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The Dangers Of Small 'Green' Cars
By Scott Teeters

Hi Jeff,
I suppose it was only a matter of time. I saw one of these little death boxes almost two years ago. I was close to an intersection and saw this very short car doing about 40-mph (not speeding) as it went through an intersection with a very slight berm on the cross road. There wasn't any kind of near collision or anything bad, but because the wheelbase is SO short, when the car hit the slight berm of the cross road, it kind of "hopped" over it.
My immediate impression was "What a DEATH trap."
I don't know anything more about the second picture below, but I don't think it needs explanation.
The page title of the SmartUSA.com homepage reads -
"Smart USA ­ open your mind to the car that challenges the status quo"
I'd like to offer an alternate page title "another way to kill us off". That would be more like it.
Yes, a STUPID, unsafe little Smart car.
Buy A Smart Car for Great Gas Mileage- Save Money and the Environment
(Reduces your carbon footprint, too!)
Below is a Photo of An Accident Near
New Orleans Involving A Small Car. Enough said.
Of course, one could argue that if the red truck was going fast enough with a heavy enough load, the same thing might have happened to a normal-size car.
But then again, perhaps the green cab truck was simply backing up because the driver didn't see the itsey-bitsey beer can car parked directly behind him. Either way, small cars lose.
I Think I'll Pass On Saving Gas...
I'd Rather Save My Ass.
- Scott Teeters
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