Skolnick - Marc Rich: Swindling
The Pope's Soybean Company
By Sherman H. Skolnick

The Pope and his advisors had good reason to believe Chicago was the place to conduct business. The Windy City has the largest number of Catholic Church parishes of anywhere in America. Under Church provisions and Illinois law, the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago is a Corporation Sole. A little-known one-man corporation is not the usual image, however, of big business. And the Archbishop of Chicago has much more power than just any Archbishop. He is also the Treasurer for Church funds from the entire Western Hemisphere. Traditionally, such huge cash flow was deposited in the Continental Bank of Chicago. For many years, one of the largest stockholders of the Bank was Walter Cummings, Jr., who was a "man of trust" for the Church, that is, trusted to secretly handle the Church assets. And Cummings, also for many years, was the Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, headquartered in Chicago and one step below the U.S. Supreme Court. As a reality, his Court was the end-of-the-line for most federal cases from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, since the high court in Washington agrees to consider only a few petitions a year. [Cummings did NOT disqualify himself in appeals involving his Bank. Guess who won in his crooked Court?]
When Continental Bank collapsed in 1984 [two months after I accurately publicly predicted it], Judge Cummings used his huge influence as a Banker-Judge to quietly warn local lawyers not to try to get wealthy by sueing his bank on behalf of other stockholders, for plainly evident mismanagement and bank fraud. As exclusively then detailed by me, the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, led the "run" on the Bank's holding company where they had been falsely informed their twenty billion dollars of flight capital would be in a "bank of deposit". Unlike actual banks, bank holding companies are not insured "banks of deposit". To appease the oriental underworld, several divisions of the bank were turned over to the Yakuza. In later years, Bank of America, reportedly largely owned by the Yakuza jointly with the Jesuits and the Rothschilds, took over Continental Bank.
For years the Vatican-owned department store chain, Carson Pirie Scott & Co. had been headquartered in Chicago. And Vatican-owned Hines Lumber, a giant in its field, was reportedly owned or linked to Vatican enterprises. Commonwealth Edison, the electric monopoly headquartered in Chicago, is one of the largest power firms greatly dependent on nuclear facilities. A government report showed that the Dutch Catholic financial octopus, Robeco, owned by the Vatican, is one of the largest owners of Commonwealth Edison. A federal law forbids a foreign power [like the Vatican] to own nuclear facilities in the U.S. A Chicago researcher who complained about this had her electric shut off arbitrarily. [Lots of details. Scroll down our website to "The Electric Scandal".]
And the Vatican found comfort in the fact that the Chicago Board of Trade has been almost all the years controlled by the Irish Catholic aristocracy jointly with the Vatican's financial partners and advisors, the Rothschilds. These were people that understood things and took actions on their own, not as part of the common people. And their acts and doings are not to be blamed on ordinary Irish Catholics collectively.
So the Vatican had good reason to believe they could succeed in becoming a major competitor in the soybean business in the U.S., in a place the Pope thought to be friendly to the Vatican's interests. What the Vatican and their soybean executives did not know or understand is the operation of worldwide criminal Marc Rich. Real name Reich, Rich laundered huge illegal flows of cash masquerading as soybean trading in Chicago. Clandestine gold deals for the American CIA were disguised by Rich and his gang as soybean deals, and conversely, soybean trading disguised as smuggled gold deals.
A principal partner to Marc Rich and his pirates has been the Family of George Herbert Walker Bush---that is, the Elder Bush and his sons, George W., Jeb, and Neil. As shown by secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, the Bush Family laundered the proceeds from worldwide illegal dealings through a joint account with the Queen of England, through the Bank owned by the British Monarch, Coutts Bank London. [Visit our website series, with documents there shown, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush".]
Ferruzzi Finanziaria S.p.A., the agro-holding firm was run by what some called a wizard, Raul Gardini, who had married the daughter of the firm's founder, Serafino Ferruzzi. Their operation in the U.S. was called Central Soya Co., of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and Ferruzzi U.S.A., Inc., with principal offices in Louisiana. Those who understood business realized Ferruzzi was actually owned and supervised by the Vatican Bank, and by the Vatican Bank Chief, Bishop Paul Marcinkus who originally once ran a Church in the mafia enclave of Cicero, adjoining Chicago and was the dominant force in First National Bank of Cicero.
The Italian firm was getting bigger and bigger presence in the soybean markets, the Chicago Board of Trade. Fair and square, following the exchange rules, Ferruzzi had cornered the market in 1989 when there was a drought expected. There was a shortage of soybeans. Ferruzzi's main competitors included Cargill, the highly secretive, privately owned firm, headquartered in Minnesota. Cargill conducted a great deal of clandestine business through the U.S./French/Israeli espionage-linked Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, interlocked with the secret dirty dealings of Marc Rich.
Another Ferruzzi competitor was Archer-Daniels-Midland, the highly political firm headquartered in Illinois. A principal of the firm, Dwayne Andreas, should have gone to prison in the Watergate Affair for laundering funds for the Nixon Whitehouse. [From 1995, ADM was accused of price-fixing certain of their items, not soybeans, and their top management has been found guilty and sentenced to federal prison.] ADM is the sponsor of several TV Network commentary programs. So the monopoly press tells us little, if anything, about the crimes of ADM.
In view of the circumstances in 1989, Cargill and ADM in soybean contracts with Ferruzzi had taken a wrong position. To fill orders, both domestic and foreign, Cargill and ADM would have to come to terms with Ferruzzi, who bet heavily in opposition to them. The Pope's firm rightfully could and would push them into default. Under the terms of the commodity exchange contracts, their failure to make good would mean that Ferruzzi would own them, since the contracts were in such large amounts.
To save themselves, Cargill and ADM reportedly had a malign influence on the Chicago Board of Trade. The then Chairman of that commodity exchange, by Emergency Resolution, July 11, 1989, changed the rules in the middle of the game. Ferruzzi was ordered to drop most of their position in soybeans.
Ferruzzi brought a suit seeking injunction against the Chicago Board of Trade in Chicago's highly cortrupt Federal District Court. [Ferruzzi Trading International, et al., vs. Board of Trade of City of Chicago, No. 89 C 5469.] The case was assigned to Chicago U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel, a close crony of former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson. [In November, 1994, on our one-hour public access Cable TV Program, we demonstrated how "Big Jim" as he is called and his circle are kingpins in the "China White" high purity heroin smuggling into Chicago through small suburban airports. In later years, through interviews, we found out that Zagel through "Big Jim" is reportedly tied to Marc Rich. Big Jim has been Chairman of the worldwide lawfirm, headquartered in Chicago, Winston & Strawn. According to our TV Show, they have an inner secret unit, not actually in the "law business", transacting smuggling in contraband such as dope. This, through Switzerland, home-base of Marc Rich.]
Disregarding the law and the facts, Judge Zagel was not about to let Ferruzzi default Cargill and ADM and Ferruzzi end up owning their business. The Judge, with little fanfare, arbitrarily denied the injunction. Ferruzzi was forced to dump their contracts and positions on soybeans. Thousands of farmers were ruined, some bankrupted, some committed suicide. How did this happen? That at a time of soybean shortages, with not enough to meet domestic demand and for export, soybean prices collapsed instead of going up?
In the U.S. District Court in Chicago was brought a purported class action on behalf of angry farmers, American Agriculture Movement, Inc., et al., vs. Board of Trade of City of Chicago, case No. 89 C 8467. It was assigned to Chicago Federal District Judge George M. Marovich, a long-time banker whose bank, South Holland Trust & Savings Bank[in a Chicago south suburb] was a correspondent bank of Continental Bank of Chicago, mother ship at the time of the commodity markets and the Chicago Board of Trade. [Judge George M. Marovich, office (312) 435-5590.]
Presidential campaigns are planned four or more years in advance. Hillary Rodham Clinton was linked to a group of bankers, lawyers, and others from Fayetteville, Arkansas and elsewhere in that state. The Chicago Board of Trade was part of a money laundering apparatus, orchestrated by Marc Rich and his gang, washing illicit funds, such as from dope, for the 1992 presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. Such as, washing dope money from the CIA/George Herbert Walker Bush/Ollie North/Bill Clinton operation through the Mena, Arkansas Airport. Funds transferred through Garfield Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago, a principal owner of which has been defrocked, ex-convict Congressman Dan Rostenkowski. From there the funds were sent through the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange, with the connivance of Marc Rich, disguised as soybean dealings.
As a result of investigating the foregoing for my weekly one-hour television show, I and an associate of mine, Joseph Andreuccetti, were placed on Hillary Rodham Clinton's "enemies list" to be arbitrarily hounded and harassed by her Gestapo---doing dirty tricks to try to stop us. We detailed a number of these illegal things happening to us as a result of being on her "enemies list". The undisputed details are a matter of court record in Sherman H. Skolnick and Joseph Andreuccetti, plaintiffs, versus Hillary Rodham Clinton et al., defendants, case No. 96 C 4373, U.S. District Court in Chicago, assigned to the selfsame Judge George M. Marovich. Here are some excerpts from the undisputed court records:
* "that the financial interests of defendant Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her law partner, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., were interwoven with certain lawyers, bankers, and agents, representatives, and investigators from Fayetteville, Arkansas and elsewhere".
* "On December 1, 1991, defendant [Hillary Rodham] Clinton, in conjunction with her business partner, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., by and through bankers, lawyers, and representatives, agents, and investigators, sought and obtained a meeting with plaintiff Skolnick. Said group from Fayetteville, Arkansas and elsewhere in Arkansas, and other places...Skolnick was informed that said group had a financial interest in the billions of dollars of transactions in a class action in the federal courts in Chicago, entitled American Agriculture Movement, Inc., et al.,plaintiffs vs. Board of Trade of City of Chicago, et al., defendants, No. 89 C 8467, in the U.S. District Court....At a later date, Skolnick became aware that said transactions were part of a massive, illicit enterprise, laundering dope funds such as from Mena, Arkansas, to raise funds for the 1992 Presidential election campaign of Bill clinton, in which defendant Clinton played a key role along with Vincent W. Foster, Jr and defendant Amy Zisook, chief fund-raiser for the '92 campaign."
* "Skolnick was informed that the investigation of said group showed that the presiding judge in said litigation, U.S. District Judge George M. Marovich, was acting in a corrupt manner and under a malign influence, to favor the defendants therein, including the Chicago Board of Trade."
* "Said group acknowledged and confirmed to Skolnick that corrupt federal commodity regulators, such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, permitted and condoned this corruption including the Chicago Board of Trade and their officials in a position to work a malign and corrupt influence on George M. Marovich as banker and judge. The following colloguy took place:
Question by Skolnick: Do you wish to 'go public' with this, to finger Judge George M. Marovich, such as being guests on my show?
Answer: Not just yet.
Question by Skolnick: Or do you wish to strong-arm and blackmail Judge Marovich for your own financial advantage?
No answer was given.
"By said acts and doings, by and through said group, defendant Clinton and Foster mis-used plaintiff Skolnick, an electronic journalist and court reformer; for defendant to blackmail Judge Marovich, to gain a financial advantage and to cover up the defendant's massive illicit transactions through the Chicago markets and massive tax evasion; and for the purposes of defendant covering up the related matters of the 50 million dollar transfer referred to herein"..."Said group acknowledged and confirmed to Skolnick that Judge Marovich, individually and through persons financially associated with him and through banks acting in conjunction with him and them, speculates in the commodity markets in the selfsame commodities in said litigation."
The undisputed federal court records detail a meeting with the other side of the soybean litigation pending before Judge Marovich:
* "That on January 15, 1993, certain persons sought, and obtained, a meeting with Skolnick and Andreuccetti. SAID MEETING INCLUDED A DIRECTOR OF THE CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE AND PRINCIPALS OF TWO TRADING MEMBER FIRMS. They informed plaintiffs [Skolnick and Andreuccetti] they were undecided whether they wanted to appear as guests on Skolnick's public access Cable TV Program 'Broadsides', in which Andreuccetti assists in the production and distribution. During the meeting, the following took place, with Skolnick asking the questions, Andreuccetti observing, and a director of the Chicago Board of Trade answering:
Question: In the case against you, American Agriculture Movement, Inc. versus The Board of Trade of the City of Chicago, is it true Judge Marovich was somehow corrupted?
Answer: Yes, it cost us 62 million dollars between the Judge and those in the appeals court.
Meaning to be understood by said director and was so understood by plaintiffs that it included Judge James B. Zagel and Joel M. Flaum among others....Thereupon, a trading firm member principal reached across the table and said to the director of the Chicago Board of Trade: You shouldn't be telling him (pointing to Skolnick). Whereupon the Chicago Board of Trade director answered: Answer: I am telling him (meaning Skolnick) because he probably already knows and it is bound to come out and we're all going to be blackened. You (referring to the principal of the trading firm member) know we had to do it.
Further question by Skolnick: Are you confirming you paid off the judges, including Judge Marovich?
Answer: Yes.
Meaning to be understood by the director and so underestood by plaintiffs that the bribery included Judges Zagel, Flaum, Ripple, and Eschbach. At a later date, Skolnick found out that said group at said meeting used the happening of the meeting to blackmail a financial advantage of CFTC and Marovich." (Emphasis added.)
Note: by the year 2001, Judge Marovich has become a Senior District Judge. Judge Zagel still sits in the U.S. District Court. Ripple is still a judge on the Federal Appeals Court where Judge Flaum has become the Chief Judge. Eschbach is no longer there.
Further excerpts from the undisputed federal court records in case No. 96 C 4373:
"Whereupon, in July, 1993, defendant Clinton, by and through directors and officials of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange sought and obtained a series of meetings with Skolnick and Andreuccetti, as follows: On July 14, 1993, in the presence of those officials and directors, and an Exchange security official, Andreuccetti pushing Skolnick in his wheelchair, plaintiffs were escorted around the entire floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, during a trading session. Skolnick was told that this was the first time a person in a wheelchair was on such a tour. Many of the Exchange's employes stopped their activities when Skolnick was rolled past, and asked Skolnick and Andreuccetti, 'Are you investigating us' and followed by 'we watch your show'. Skolnick simply smiled and responded, 'I am enjoying the tour.'
Thereafter, Skolnick and Andreuccetti met with the directors and officials of the Exchange in a snack shop. Skolnick was told: There is no basis to you investigating and raising questions about the Merc and the First Lady and her associates (meaning Vincent W. Foster, Jr., the then newly appointed Clinton White House deputy counsel.) There is no basis to it. Everything's out in the open here. Skolnick, in the presence of Andreuccetti,simply smiled and responded, 'I am enjoying the tour.' Whereupon there followed a luncheon with the Merc's directors at a nearby restaurant. Substantially the same dialogue took place at said meeting also. Some six days later, Foster was found mysteriously dead, some say murdered."
Note: compare the July 14, 1993 date with the July, 1993 dates in our website story, "Marc Rich and Others, Fingered by a Letter" detailing the tie-in between Foster and Marc Rich and a failed attempt by then FBI Director William Sessions to have Rich grabbed on the Swiss-French border.
More excerpts from the undisputed federal court records in No. 96 C 4373:
* "that Assistant U.S. Attorney William R. Hogan, Jr., was, in effect, the representative in the U.S. Attorney's office in Chicago of (1) the office of Catholic Archbishop of Chicago; (2) The Vatican Bank and Bishop Paul Marcinkus who was Vatican Bank chief up to November, 1991; (3) The Pope. Marcinkus' nephew/godson, Christian Henning, Jr., by falsely claiming to be Joseph Andreuccetti's business partner, caused Andreuccetti to be defrauded of many millions of dollars as hereinafter stated....Yet, at a time of soybean shortage, because of this corruption, soybean prices went down when they should have gone up. The result of the corruption: thousands of soybean farmers were ruined, some bankrupted. Another result of the judicial corruption: Ferruzzi lost upwards of a billion dollars and the chief of their holding firm, Raul Gardini, who had married into the Ferruzzi family, and was considered a wizard, committed suicide, July, 1993."
[Later interviews with the Ferruzzi Family, Milan, Italy, show that Gardini was, in fact, murdered, about the same time as the apparent murder of Vincent W. Foster, Jr. Other interviews support our position that Marc Rich reportedly arranged not only for the bribery of the Chicago federal judges, the largest judicial bribery mess in U.S. history, but the apparent arrangement to murder Ferruzzi chief Raul Gardini in the same time period as Foster.]
More excerpts:
* "It was no mere coincidence---for the related benefit of defendant Hillary Rodham Clinton, who along with her business partner Vincent W. Foster, Jr., had massive interest, the Clinton Justice Department torpedoed Ferruzzi's informal representative in the U.S., William R. Hogan, Jr., an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago. Hogan, the lead prosecutor in a group of cases against the El Rukns, a narco-terrorist street gang in Chicago,, was accused by the Justice Department of alleged misconduct in the El Rukn cases in 1993 and put on administrative leave. Hogan countered that the Justice Department knows full well, but takes no action, that six federal judges in Chicago are corrupt and take bribes, including Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John D. Schwartz."
[Note: Judge Schwartz kept Andreuccetti falsely in INVOLUNTARY bankruptcy for fourteen years as part of a scheme to cover up the disappearance of 50 million dollars belonging to Andreuccetti, secretly transferred to Little Rock, in an attempt to cover up a 47 million dollar Savings & Loan embezzlement, for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to federal criminal prosecution and jailing.Hillary's family crony, John E. Gierum, who supervised the 50 million dollar illegal transfer, was one of the defendants in the "enemies list" case.]
Using inside details he knew that his bosses at the Justice Department knew about but took no action, Hogan was, using apparent blackmail, restored to his job with backpay. He knew about the bribery of the federal judges in order to ruin the Pope's soybean business, Ferruzzi. He knew about the role of Marc Rich in the bribery of the federal judges to stop the Vatican from competing in the soybean markets with ADM and Cargill.
Disregarding the law and the facts, Judge George M. Marovich refused to hear the "enemies list" case against Hillary Rodham Clinton, and others. The judge cited a ridiculous reason, that there were too many facts, dates, and details for him to consider. Hillary's attorneys were in a position to blackmail Judge Marovich not only on the bribery of the judge in the soybean case involving Ferruzzi as well, but also based on the Judge's mandatory annual financial disclosure report which shows Judge Marovich owns a west suburban shopping center, Cermak Plaza, near First National Bank of Cicero. Our investigation showed the IRS and State Revenue top officials are silent partners in the shopping center and various gangster enterprises use the shopping center as a way to launder illicit funds. The top revenue officials assist the gangsters to evade taxes. Also note: Congressman Henry Hyde escaped a federal agency judgment against him for causing the downfall of a suburban S & L of which Hyde had been a director. Hyde headed the House Judiciary Committee with power to impeach judges. Hyde was in a position to know about Judge Marovich and the gangster-top government officials-Judge Marovich shopping center. You guessed it---Judge Marovich had the case against Henry Hyde and turned him loose.
So, Marc Rich, using bribery and murder, destroyed the Pope's soybean business in America. And Marc Rich was enabled to do this with the connivance of some in the soybean markets, the Justice Department, and the American CIA, and others. The Vatican lost billions of dollars. And a French firm took over Central Soya, a Ferruzzi enterprise, and reportedly shared the business with the Riady Family, ethnic Chinese, who owned the tiny First National Bank of Mena, Arkansas, a transit point for hundreds of millions of dollars shuttled up to the Chicago markets disguised as soybean dealings.
In the "enemies list" dismissal by Judge Marovich, we took an appeal which, of course, ended in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, with the same judges who were bribed to destroy Ferruzzi. Although we had a statutory right to have our appeal heard, the judges refused to consider our appeal, sent back our briefs in a box, and entered an illegal and poisonous ruling: that I and my TV associate, Joseph Andreuccetti are barred from being in any federal court in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The U.S. Supreme Court refused our petition to remedy this outrage.
To justify these terrible things inflicted on the Vatican and Ferruzzi, what supposed "crime" did the Pope commit? That the Vatican, fair and square, wanted to be a major player in soybean trading in the U.S.? In America, and certainly in large cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, there is a non-statutory offense, that is an unwritten crime. It is called simply "failure to bribe". Of this the Pontiff certainly was "guilty". More coming on the Ferruzzi Affair.
Stay tuned.\\