Was TWA 800 Destroyed
By An Electromagnetic-Pulse
Missile Warhead?
From Ian Goddard

How could so many witnesses see a missile intercept Flight 800 and yet the only evidence found suggests that an electrical surge, not a missile, ignited the center fuel tank? Could there be a war- head designed to destroy aircraft with a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would only leave evidence of an electrical surge? Looking for the answer at the Library of Congress I found it
The US Navy began developing a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) warhead for antiaircraft missiles ten years ago and was test Þring them two years before the Flight 800 crash. An MHD warhead kills an aircraft by burning out its circuits with a powerful electrical surge induced by a electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from the warhead detonating near the aircraft. The systems from Flight 800 were riddled with evidence of a powerful electronic surge. In fact, the ofÞcial cause was declared to be an inexplicable surge strong enough to put a spark into the center fuel tank.
Goddard,s Journal introduces and explores the theory that Flight 800 was downed by a missile equipped with an EMP warhead, offering an explanation for both eyewitness testimony and physical evidence. The report is replete with photographic evidence and an animation:
EMP-warhead theory: