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Stupid USA Headed To Africa
By Karl Schwarz
According to a current NY Times article the Afghans are losing hope after the US has raped their nation and killed as many as three million of them for 8 years.  The problem is simple.  The US had only one game plan and it failed before they put it into motion.
The DC dimwit ghouls were after a pipeline right-of-way from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to the Pakistan port of Gwadar, Baluchistan Province, Pakistan.
Problem is China now controls that port and has announced a pipeline across Pakistan to China and their willingness to enter into the IPI (Iran, Pakistan, India) pipeline.
These nitwit planners in the US and UK evidently did not see that 'checkmate' coming.   Even while the Ivory Tower zionists in DC and London were salivating over all of the natural gas in the Caspian Basin, both Russia and China sucked most of it up with shrewd and savvy contracts, and that is now where it's headed.
The US will get little or none, nor will the US or UK be able to play middleman to put the screws to people at will.
The war planner morons in the MoD and DoD, and the greedy elite they work for, have been salivating over controlling world energy supplies so they can dole it out as they see fit.  Russia, China, India and many other nations are making it clear that they are not rolling over for US-UK demands and greed.
All of the DC Pipeline Schemes and Dreams have gone up in smoke, and many died due to US-UK lies, greed and subterfuge.
Of course, Pakistan is now an 'enemy' because it cut the deal with China rather than the greedy, slimy US-UK thugs who thought they could pull off this oil and gas heist hidden behind their bogus Global War on Terror.  The pipeline deal with China got Pakistan moved from GWOT 'Buddy' list to the 'Terrorist' List.
It is no secret that Iraq has given up on the US plan and objectives, and is now awarding its oil contracts to just about everyone except the US and UK.
That surprises me not, and is a just reward for the liars who ravaged and crushed their nation, because the US, UK and Israel wanted it that way. The entire world, except for certain factions in the US now know that Bush and Blair lied out their fat asses to fabricate the excuse to invade and kill lots of Iraqis...like nearly a couple million of them.
Well, this fiasco is not close to being done and we could all get to enjoy a peaceful future.
Americans need to wake up and read this recent article on the Rense.com website.  
Africom - Latest US Bid To Recolonise The Continent By Tichaona Nhamoyebonde allAfrica.com
One of the problems I have watched grow in America for the past thirty years is a literal phenomenon.  Americans have come to confuse the true meaning of freedom with a twisted notion that it means Freedom to Be Stupid, Ignorant or Ill-informed.
Many Americans now seem to believe that freedom means free to use illegal drugs, drink themselves to the point of stupidity, free to be irresponsible, and even freedom to ignore reality, or freedom to be opinionated and have not a single fact straight.  It has especially come to mean the freedom to not pay attention to what Washington DC and certain wealthy elite thugs are really up to.
The United States of America is dying, and it seems a majority think they have to freedom to watch it happen and then bitch and pontificate later around their coffee-klatch roundtables.
The US government thinks it has the right to interfere in any nation, expand US military bases wherever they wish, and the self-appointed freedom to plunder other nations and their resources with brazen impunity.
Many people can make a good argument that God did not appoint or delegate to the US the title of Chief Liars, Rapers and Killers of this planet.  Since not all on the planet are Americans, it logically follows that not all resources belong to America.
Do you want more war, America?  No?  Well, wake up!  That is exactly what they are planning in DC.  
I addressed this change of focus to Africa in the book I wrote, 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas'.  That book came out in early 2004, so Evil Dick Cheney and Dummy George Bush did not have me fooled.  These 'planners' in the US are complete lunatics and have been since World War II.
<Start Insert from Chapter 11>
"Our President and Vice President just cannot leave well enough alone.  Now, even with this huge Caspian Deal and Iraq, and in bed with those terrorist-funding Saudis in that Caspian Deal, according to recently released news that they are still financing terrorism, they are claiming Africa is now of "vital US Strategic Interests" since that nation will be up to 25% of our total oil imports.  We have some folks in the White House that have a serious case of Oil on the BrainOil on the Brain and think they have to line up one fight after another so they and their rich buddies can get really filthy rich.  Probably an incurable case of Oil on the Brain and I submit, sufficiently to the point that they are no longer fit or capable of leadership.  It seems to be an incurable disease, sure has been for a lot of our American troops.
Don't forget about that Cheney investigation going on down Nigeria way and over in France regarding $160 to $180 million in HalliburtonHalliburton bribes while he was CEO of that company.  Maybe that is what the "strategic interest" is all about, as in covering his butt, fines, incarceration, or somebody ripping the lid off a Bush Cheney secret, secret, secret.
Halliburton = sleaze, sleaze and more sleaze.  Must be a model of Peterson - SnowJohn Snow, US Secretary of Treasury Blue Ribbon Corporate Governance.   Just think - Africa is next!  See DickSee Dick run run (to Africa). When you finish this chapter the only thing you will want to see is GW and Dick run out of office for good cause.
It is no secret that the firms involved in that deal are closely aligned with our President and Dick Cheney and are in fact major campaign contributors, but then look at what they stand to gain and needed military force to have.  In fact, those oil firms, their major investors, and major Wall Street interests that all stand to make millions, hundreds of millions, billions, and hundreds of billions on this multi-trillion dollar insider deal are lined up around this deal like hogs around a feed trough.
The strategery explains this "absolute urgency" for secrecy so we Americans, and we voters, do not see through their devious schemes.  In fact, I submit they are evil schemes - rotten to their very core."
<End Insert>
That chapter of my book was particularly revealing, including what the easiest way is to prove who did September 11, 2001.  There is a very simple way to rule out that Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda had anything to do with the 'terrorist attacks' on the United States.
They had to lie and create a war so they could steal a pipeline right-of-way and hide their lies and agendas behind a bogus Global War on Terror.  That simple!
I have met many 'antiwar peace activists' who are also 'environmental activists'.  However, they cannot make the mental leap that their being against any natural resource and energy development of US oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, etc is WHY the US government lies to create resource wars and go bomb other nations, send our troops off to foreign lands and fight needless wars.  Now the US is trying to woo Africa into allowing US military bases there, too.
America the Beautiful; too beautiful to harness its own resources and leave other nations alone.  Too cheap and too focused on profits and greed, rather than mine and harness US resources sensibly while protecting the environment.  Too irresponsible and misdirected to think it all through and put a halt to it.  I have seen much of the world and America is no more beautiful than many other places on this planet.
America just has factions that are so stuck-on-stupid, they get what they deserve.
The entire US agenda is truly militaristic and materialistic, without regard to the rights of other sovereign nations, their people, their lives or their environment.  Why mine or extract oil in the US when the elite thugs can plunder Central Asia, Central and South America and now Africa?  Why mine US resources when these thugs can go rape, pillage, plunder and pollute other nations?
It is hegemony and imperialism by definition, and all such empires fail and collapse.  Take a close look at the post-British Empire collapse of the UK and recognize what total collapse looks like.  In their folly and greed, both the US and UK have destroyed their own nations, the economy, and the value of their currency.
Union Carbide (now acquired by Dow Chemical) created a nightmare in Bhopal, India and then sheltered its CEO from criminal prosecution.  The dead and maimed total over 50,000 and the legacy has now affected a generation of children born since the calamity.  Chevron has created several major environmental catastrophes in South America.  Freeport McMoran heavily polluted Peru and Indonesia rivers with cyanide in its lust-quest for gold. The list goes on and on.  The US corporate business plan can be accurately described as down, dirty and cheap, and to Hell with the locals and the environment.  Their callous attitude is 'they are not Americans'.  It is all about profits and control and to Hell with people or doing the right thing.
One has to grasp that pollution elsewhere has an effect in the US, too.  
One has to think and weigh if the US has the unilateral right to manipulate, control, threaten, bully or wage 'non-defensive' war against any nation, while refusing to grow a set of balls, stand up to the environmental / antiwar nitwits that cannot make the connection that they are the reason the wars and constant spread of US militarism are happening.
What part of lies and falsification of evidence to fit the agenda of greed to start a war do Americans not get?  Sadly, they cannot seem to see a lie for what it is any more and then do something about it.
The correct answer is no, the US does not have such a right nor is it entitled to such a right. One only has to consider the hypocrisy the US puts forth as to its sovereign rights yet no other nation has such a right. Again, this planet does not belong to the greedy thugs on Wall Street, DC and corporate America.  One only has to consider the hypocrisy of the US, UK and Israel that only they have the right to kill anyone with impunity, defend their nations, but all other nations are fair game.  
The leaders in the US, UK and Israel do not want their own citizens to ever come to see clearly what the word 'blowback' truly means.  As I said in a recent essay, TERRORISTS CREATE TERRORISTS.  
One merely has to grasp that hostile actions create hostile actions in return.
The Global War on Terror is a misnamed misnomer.  It is the Global War of Terror by the US, UK and Israel against other peoples and nations.  
These resource wars and constant threat of terrorism are to deflect your attention away from the agenda of greed, hegemony, imperialism and military expansion.
This global warming farce is to deflect your attention away from the fact that pollution is a far greater threat to life and health on this planet. This lust for profits and disregard for the environment has trashed this planet.  To a great extent it was US and UK companies that have globalized and multinational-ized and polluted this planet beyond repair with current technology.  
This never ending daisy-chain of lies emanating from Washington DC are to deflect your attention away from what their agenda truly is and keep you snoozing rather than taking action.
It is not hard to do the math, but I digress, most Americans suck at math, science, history, civics, or any class that might require focus and applied mental thought.
Want more war in Africa?  If the answer is no, get off your butt and start doing something about it.
You can start by cleaning out the US House and as many Senators as possible that are up for re-election in 2010.  That would be a good place to start.
Clean the DC house, flush the DC toilet.  It is way past time to put an end to the lies and the agenda.
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