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2/3 In Poll Think US Women
Should Fight In Combat

From Scott Teeters
Hi Jeff,
Every day, CNN has a feature called, "Quick Vote." They post a question and viewers can vote by clicking one of the buttons. Most of the time, the questions are lame, but today's question grabbed my attention. CNN asked, "Should the Pentagon allow women to serve in full combat roles?" I was shocked, but not really surprised. Two-thirds responded, YES.
Here's a screen shot...with the poll to the right...

 It's hard to tell if 2/3s of those that voted are willing to hand over their daughters, wives, or grand daughters to fight on the front lines and be slaughtered, just like their sons, husbands, and grand sons. Or, perhaps those that voted were responding hypothetically to the question, and do not have family members that might actually be shot at, injured, or killed.

Earlier this week, you posted a story with the headline, "63% US Sheeple Support Israel ­ Near Record High." The results are astonishingly similar. It's a reflection of our war-like thinking. While the CNN Quick Vote is not scientific (and Gallup talking to 1,025 people is???), I think it's an interesting snapshot at what people are thinking. Note that the screen shot indicates that 48,760 people voted on the question.
Today I was in my local Post Office buying stamps. The woman in front of me had a box of cookies and goodies she was sending to Afghanistan to a family member. The postal worked commented that his son was over there and his son's wife just had another baby. Although it's nice that family members send packages to the soldiers, how sad that we even have to be doing such a thing. When it was my turn, I said to the postal worker, "So your son is in Afghanistan?" He replied, "Yes, he's in the Army Chemical Corp. He has friendly snowball fights with the locals. He's having a GREAT time!" Maybe that just what the soldier tells his folks, so they won't grow a tumor worrying about their boy.
Or, it might be that people have to take that kind of perspective to maintain their sanity. I am aghast at people eternal ability for self delusion. Between the Gallup poll you reported and the CNN Quick Vote, I am deeply saddened an how STUPID we have become.
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