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Silence Of The Lambs (Cowardice)
Bovine Stupidity Of The Goyim (Ignorance)

By Joe Cortina
Just when I thought it was 'safe' to go back 'online' and see what Americans 'think' and place value on after the overwhelming evidence of mass corruption ­ a totally, irrevocably 'broken' government ­ a 100% Zionist Jew-owned deceitful, lying News media ­ the same exact unconscionable insults to our heritage and Christian foundations in our faces, day after day 24-7 ­ endless acts of high treason from Comrade Obama's Zionist Flying Circus ­ endless senseless killings of innocent civilians in endless trillion dollar serial wars for IsraHELL ­ triple digit inflation ­ spiraling unemployment ­ our treasonous 'Fed' counterfeiting worthless fiat currency as fast as it can ­ our Christian traditions TOTALLY replaced by Talmudic filth celebrating murder, violence, moral depravity and destruction ­ an unpopular Socialist 'death care' nightmare forced on the public - promises of total disarming of the American public and invalidating the 2nd Amendment ­ and on TV the promotion of violence, gluttony, obesity, adultery, homosexual perversion, gratuitous sex, abortion, mockery of traditional marriage ­ human evolution from amoebas and apes ­ blaspheming of Christ and His Mother ­ war mongering ­ genocide ­ heavy metal satanic garbage and rap trap crap ugly noise promoted as our 'music' ­ and general ­ VALIDATION - of very type of what was universally unacceptable indecent and profane conduct imaginable.
What I see is that even with all of these horrors of economic and moral degradation ­ we still don't 'get it'.  AND, those very few souls who actually realize that all these unconscionable events which have twisted our land into a collective moral garbage dump are too spineless to stand up to protect their families, their freedoms and the goodness we once considered what America was all about. Their silence is deafening. The other side of the coin is that the majority are too stupid to even be aware that we have been used ­ morally raped ­ robbed ­ mocked ­ made fools of ­ and have essentially become slaves of the Zionists who now own even our souls. For those still sharing brains to function at levels requiring more intelligence that organizing a tailgate party for the Stupid Bowl spectacle ­ here is a news flash for your overtaxed underdeveloped walnut size brains.
There is a reason that many Jews mock us a "goyim" or cattle. Cattle are cared for, fed, watered and fattened up for one reason and one reason ONLY: to be led to the slaughterhouse to be used for FOOD ­ to serve man ­ in the most literal sense. Cattle are too stupid to fight back or defend themselves and are easily fooled into being docile ­ as long as they are well fed. For millennia, Jews are reputed to be notorious liars and deceivers, of course. Even the IsraHELL government's motto is a statement of deceit - "BY WAY OF DECEPTION - WE WAGE WAR" (war against ALL non-Jew cattle). In The New Testament, in the Book of John (which is NEVER, EVER read today, in our Zionist Jew 're-educated' faux Christian churches), you will see that Jesus condemned the Jews as "SONS OF THE DEVIL" - and that their 'father' Satan is the "father of ALL LIES". But ­ as it is said ­ even the Devil must have his due.
In this instance, they spoke the truth. They could not have uttered a more disgraceful TRUTH in their classic depiction of the nature of American non-Jews. We are indeed as stupid as cattle...as we cheerfully, witlessly march in lockstep to the slaughterhouse.
Which brings me to the classic example of our salivating, knee-jerk Pavlovian predictable bovine reaction to events which the average high school student of my time would have seen through as immoral and outrageously insulting to their intelligence. (That was, however, before a steady diet of Jewish instigated sex, drugs, rock and roll, materialism, Godlessness and the resultant irrational disrespect for our parents.)
You may have seen or heard about the incident in which a funeral was picketed by a Baptist Church. The deceased was a young Marine corporal who lost his life while participating in the military goal of destroying homes and killing civilians in Iraq ­ to "make them free" of course.  When I first saw the article, I was encouraged and impressed that a Church had finally had the guts to confront these cold-blooded psychopathic killers who had disgraced the uniform I wore when I was training that young Marine's grandfather to defend this land from a REAL enemy of freedom loving people ­ the Soviet Communists.  I TOTALLY despise these mindless (video 'game'-trained) killers who use their 'license to kill' to murder innocent people ­ mostly children ­ all for the greater glory of the filthiest, most cruel barbaric Godless sadistic animals on the planet ­ the Jews in IsraHELL. These 'Americans' are cowardly scum who murder helpless, defenseless 3 year old children for sport and target practice.  BEEN THERE - SEEN THAT WITH MY OWN EYES.
As I read into the article further, I realized that this church was apparently not concerned about the cruel barbaric murderous nature of American killers in uniform ­ BUT that they might be homosexuals!  Now ­ for the record ­ I abhor homosexual perverts and feel they have NO Place in the American military. The reasons are legion and range from moral to practical ­ but for a church to disrupt a funeral service (I have no idea whether the fallen soldier in question was a pervert or not) based upon the fact that there simply were homosexuals in the military seemed absurd and on the face of it ­ way out of line.
NOW ­ if the demonstration was because this guy who was being honored as a hero - had participated in the most disgraceful murderous barbaric unthinkable mega-crime in the history of my nation ­ the cold-blooded- pre-mediated murder of nearly TWO MILLION INNOCENT IRAQI CIVILIANS ­ I would have been delighted to be there with them. I would gladly inform their equally guilty parents that their son - AND themselves by their support - had disgraced the uniform of millions of DECENT HONORABLE MORAL GODLY COMPASSIONATE men ­ myself included - who had gone before him.  THAT would have been a different story.
I contacted the church and wrote a lengthy letter explaining my concern about their motives ­ and indicated that I wished to know why the homosexual issue was even addressed. That would be very much like a cop catching a madman witnessed committing multiple first degree murders of totally innocent people ­ but being handcuffed and thrown in prison without bond for being charged only with an expired driver's license. It would be criminally irrational. They refused to even answer me...but that act, in itself, gave me the answer I wanted. For all I knew they were the same ilk of sick hypocrites who screamed for the murders of these innocent people in Iraq.  These are those cruel animals we know as christian Zionists (with a 'small c').
But the plot thickens. That article first appeared some time ago. This week it re-surfaced in the news to the extent that a law suit had transpired. The greedy hypocrite father of that young Marine decided it was an opportunity to become an instant millionaire ­ so he sued the church for "damages" whatever the hell that means ­ as the protesters were out of sight and three football fields away! I wonder if that greedy, immoral, brain-dead moron had any concern for what kind of "DAMAGES" killers like his son's comrades had inflicted on families in Iraq.
How much 'damages' money is it worth to see your 13 year old daughter gang raped and murdered and before your eyes; and your youngest ­ a 5 year old girl - murdered on the spot, and your home sacked and burned...and then learn that the animals who committed these unspeakable crimes went back to their US barracks, got drunk, partied and celebrated their rape murders!  OH, and by the way, these criminals were ALSO young Marines ­ comrades in arms of his son. How much would the parent's "damages" be worth ­ compared to his feelings being 'bruised'.
What was really disgusting were the support blogs from their Ziobot apologists who were lauding his son as "a real hero for protecting our country." I wanted to vomit.
Here in the States, when some little girl disappears there is often a media crisis.  We hear about every tiny detail of the little girl's life, with lots of footage of the mother, the father, boyfriend, or the next door neighbor. It isn't that American media moguls give a rat's ass about the life of one little girl (which it should in a compassionate nation ­ which we are definitely NOT) but that it sells ads ­ like a soap opera for bored middle-aged housewives.
In the MidEast, where we have RAPED, BEATEN, ROBBED, and MURDERED ­ IN COLD BLOOD - nearly TWO MILLION INNOCENT CIVILIAN human beings - the best we can expect is a 'ho-hum' and zero chance of it becoming in the main stream media at all.  That is like an entirely NEW level of hypocrisy and I REALLY despise hypocrites. One soldier gets killed (because he is somewhere he doesn't belong in the first place - trying to kill innocent people of that country in their own homes) and his father is in an uproar that some little church group demonstrates at the funeral. Being a greedy opportunist, he sees an chance to get rich quick and sues the church for over ten million dollars ­ gets awarded 5 million...but the decision is reversed and now 'Mr. greedy' has to pay 16K in court costs and does the hearts and flowers routine to get more stupid people to pay his 'American Greed' bill on a special internet site.
This greedy dad wants his aggressor Army son to be buried with "dignity."  Gee - wonder if he feels that the millions of dead at the hands of his son's comrades have been complaining about their sons or daughters or father or mothers or brothers or sisters being buried with 'DIGNITY" ... like the entire Iraq family that was raped, murdered, mutilated and burned in their own home by 'brave' US marines like young Snyder.  Doesn't sound like a "dignified" burial to me.
These thoughtless church demonstrators had a sign that read "Thank God For Dead Soldiers."  Papa Snyder say he still sees that sign when he lays in bed. OOHH ­ that must be painful ­ wonder if the countless thousands of orphans created by his Marine son's Marine criminal comrades as they lay shivering in muddy streets (their homes and beds are all destroyed by our military) are still seeing those signs that the Marines have that say: "Thank God for dead sand-niggers"
Snyder is all upset about the "invasion of his privacy" (by church demonstrators almost a quarter mile away behind a hill).  Well, Mr Snyder, have you ever thought about what kind of 'invasion' of privacy has been forced upon millions of innocent civilians of a sovereign nation whose people have never done us ANY harm?
The "invasion of privacy" they suffered by people like your son was of course a REAL armed shooting, kicking-doors-down invasion. I'm talking an entire country that has been LITERALLY INVADED and destroyed by rockets bombs and artillery (depleted uranium).  Do THESE people have any cause to complain about the "RIGHT TO THEIR PRIVACY"? How about the RIGHT to their own LIVES, Mr. Snyder...DENIED BY MARINES JUST LIKE YOUR SON?
Snyder's hypocrisy just keeps getting uglier and uglier.  He said "American military personnel are in Iraq fighting for freedom of speech" and "they're not fighting for hate speech."  Fighting for freedom of speech?  Are you totally insane mister, or on drugs?  We MURDER hundreds of thousands of totally innocent PEOPLE because our corrupt Godless Zionist occupied government ­ with the help of morons like him to encourage more wars and more killing ­ and that's somehow "fighting for freedom of speech."
I have lost MY freedom of speech in my own country, Mr. Snyder ­ a freedom that I risked my life to protect ­ now lost anyway thanks to imbeciles like you right here in our OWN country.  Will you lift your little finger to defend MY right to freedom of speech in AMERICA?  "They are not fighting for hate speech." Really, Mr. Snyder? And what would you call the countless displays written and verbally used by even our highest field commanders of slanderous hateful mocking derisive terms like 'sand niggers"..."camel jockeys"..."rag heads'' and much worse!
You say that "your God is a loving God" - so why do you support endless killing and brutal occupation and untold suffering and misery of a people who have done you no harm?  YOU ARROGANT HYPOCRITE!
"I don't look for hatred in the Bible."  Oh, isn't that just Zio-special.  Tell me, Mr. Snyder, what is the most damning condemnation of an entire race in the entire Bible?  Who said it and where is it to be found.  Do you 'not look for it' because it might embarrass your Zionist masters?  Are you ASHAMED OF THE WORDS OF CHRIST?  Do you not fear your mockery of the teachings of Christ? Listen, Mr. Snyder, screaming for the death of innocent children is the work of Satan ­ and YOU, sir, promote it
Oh and by the way, Mr. Snyder ­ since Jew-owned Fox News, sock-puppet, country-seller, war-monger Bill O-Reilly has ALREADY ( as of this writing) agreed to foot 100% of your court costs bill ­ why are you continuing to advertise for donations?  Is it the greed or are you getting high on public exposure? I can feel some compassion for your son despite what he did because of his age and unsophistication.  He probably didn't deserve to die but he certainly deserved a 'lesson' in life.  He might have turned out to be a decent person once he learned the TRUTH - in spite of having an ignorant greedy hypocrite for a father.
YOU are the one who deserves to be severely punished. You foolish man - how many more brain-dead parents will have to come to grips with the FACT that their child died ONLY for the security and blood lusts of a people so horribly evil ­ that the Lord Christ condemned them as the "SONS OF SATAN"?  You KNOW I have spoken the truth ­ albeit an ugly one.  Now, my fellow Americans, DO the right thing before it is YOUR son who gets you a 'free flag' for your mantle piece!
My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.
Book Of John Chapter 8 - as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees - see notes below)
" Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me."
" Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie - he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it"
"That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10"
Matthew 23:15" Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

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