Foot And Mouth Released In Agraterrorism Attack On UK?
By Patricia Doyle, PhD

Why would a top secret lab, Porton Down, keep a benign virus, like simple FMD, in a biolevel 4 unit with SMALLPOX, EBOLA, ANTHRAX, and a very VIRULENT and, I suspect, ALTERED STRAIN OF TB? Why? FMD virus is usually kept in biolevel 3 unit.
So, why is this one, the one that had been stolen from this high security, top secret facility, so different that it must be kept in level 4 with bioweapon pathogens? Have they discovered HOW to make FMD jump the species barrier?
I am now 100% certain that:
1. FMD was released on purpose in the UK.
2. the FMD virus released in the UK was from the stolen vile from Porton Downs, and it is GENETICALLY ALTERED, weaponized, and probably highly unstable. Ergo, the mass culling of all animals.
3. MAFF Officials, as well as Porton Down scientists probably do not know how the stolen virus will react in the environment. I believe that this version of the FMD virus can probably travel a lot further then non- engineered versions. I also believe that this version may be able to jump the species barrier to man.
4. this strain can become a very lethal killer to humans.
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) Why is the FMD outbreak in the UK different?
I have been saying that the Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak in the UK has some anomalies that make it different from the other Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreaks around the world.
We first learned about an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK, February 20, 2001. The origin of Foot and Mouth Disease virus was traced to Bob Waugh's "Burnisde Farm" in Heddon-on-the-Wall, UK. Bob Waugh's "Burnside Farm" was confirmed by Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF)to be the origin of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak in the UK.
There were certain oddities pertaining to Mr. Waugh's farm. The Burnside Farm was filthy, with cramped animal pens, some of which contained dead animals scattered throughout the pen with live animals. In short, Bob Waugh's "Burnside Farm" was a perfect "ground zero" for an outbreak. December 19, 200, Bob Waugh's farm was visited by Animal Rights Activists, and also by Mr. Martin Coutts, who is a Press Officer for Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich, UK.
When I spoke to Mr. Martin Coutts on the telephone last week, he informed me that he had visited Bob Waugh's farm in December because he, and his associates feared Foot-and-Mouth Disease might occur. The visit was two months prior to the Feb. 20, 2001 outbreak. I would concur that his fears were realized.
Three months prior to the Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak in the UK, the US held Foot-and-Mouth Disease simulations in Texas. I have been told by Paula McCann, a Producer for an overnight BBC radio show, called "Up All Night," that the UK had also held Foot-and-Mouth Disease Simulations just prior to the actual outbreak.
Foot-and-Mouth disease is a non-lethal virus in the family Picornavirus of the genus Aphaviridae. It is really only lethal to young and newborn animals. It carries less then a 5% death rate for those animals. It does result in loss of productivity for older animals who had contracted the virus. Animals who have had the virus do not maintain body weight, and females experience a major loss in milk.
There are also major problems for Countries with active Foot-and-Mouth Disease status. These Countries are unable to export livestock or livestock products. The disease is really a major economical blow to a Country that has endemic, and active Foot- and-Mouth Disease.
There are several vaccines available to prevent Foot-and-Mouth Disease, but, there is also a major downside to using these vaccines. Synthetic marker vaccines for FMD are still at the developmental stage. Vaccines can, occasionally, be contaminated with live virus, thus the vaccine can cause a FMD outbreak.
Vaccinated animals may be difficult to distinguish serologically from previously-infected animals thus eliminating serology as a method of identifying infected animals. In the case of an active outbreak, such as presently in the UK, attempts to "emergency vaccinate" animals, the vaccination teams can spread disease as they make rounds from farm to farm. Lastly, vaccinated animals may become infected, and show less severe signs of disease, despite shedding virus, thus prolonging an outbreak by allowing infected animals to escape ready visual detection. One other problem is that vaccinated animals will show FMD virus antibodies and thus, endanger a Country's FMD-free status.
There is also another anomaly about the UK outbreak. The UK is the ONLY Country that is doing mass culling of all animals, both healthy and ill.
Other Countries where FMD is endemic or has broken out, only cull sick animal herds. In some cases, only animals at risk, within 2 miles of the outbreak might be culled. The policy of the UK is to cull all animals, healthy as well as sick.
I have learned from my sources in the UK that MAFF had purchased much of the wood, prior to the outbreak, that is now being used for funeral pyres. How did MAFF officials KNOW that they would need the extra wood for funeral pyres caused by an outbreak of FMD, that had not occurred at the time the wood was purchased?
IF you watch the evening news over the past two months, then I am sure that you have seen tourists coming from the UK entering the US swiping their feet in disinfectant. Even luggage had to be disinfected. We have been told that Foot and Mouth Disease type O had been pandemic.
We see ONLY WITNESS-TOURISTS FROM THE UK being disinfected. India has had an outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus that had merged with hemorrhagic septicemia, yet, we do not see Indian or Bangladesh tourists having to disinfect their shoes when entering the US. Why only tourists and visitors from the UK? Is there anything "different" about the strain of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus in the UK?
Lastly, according to Monday's article in the UK Daily Mirror, a test tube of Foot and Mouth Disease virus had been stolen from the Porton Downs top secret labs in the UK. It was reported that the FMDV was kept in the same biolevel 4 unit as Smallpox, Ebola, Anthrax and a very virulent strain of TB. Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus is normally kept in biolevel 3 unit.
* What is so different about the stolen FMD virus?
* Why did this vile of FMD virus have to be kept in level 4 unit with Smallpox, Ebola, Anthrax and Virulent TB?
* Was this FMD virus genetically altered?
* Has it been altered to merge easily with other viruses, such as hemorrhagic septicemia?
* Who took the vile and where is it?
* Is this the Foot-and-Mouth virus causing the UK outbreak?
* Is there any other pathogen missing from that same unit? Smallpox, Ebola, TB, or Anthrax?
* Why would someone only take a virus that is not even lethal to animals? Or is it?
Thank you, Patricia Doyle
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