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SOS, Katrina And Haiti
By Karl Schwarz
There are some valuable lessons, moral, social, political and otherwise, in what happened in August 2005 with Hurricane Katrina / New Orleans and what is transpiring right now in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  In short, it was then and now failed leadership, failed aid delivery on display in both disasters.
It is more about greed than incompetence.  It is more about lust for money than any feigned caring or compassion to help a people hit with an Act of God, a natural phenomenon of living on this Planet Earth.
They must be planning something big to have sent over 10,000 US soldiers to protect the profits for the right insiders.   Just think of all the beachfront property going to waste in the hands of the Haitians.
Anyone at room temperature and three simultaneously functioning brain cells should have had sirens and flashing red lights go off when Un-Prez Barky Obama appointed former Idiot-Prez George W Bush to head up the relief efforts in Haiti.  This is the same incompetent moron that was too busy to be bothered about Katrina on 'record-breaking vacation days' at the Crawford Texas Hobby Ranch that was nothing but a stage set for sound bytes.  Five days went by before Bush did anything and put the vast resources of the United States Big Brother into action.
Why did it take so long to act?  Well, people like Republican Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi were working the telephones heavily to make sure all of those Katrina Aid billions in aid were going to be headed straight into the pockets of Republican people that Haley Barbour represented as a lobbyist in Washington, DC. That was a published fact years ago.  Many other shills and hog-trough dippers just like Mr. Barbour and his buddies were also working night and day to get into position to profit from the disaster.
The needed aid was not the point or the objective, the money into the right pockets was the true objective.  That applies to then (Katrina) and now to Haiti.  There is no difference between the sleazy whores of the RNC or DNC. They both give crack whore prostitutes a good name.
These delays in Haiti are also due to the hog-trough dippers fighting behind the scenes as to who gets to pocket the money.  Some may have heard about the flap between France and the US when the US Military Machine moved in quickly to protect the disaster area, while the 'right hog-trough dippers' fought it out behind the scenes.  
The jet from France was not allowed to land with relief aid, because those French are not the right 'hog-trough dippers'.  Those French, how dare they deem themselves to be DNC insiders!!!!  
Some of these callous cretins would even invoke the Monroe Doctrine to keep the EU out of the Western Hemisphere profits being made from disasters. Just think, the US housing market will appear to be robust as they buy the multi-million dollar homes purchased with their ill-gotten gain.  Of course, all of this finagling and jockeying for position leaves the victims suffering and many even dying in the collapsed buildings as relief aid is denied and delayed due to the in-fighting and squabbling over who is to get the money.  
Many people remember the FEMA mobile homes that were purchased, shipped and stockpiled in southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana as a response to New Orleans being either flooded or flattened, or both.  No one in DC cared that those FEMA homes were toxic, shoddy workmanship, uninhabitable or marginally habitable.  Many were never delivered, but that was not the point.  The point was who to select to make them and pocket the money and disaster profits.  One should get mental images of Mel Brooks in 'Blazing Saddles': "Gentlemen, we have to protect our phony-baloney jobs!!!  Work, work, work, work, work, work, work!"
Too many people are missing the reality of how many greedy vultures, sharks, whores and charlatans there are just waiting for the next big disaster to hit so they can line their pockets.  They redeem and give a good high-ranking name to ambulance chasing scumbag attorneys.  
I remember well flying over that part of the US and at first thought someone was assembling the largest solar panel collection area in the world.  Then it dawned on me what I was looking at was the largest collection of junker 'just-built' homes ever assembled by mankind.  There was no benevolence of aid or concern for housing due to the blood lust greed for the money. Always, follow the money if Washington DC has anything to do with it!
This same scenario is playing out again in Haiti right now.
If anyone thinks Washington DC excels in aid, compassion, benevolence, humanity, caring, they need to wake up, pay attention and get a valuable lesson.  It is not about the lives, saving lives, helping those maimed or surviving earthquake victims.  It is all about the money.  Hint, now even Slick Willie has shown up to pretend to care.  He must be lobbying for his buddies to get a seat at the hog-trough.
If anyone thinks Washington DC has a clue or gives an iota about providing 'solutions to problems' they need to pay very close attention.  It is not about solutions or relief aid response until the matter has been resolved by the sharks and vultures behind the scenes to determine who gets to profit from this Haiti tragedy.
Washington DC does not have a single solution for any problem on the face of this planet.  They are not solutions oriented, only money focused with copious amounts of greed added for the foul flavoring.
If any American cannot see why the vast resources of the US just cannot seem to get into gear to aid disaster victims, they just do not grasp the system of profiteering from disasters and how it works to serve low-life humans that could not care less what the level of suffering is.
So sad for those who cannot see how their vulture system works.  They could forfeit their soul and humanity and might get lucky and get a seat at the DC Hog Trough Diner.
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