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US Puts World On Fast Track To 'Great War'
By Gerald Celente

KINGSTON, NY, 20 April 2010 -The United States-initiated wars and punitive foreign policies intended to bring hostile regimes to heel, are guaranteed to escalate current wars while turning simmering conflicts into new wars.
The major premise of this Trends Journal® is that the US has put the world on a path that, if not diverted in time, will lead to the first "Great War" of the 21st century.
The "Great War" will not occur by spontaneous combustion. A deadly mix of incendiary policies, deliberate provocations, incessant warfare and widespread "collateral damage" (millions of dead civilians) has brought the world to the brink.
The combination of ingredients is verifiable, irrefutable and willfully concocted by mixologists in the laboratories of power: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals, Chief Executive Officers and International Financiers.
This consortium of mad political scientists, rabid war hawks and money junkies ­ pathologies masked by red-carpet trappings, medal-heavy chests and executive privileges ­ are leading the world to war.
But it is the mass of individuals who believe in them, and follow them, who will pay the price of war in both money and lives.
The Celente Solution: While the ingredients may all be in place, the outcome is not yet inevitable. The course of history can be changed. This issue of the Trends Journal® analyzes the destructive and incendiary actions and policies that are not being recognized for what they are, and explores the possibilities for averting the "Great War." For all its complexity, the choice is stark: Renaissance or Ruin.
While the world's grievous problems are ostensibly the mainstay of the world's media, to date, no mainstream source is warning about an impending global conflict.
Given the accuracy of so many past Celente forecasts, it might be wise to pay heed to this one! To request a copy of this extraordinary issue of Trends Journal® or to schedule an interview with Gerald Celente, please contact:
Bibi Farber
Media Relations
845.331.3500 ext 1
The Trends Research Institute®

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