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Dealing With The Truth And USING It
By Ted Twietmeyer
It's been said that there's a price to be paid for knowing the truth.
In the pre-USB and pre-CDROM days you could readily buy preformatted floppy disks for your computer. All societies raise children to accept their unique preformatted thought patterns and way of life. The collective name for this is "culture." It doesn't matter what country on Earth it is, this still applies. While some may consider this a necessary evil for any society or country to survive, others simply call it by what it is - brain-washing.
Having been exposed in my profession to the real truth of how life works and learning more about it personally from others has permanently changed my perspective on life. An old expression is still quite true ­ "Nothing is as it seems." I can remember the very place I was standing the day the veil was lifted from me. It was a warm summer day in August many years ago while standing outside on my deck. An awareness of what's behind the curtain and what's been planned hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm sure many readers who experienced this can recall when it happened to them.
There are at least two belief systems people have­ one for political and another for spiritual or religious matters. For those who already experienced a paradigm shift they must still function and live within their respective country while simultaneously possessing the real knowledge of how life works. At times this is not easy for anyone to do. It also creates a dichotomy in our belief systems when we realize that not everything is as it appears.
A friend who remote-viewed religion years ago to see how it began told me what he saw. An alien race (possibly the same race that may have put us here) gave humans religion. The purpose for doing this was to provide a peaceful means of controlling people. When I heard this many years ago I found it hard to believe. But over time I've observed that this is exactly what religion does to people.
Oddly enough, good honest people seem to love being degraded by clergy and told they are going to hell. These same people will also give away their hard-earned wages to be told this! Most religions are expert at subjecting their members to what can only be called "busy-work." For most mainstream religions this has been perfected into an art form. With busy work people are kept very busy with meetings, rituals and duties. This prevents them from even thinking about what they are doing, and why.
God exists in parallel with mankind-created religion. Mankind has used the name of God as a means to propagate peaceful control of the masses. Human nature causes us to fear things we don't fully understand, especially those things of a paranormal nature. Scriptures proclaim God is a deity of mercy. Yet at the very same time countless ministers, fathers, priests and pastors will tell their congregations who ruthless God is and that you should fear him. No wonder people are confused. This often makes lay people look to those with theology doctorates for answers - answers which they may never get.
In the western world elections that are rigged, politicians making promises they never intend to keep, governments spend far more money than they will ever have, rich criminals walk away from murder simply because they can drag out a trial for a year or more and grind down the jury, people starve while new wars are started, children are ruthlessly brainwashed by schools and recruited as spies for the state, governments make bio-engineered diseases and race-specific viruses, buildings are blown up in front of the entire world on television by government employees and so much more. These are but a few of the blatant acts in society which almost defy explanation.
Yet the average person rarely notices any of these things happening right in front of them and asks WHY? The populace is raised in such a clever way by school educators they tend to ignore it. People can also choose not to see it on purpose, fearing something will happen to their social security or pensions (I've had people tell me that point blank.) Or people laugh at the idea there are puppet masters and slap on the conspiracy label. But none of these inactions will change the truth of our real reality, and what's happening right in front of them will catch up to them one day. On that day you will hear them whining, "I should have listened and done something about it when I could."
At one time there was a local electronics wholesaler in a city nearby. In front of the pickup counter the owner had super-glued a quarter to the floor. Both owner and clerks alike delighted at watching people waiting in line reach down and try to pick up the coin. There is an analogy here with the quarter, in that the average person only sees one side of life. Unconsciously in their mind, the other side of the coin bearing the real truth about life is super-glued to a wall. Silent controllers of our society take great delight at watching the sheep do what they're told, while simultaneously seeing the frustration of those who have already awoken.
Any form of control is most effective when no one suspects it's being used on them. At the same time its human nature to rebel at being physically controlled or restrained. With religion there is no physical control, which is just one reason it works so well.
Those in control in the background have never made any secret about their agenda which is extermination of most of mankind. Even world leaders have openly said most people are "useless eaters" and openly call for exterminating 80 to 90% of humanity.
Let's look at one example of this philosophy boldly engraved in stone:
Erected on March 22 1980, this 240,000 lb. monument is almost 20 feet tall and is known as the Georgia Guidestones. It is located in a rural part of Albert County on a farm in Georgia, USA. It is not known for certain who expended a considerable sum of money to quarry, cut, engrave and erect this monument.
Inscribed upon the monument is the following text in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian:
1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature
The messages given here are mixed - extermination to reduce the Earth's population to 500 million, fair laws, world court, be not a cancer on the Earth and leaving room for nature. But interspersed with this is faith, compassion, letting nations rule internally, avoiding petty laws, sacrificing personal rights if needed, etc
Put simply, it means shut up and die if you're not one of the chosen to live, and those who do get to live must happily accept the new way of life dictated for them.
Reducing world population by allowing only one out of 16 people to live would seem like an animal erected it and not a human being. "Leave room for nature" is repeated twice to reinforce this thought. Perhaps someone from the future erected this monument to brag about what's coming. It was made of stone so it cannot be destroyed by fire or some other calamity allowing it to last for centuries. It may have been erected at this location for a particular reason - to survive the coming destruction.
This is yet a perfect example of how those in control (or think they are in control) do not hide their control-freak mentality.
So can we stop it? To answer this we need to take a look at modern history. Modern wars are won in a matter of days using advanced technology - when it's desirable to do so. But to be able to manage and control entire countries after victory is far more difficult. Consider what the German people did when Hitler took control. Thousands of Germans refused to submit to totalitarian government and fought against it, resulting in heavy losses.
An army colonel once told me, "The more advanced the technology the easier it is to defeat it." When you ponder a few things you quickly discover how true this is.
A simple paintball gun can disable any video camera, no matter how expensive it is. A camera on a tall pole can be taken down with a oxy-acetylene torch or a hacksaw. In the UK they started filling the poles with concrete to prevent this, so people doused the camera box with a burnable fluid and lit it, destroying it right on the pole. There is no real way to prevent camera damage. A high power laser is also effective and could be used from inside a vehicle.
A simple paper clip can disable the most powerful computer when dropped into a ventilation slot or CDROM drive. A paper clip can also jam or damage a printer when dropped into the mechanism.
Microwave psychotronics making your life miserable? A simple corner reflector can be built using two metallic surfaces joined at a right angle, erected with the inside corner facing the microwave source. Two foil-covered four foot by eight foot foam insulation sheets from a home improvement center are ready-made into a reflector. Erected vertically, this reflector will send microwaves back at the operator of the psychotronic device, regardless of whatever horizontal angle it's aimed at you from. It's about time they suffer from their own weapons. Such a reflector can also work against area denial weapons which are truck mounted. This system irradiate a crowd of people with 42Ghz radiation boiling moisture on the skin instantly creating a burning feeling. Apparently the manufacturer thinks no man wants to be a father someday, and this will help insure that.
The list is almost endless of how ordinary low tech objects can damage or disable high tech devices.
We know enough about the wizard behind the curtain, how life really works and into what world the back-stage planners *think* they create. What they cannot possibly grasp is the amount of resistance they will meet. Not everyone will be going peacefully. Even soldiers have a conscious - consider the high suicide rate now prevalent in the military.
Afghanistan is a great example of a wasted 9 years of war and thousands of lives, and it still isn't over. In Vietnam failure was blamed on the jungle and tunnels. So what's the excuse for the war dragging on in rocky, barren, cold Afghanistan? It's the same story as Vietnam ­ government doesn't want the war to end. And the proof of this is the new front already starting in Pakistan. But with war comes a heavy price tag measured in human lives and big bucks which will only get worse.
In the end, war is a losing proposition for everyone involved whether it be governments, soldiers or civilians. Even soldiers don't believe in what they are doing anymore, even though they volunteered for the armed forces. As mentioned earlier, suicide rates for US troops are now at an all-time high yet few people even notice it and even fewer care.
Many think daily life is hard and no one has time to do anything about what's going on. For those that think this, consider life during the period of the 1700's in which America's founding fathers lived. Here's a few samples of what America's founding fathers had to deal with: They crapped and pissed in buckets, women suffered while menstruating once a month and everyone went outside to dump their bodily waste.
Candles or lanterns were required to have meetings or to read and write at night. Founders suffered numerous diseases and illnesses resulting in shortened lifespan. They knew nothing about bacteria, viruses or hygiene and had no central heating or air conditioning. These hardy people chopped down trees with axes and split wood by hand (did that as a sole source of heat through just ONE winter and it was brutal,) saddled horses or used open carriages for the shortest rides in bitter cold, blizzards or boiling hot days, washed clothes by hand and hung them up to dry, fed and took care of horses, livestock, planted and harvested crops all by hand, slaughtered animals, dressed them, etc No radios, DVDs, telephones, computers or televisions. Nothing. Not even a wind-up phonograph to listen to since the phonograph wouldn't be invented for another 100 years. If you wanted to hear music, you either learned how to play an instrument or find someone that could. Or just whistle or sing to yourself.
Even a broken bone that went unattended to could take a life. When a broken bone is not promptly set the ends of the bone die which releases deadly toxins into the system causing organ failure. Even today, sometimes people are found dead in their homes from a simple, curable broken bone. Not everyone 300 years ago could afford a doctor, lived near one or had slaves. Many people were forced to set broken bones themselves the best they knew how.
Not all of the founding fathers or signers of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution could afford to have a slave to do their daily chores. The average person of the past usually did everything themselves. That was the normal way of life for many at that time.
People today think they have too many problems and no free time to fight tyranny, or even time to just say NO. Today everyone has FAR MORE FREE TIME to deal with all the problems those in power want to dump upon us.
If all that's important to someone is football, basketball, hockey, baseball etc.. then they deserve everything they have coming to them. And rest assured they will get it, too.
I won't be shedding any tears for those who have been warned.
Ted Twietmeyer
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