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Fulford - As The Swamp Is Drained,
The Phonies Are Exposed

By Benjamin Fulford   

As the Financial World War 3 approaches its climax, more and more players reveal their true intentions. Reading the various web sites with "inside" information has become very interesting recently because they are all starting to reveal their true colors. We have Tom Henegan now openly cheerleading for Ambassador Wanta and downplaying his link with the discredited church of global warning. Now Christopher Story has come out of the closet and revealed he is rooting for "a Line-Item payment in favor of Mr. Cottrell," i.e. Michael Cottrell of Pennsylvania Investments. Then there are Casper and Poof working for funding for the "programs," whatever those may be.

Then there is Alex Jones with his constant doom and gloom and his Bronfman connection. His ambition seems to be for power. After that, there is "Sorcha Faal" i.e. David Booth & friends who show support for Obama and pretend to be in the Kremlin instead of Naval Intelligence.

As for me, I am a spokesperson for the Black Dragon Society. We believe that finance is the process of deciding what humanity does in the future. We believe the planet faces an emergency situation that requires emergency action. Over a billion people are starving and we have already wiped out over 30% of all species on the planet and will soon wipe out more. Then we have the West as a slave society controlled by high level gangsters whose only interest seems to be endless warfare and the looting of the planet's resources. We want to stop them from doing all that bad stuff and free the slaves too.

Our membership includes:

High level members of the Rothschild family who want to use some of their gold to pay off US external debts. They agree to help the planet so long as they can continue to live in their big castles and be surrounded by servants. We say OK, why not. They can mobilize much of the British Empire so let's work with them.

The P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy. They control the Vatican and the Mafia and have also agreed to try to help save the planet. So long as they offer to help the poor, the hungry and the weak of this planet we say "good, let us see action now and not words."

The Japanese secret government. This is a group of high level families and individuals who have secretly ruled Japan for at least a couple of thousand years and, although they distrust Westerners, they agree to help the planet. This group can activate a 100 million member sleeper network known around the world as local "martial arts societies."

The Chinese communist party. They are determined that Asia will never submit to Western rule again but have also stated they have no wish to rule the West. They are working towards creating real-time, live internet-based democracy. They will probably succeed and the rest of us will have to come up with a meritocratic system that is at least as good or we will risk being left behind. We believe in becoming equal partners and friends with the Chinese so long as they agree to help end poverty, environmental destruction and war.

The Pentagon white hats and space command. These are the people with all those levels of security clearance above the President. They were so busy looking out at the universe they missed the hell on earth and are now trying to make amends. We say please release your high tech to the people of the world and set them free.

The average people of the planet earth. We believe that if you randomly went around to different parts of the planet and asked people if they would like to end war, poverty and environmental destruction, 99% would say "yes."

The real problem lies in the details i.e. who gets to control the new money printing machine. We believe this right belongs to the people and their governments, not secretive private individuals. We think the new system will offer enough money that many competing plans can be carried out at once. If Mr. Wanta wansta build a high speed rail network in the US, well, why not. If Mr. Cottrell has some plans for the world other than becoming personally filthy rich, he should delineate them. The Casper and program people also sound like they have wonderful, varied plans that should be financed. The bottom line is that the vast majority of humanity is living far below their potential because of poor financial leadership. The more people with good ideas and plans for the future who can be financed, the better. Remember, finance and economy is just about people deciding what to do with what they have.


Benjamin Fulford


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