The Very Strange Death Of
Top Remote Viewer Pat Price
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From Skye Turell

Pat Price's behavior seemed to get more bizarre according to another associate whom we will call Frank Pearlman who has intimate knowledge of Price's whereabouts, concerns and contacts and was fully aware, as was Puthoff, that the SRI experiments being reported were in fact not the experiments being funded. The purpose of at least one of them Pearlman had talked to Pat about was "develop a means of communicating with nuclear subs under the polar ice pack."
Pearlman is a former marine veteran who had served in Viet Nam. Following Price's death he, wisely it would seem, elected to fade from the scene reasoning that even knowing the truth, who would believe him and what would disclosure accomplish besides, as he put it "painting a big bulls eye on our bodies?" He was speaking of himself and his wife, Sherry. A series of strange incidences had convinced them that the old adage regarding discretion being the better part of valor was true. As Frank can account for Price's whereabouts in the two days prior to his death we will pick his story up there, only noting before we do that Price apparently had been having small bouts of dyslexia.
Price, according to Pearlman, had flow from West Virginia to Washington D.C. where he had met with people from the Office of Naval Intelligence and the National Security Agency that were involved in the work he was doing at SRI. He did not reveal the scope nor the content of the meetings to his friend Pearlman beyomd saying that he had met with them. He did say he was bringing documents with him and should anything happen to him while he was in Las Vegas Frank was to secure the material and forward it to Puthoff before the local police took possession of it.
From Washington D.C. he flew to Salt Lake City where he met with his son who interestingly enough had a position on President Gerald Ford's White House Staff.. He spent two or three hours with his son and then flew on to Las Vegas, Nevada.
The date of the meetings both in Washington D.C. and Salt Lake City was July 13, 1975.
Price arrived in Las Vegas about four-thirty or five in the afternoon and was picked up at the airport by Frank and his wife Sherry. From there they went to the Stardust Hotel to register. On the way to the registration desk a man accidently bumped into Price. Whether or not this bump was in any way significant is open only to conjecture.
Once registered they had dinner. Pat "began to feel lousy" and announced he was going to hit the sack early.
At about five o'clock on July 14, 1975 Price called Frank on the hotel telephone and asked him to come to his room, which was two doors down, because he had been in pain all night and was having trouble breathing.
By now Price's back and shoulder muscles were tense and knotted and he said he had been having severe stomach cramps as well as cramps in his back muscles throughout the night. He was coherent and not complaining of any pain in his arms nor in his chest area. He was sweating freely.
Pearlman rendered what aid he could until Price indicated that he felt much better and thought he could get some sleep. Frank wanted to call the doctor but Price put him off. It was now approximately six-thirty A.M.
Back in his room Sherry and Frank talked it over and decided between themselves that they should call the doctor in spite of Price's assertions that one was not needed. Frank then made another trip to inform Price that they were going to go ahead with the doctor. By then approximately fifteen minutes had elapsed.
When Frank entered the room the second time he found Price sitting upright in the bed, rigid from the waist up and staring. His face was extremely flushed but according to Frank he was calm. He said "I think I will be all right now." Then his body went into a reverse arc so that only the back of his head and his heels were actually touching the bed. His body went into a convulsion and then reversed arced again. Frank heard what he described as a "death rattle" breath-sound. By the time he got to the bed Price was no longer breathing. Frank began to administer CPR . After a couple of repetitions of the CPR cycle he reached for the telephone and called for a house doctor and then went back to the procedure.
Price began to breath not once, but four times though each time breath was restarted his body would go into a reverse arc and the breathing would cease. Sometime during this a hotel security man showed up and found Frank doing CPR. This man made a 911 emergency call on his radio which brought the paramedics. They immediately moved Price from the bed to the floor. At this time Frank was holding on to Price's feet. He was holding them when the paramedics shocked Price the first time causing a convulsive reaction which brought Price's body up off the ground. They then prepared to shock him again when one of the attendants noticed the Frank was holding onto Price's feet and advised him to let go lest the electricity knock him across the room. To this date Frank is puzzled by the fact that it had not when he unwisely maintained his contact in the first instance.
After the paramedics had departed Frank, remembering Price's instructions to him, called Puthoff and informed him what had occurred as well as repeated Price's instructions to him about contacting Puthoff should anything occur. He asked the scientist if he should carry out Price's instructions.
Puthoff said yes, get anything at all he had with him about the SRI experiments. Anything that looked like it had to do with or remotely related to the work there.
Frank collected up papers from Price's suitcases, briefcase prior to hotel security coming to collect his belongings. In so doing he scanned the material, at least long enough to identify that it was connected. Among the thing he recalls seeing were - A contract between Pat, his son and SRI relative to coal deposits in Utah as well as a preliminary draft of a report from SRI on their work. The report was not addressed to anyone that Frank could recall but insofar as it mentioned SRI he grabbed it.
In Los Angeles the material was turned over to Puthoff who had flown up for the purpose of retrieving them. Puthoff pointed out Price's case officer from the Office of Naval Intelligence to Pearlman. The case officer had come to attend the funeral. As they talked Frank mentioned that he and Sherry were going to drive back to their home in Portland. Puthoff asked if they would stop in Palo Alto on the way up north which Frank said he would do.
Sherry and himself arrived in Palo Alto at a late hour so they got themselves a motel room and waited until the next morning to call Hal Puthoff who said he would be right over to join them for breakfast. It was at least two - two and a half hours before they showed. Hal made some excuse about having difficulties with either his mother or his mother-in-law to explain the huge amount of time difference between "be right over" and when he actually did arrive.
During the breakfast Frank attempted to talk about Price but each time he brought the subject up Puthoff put him off with "let's wait until we get over to the house to talk about it".
They followed Puthoff to his house in their car. Once there his wife escorted them into what Frank described as "a small library type room" while Puthoff excused himself. He returned in about five minutes and then "proceeded to tell me that he research didn't have anything to do with intelligence". Such agencies were not involved at all, he insisted, and Pat certainly had not been involved with them. So adamant was Hal that nothing was amiss at either SRI or in terms of Pat's death that he telephone Los Angeles and put someone he described as Pat's doctor on the telephone. This individual then explained to Frank about Price's prior history of heart problems, assuring him that what he had witnesses was a myocardial infarction.
"It seemed apparent to me that someone had gotten hold of Puthoff and told him to shut-up and not say anything to anybody and to do his best to convince Sherry and I that there was nothing strange about this whole thing and that he had been instructed to do so in a room that could be tape recorded."
Upon arrival in Portland, Frank and Sherry began to notice strange clicks on their telephone. At one point, having answered it, the party they were speaking to became momentarily disconnected and Sherry overheard other voices engaged in a conversation about a tape running out. Mysteriously she was again connected to the person she had originally been talking with.
When they went out in their car the observed a white van which seemed to be following them from time to time this culminated in a breaking of their car wherein the material of a project that the Price and Frank had been working on, unrelated to SRI, was stolen. It was at that point that the beleaguered couple decided to withdraw from the field.
The Kennedy Subcommittee 1975 (Biomedical and Behavioral Research Hearings) got underway the year that Price died.
By 1977 the MKULTRA hearings were again underway. Ever reticent Stansfield Turner assured the assemblage that all was well with the CIA now and that the agency had abandoned their internally subversive programs. Like Hal the wayward computer in 2001, A Space Odyssey, who plotted to destroy those he was to aid, "I am all right now, Dave."
Here it is fitting we include a brief clip from the Chicago Tribune dated August 13, 1977:
"Washington. The CIA financed a project in 1975 to develop a new kind of agent who could truly be called a "spook", CIA Director Stansfield Turner has disclosed. The CIA chief said that the agency found a man who could "see" what was going on anywhere in the world though his psychic powers. Turner said CIA scientists and officials would show the man a picture of a place and he would then describe any activity going o there at that time.
The tight-lipped CIA chief wouldn't reveal how accurate the spook was, butsaid the agency dropped the project in 1975. "He died," Turner said, "and we haven't heard from his since."
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