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Detroit & Depression
By Jim Kirwan
LBJ created something called The Model-Cities Program as part of his "Great Society." That failed massively then; but has now been dug-up to become part of the New Detroit which will represent administrative-obscenity on a scale as yet unimaginable, where private-enterprise will be unopposed as it builds its own version of "community," for what it calls "folks." Had these people most directly affected in Detroit actually been "citizens" this could not be happening. Slaves have never had any voice in what their owners do!
"CITIZEN: 3. a member of a state or nation, especially one with a republican form of government, who owes allegiance to it by birth or naturalization and is entitled to full civil rights." New World Dictionary
There are actually a number of different ideas that Detroit and this depression could come to stand for, such as becoming the national tombstone for democracy and freedom. The first of these contributing factors ought to be Ayn Rand's political philosophy from Atlas Shrugged: wherein the only people that matter at all were the industrialists and corporate giants that were supposedly responsible for everything wonderful in America or anywhere else. These are the people that have kicked out the social networks, the grass-roots organizations and virtually any and all links or connections between the people that live in Detroit now and those that plan on owning every blade of industrial-grass to be grown in 'Detroit' tomorrow. Everything in the New Detroit will be created along the lines of corporate models that are surrealistic in their other-worldly demands.
For instance: No student shall be allowed to be late for school more than four times in a year or they will be expelled: the reason for being late is irrelevant: because for the corporate managers "being on time" is far more important than dealing with those problems that happen most frequently to the poorest among us. Everything in the New Detroit will be decided by corporate models that have nothing to do with giving anyone in their new City any voice in either education or planning, or even just in living there: Because just as in the illustration above ­ the only priority will be the bottom-line concerns of the privatized management of the entire city, beginning with the land itself, and the school districts that shall be corporate to the core.
In fact the enemy in Detroit is the one thing that could save us all: That would be the humanities and the human voices of the citizens that could actually be heard in direct and valid opposition to the corporate machinery which pretends to be human: If Detroit were part of the old America that might have been possible during the time when corporations had been leashed and chained for their crimes against people during the days of the Robber-Barons.' But every single one of those controls over corporations were systematically removed by every president since JFK: Now the Robber-Barons have returned as the much more powerful New World Order, no longer just stealing Americans blind but now they want to do this to the entire planet.
It's ironic that Education is the prime example here because the entire American public-school model for public-education was originally modeled on the automobile assembly line: Which has been utterly demolished now thanks to Cheney-Bush-Obama. But 'back-in-the-day' it was thought that if cars could be built so quickly and efficiently by using an assembly line, then
education could be done the same way: Building excellence one-student at a time: Except that people are not machines and humans require a great deal more than just being assembled according to some very specific blueprints. In fact people are the opposite of the junk we have created "to assist us" which we so proudly call computers. Contrary to corporate policy, computers are here to assist us and not to own us outright!
However if you look at what is being planned for Detroit, thanks to the total dominance of private-partnerships in collusion with the New Robber-Barons that now own the entire US government outright, through a recent Supreme Court decision that removed all controls over corporate activity in American politics ­ thus killing any 'public voice' which the public was supposed to have through the ballot box. So there is no longer any way to challenge the almighty powers of the purse; except by refusing to pay into that public-purse in the first place.
In another of Ayn Rand's wet-dreams, this one of architectural excellence called 'The Fountainhead,' her architect wanted to give people sterile new housing that was affordable and in his view beautiful: In a nation where corporate-private-power was to be worshipped and celebrated as the only virtue worth promoting. Well we're there now and the basterds at the top have done everything wrong: How else could Detroit-the-Motor-City, have turned into the poster for Detroit-the-Depression-City that is leading America into the Twenty-First Century as proof-positive that everything PRIVATIATION stands for, or has stood for, has been nothing but LIES!
Privatization and the corporate bottom-line are what led this government in collusion with the formerly "Supreme Court," to erase any real-property ownership of anything in this country-beginning with personal-property in particular. Also killed was any other possibility, even before it was created; that might have been able to bring about a return to anything except the continuation of the very policies that are killing us each and every day, in every city in America: Not just in Detroit the Depression Capital of the USA!
The current Mayor of Detroit in emulation of George W. Bush, the American traitor has appointed himself as the dictator of Detroit, during these final days of siege and destruction; that will be replaced by industrial farm-land, rather than anything like a community or a society that stands for anything except another official government camp for 'workers in a "Great Society" without a public voice.
"DETROIT MAYOR DAVE BING: Tonight I am unveiling a plan to demolish 3,000 dangerous residential structures this year and setting a goal of 10,000 by the end of this term. The Obama administration has already committed $20 million to the neighborhood stabilization program to fund this effort and we're making our case for additional support. We are also going after the owners and developers who neglect their property because they think it is the city's job to clean up their mess through board-ups and demolitions.
AMY GOODMAN: Talk about Detroit. Give us the lay of the land, this looks like the epicenter of the recession and unemployment inAmerica.
SHARON "SHEA" HOWELL: Well, Detroit is the epicenter not just of the epicenter in unemployment, but really the end of major cities that were created by industrial production. Detroit has been the first post-industrial city to face the question of how do we reinvent ourselves now that the large-scale mass production that made us no longer exists anywhere in the United State. In some ways, what the mayor is talking about is nothing new. Every mayor since 1958 has tried to demolish abandoned structures in the city because since 1950, our population has been shrinking, not growing. Since 1950, we've gone from nearly two million people to less than a million. So we do have a problem of abandoned structures. No one is not saying he should not knockdown abandoned buildings, but what we are saying is that he should not use eminent domain to demand that people leave their homes that they are preserved through all of this shrinking, and we are saying he should not turn this land over for industrial farm use. Or any other unknown purpose he has yet to articulate.
AMY GOODMAN: Who determines what areas are bulldozed and what remains?
SHARON "SHEA" HOWELL: Well currently, it appears the mayor is determining that, but he has not shared with anyone what criteria he is using to demolish any of these structures. And if you look at previous demolition efforts, those have been driven by concerns for public safety and by concerns for school locations to protect schoolchildren from walking around abandoned houses. But the mayor's criteria has not been shared with anyone. Most housing surveys say that 95% of the housing stock is still in fair to good condition, so some of what his demolishing are really houses people could live in." More at the link (1)

This was and still is the Toll-Road to The Abolition of Poverty, back in the days when LBJ's Great Society was supposedly trying to create 'change.' (2)
But now with Detroit as the focal point supported by similar activities now underway in New Orleans and Chicago; how long will it be before all of 'education' is privatized, and what's left of America's cities has become nothing more than warehouses for the poor and the voiceless where there will be no real jobs ever again: No future beyond a series of fantastic watercolor-illustrations that the government will offer the public, but that will fade even before the end of the year.
This is a not just a class war anymore; it's a war to destroy the minds and dreams of everyone not willing to become a machine or to increase the number of those willing to surrender entirely to the corporate monsters and to the global corporate governance of malevolent evil that will only stop when people force it to stop: by drying up the funds it needs to sustain this unholy war upon the citizens and the people of this country.
No doubt the ghosts of the ancestors of the native populations are looking on; having come to know that this had to happen because of what took place before, by design and on purpose. This is the other side of the inhumanity behind Manifest Destiny that tried to build on the blood and death they created by slaughtering the people that had lived here for tens-of-thousands of years before the opportunists came to steal whatever they could find. It's called rebalancing the natural order of things ­ and Detroit will become the poster-child for the continuing privatized-corporate-folly that will spend hundreds of billions more dollars before failing utterly. The plan is not for the rebuilding of Detroit or the education system of America: The Plan is to redistribute ever more of the stolen-wealth by Deception through Demolition and Deceit so that once the Depression fully takes hold; it will not be possible to ever go back to anything viable again!
People need to decide whether or not they want to be mere adjuncts to computers or if they really want to have some say in what their lives will look like in the very near future? If the corporations get their way: you will not be allowed to say or do anything again, without their very specific and detailed permission: "Papers Please!" (3)
1) As Demolitions Begin:
2) The State of the Nation 1966 http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/oklahoma/oklahoma.htm
3) Papers, Please ­ The Identity Project http://www.unrealid.com/wp/

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