eyewitnesses to what had taken place. It's been awhile now since 2-20-10 when this obscenity occurred: I wonder if the authorities in the Federal Government and Oregon have managed to shove all this garbage under the rug, as they have successfully done with everything except the murder of the young black man in Oakland on New Year's Day of last year. You remember that one, where three very heavy BART police-officers held down a teen-ager while another of their uniforms shot him in the back? They still haven't found a place to try that man yet. It seems they can't find a place where he can slip away without being convicted. But the now retired "officer" is not awaiting trial in jail: No he's still free pending trial. (2)
My question is why were not these two thugs in this instance not suspended or fired at the very least? For that matter why were their superiors not also fired for failing to do that? Has this nation fallen so far down the rabbit-hole that we allow these creatures with badges to do anything they want to anyone they please; whenever the spirit moves them?
After I read this story this afternoon I just thought about how I might have tried to handle that one, had I been one of their victims. I had to conclude that I needed to think this through because sooner or later this, or something very similar, will be happening to me as well as to hundreds of others-because it is now national policy. That's how "national policies" get set in this country now: Not by official pronouncements but by just committing crimes and then ignoring them until they become the new policy that everyone in law-enforcement just accepts as the way things need to be!
No "higher authorities are ever called in to discipline anyone, and the policy continues as normal. Oh sure there are a few lawsuits if the event is video-taped or witnessed by enough bystanders; but unless that's all been certified as unimpeachable; the cops will ALWAYS get away with it. That's the part I have problems with ­ the "no consequences" for the thugs part in these crimes!
One of these days these cowardly-predators are going to grab the wrong person and they might well end up maimed or dead; and that would be only just, but it need not happen if "law enforcement" amounted to anything more than just gang-violence in publicly-paid-for uniforms. So I guess we all have to wait for that moment when the bad-guys in the black-Kevlar pick on the wrong people to get what they deserve? I think these two thugs ought to be punished just like those people they were supposedly hired to keep off the streets and highways: but I've lived too long to believe that will ever happen in this Fascist State that was created especially for the New Criminal-Millennium.
How many more Legends will there need to be before some innovative genius starts a registry of criminal cops and others that have made a practice of abusing the public? The cops have become parasites; they help no one but themselves. Something has to change or the parasites will begin to kill the host society. What will be the point anyway: If the official establishment is just as bad as anything the bad guys are capable of?
1) BLM Ranger uses Excessive Force
2) Cops 'R" the Greatest Threat to Life & Limb in the USA Today

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