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An Ode To Entrepreneurs - A Swan Song
By J. Speer-Williams
Like swans of legend, American entrepreneurs sing their final, beautiful song before they pass away.
When everyone who is employed works for the state or federal government, we'll all likely be as impoverished as the citizens of the old Soviet Union. Remember the Soviets standing in long lines, with falling snow, to buy what they could from a dwindling short supply of consumer goods, goods they could barely afford, like two left boots of the wrong size?
Having too many people working for the government is the antithesis of prosperity. And it's estimated that for every "green" job the government creates, they'll eliminate 2.2 jobs from the real world of private enterprise, at a cost of about $700,000 apiece.
Government employees can do but three thing: Stop things, imprison people, or bomb civilizations into rubble. They create little of a positive nature.
Entrepreneurs start and finish things, things that build an affluent and viable middle-class society, something the world has seen very little of.
The small businesses and family farms that made America the envy of the world, were largely a dynamic, rugged, bright, hard-working lot of entrepreneurs, who fought for the common hope of us all: the American Dream. It was a dream of owning outright your own home, farm, vehicles, with one bread winner, and a wife/mother who ran her household, taught her children the important things of life, send her children to college, and generally ensured her little ones would enjoy a better life than hers, which was far better that what Americans are suffering through, today.
Entrepreneurs organized, operated, and assumed the risks inherit in commercial ventures, something the average government employee could never do.
It was not government employees, or corporate bureaucrats, who made America great and the envy of the world; it was our vibrant entrepreneurial-class, that made us what we once were.
Not everyone possesses the spirit, drive, attitude, and qualities of a successful entrepreneur; and so we must value them, as it is from them that come the fruits of their ingenuity and labors, we all enjoy, and from which spring an affluent middle-class.
American entrepreneurs were thinkers, doers, competitors, innovators, who fueled economic growth, created jobs, and made a better, smarter world for us all. Entrepreneurs changed our beliefs about what was possible, with their lofty visions, and their will to obtain those dreams.
Entrepreneurs often risked their life's savings, and the little they could borrow, to try untried ideas; but never did they asked for government bailouts when they failed.
Nor never did our entrepreneurs ship our millions of jobs overseas, virtually condemning billions of foreigners to low-wage slavery, and our own nation to a no-wage slavery, controlled by trillionarie, investment bankers.
Entrepreneurs have long been the heredity nemesis of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel; and in America, when we had some patriotic lawmakers, bureaucrats, and judges, hundreds of thousands of American entrepreneurs and family farmers exacted a sort of retributive justice from the Cartel, by far out-producing the Cartel's mega-corporations, something the Cartel countered, not with increased production, but with something far more sinister: Espionage!
The money-changers, whose ancestors were driven out of the Jerusalem Temple by Jesus, with a whip fashioned from fibers, slowly gained control of "our" intelligence services (sic), by which they gained control of all three branches of our federal government, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, with fixed elections, bribes, blackmail, and assassinations.
Once in command of our entire federal government, the Cartel set out on their complete pillage and plunder of our middle-class and its entrepreneurs, with federal regulations, directives, laws, and taxes, all meant to eliminate all small business and family farms. The Cartel has succeeded with espionage, when they could have never succeeded with honest production.
In the globalist, One-World Order agenda there must be no affluent nation, that can feed itself, independent of the global market, and centralized world governance, with the reins of power held by the International Monetary/Banking Cartel.
The American Dream, however, came true for many of us, and that's a legacy we can and must pass on to our friends, children, grandchildren, and all future generations. It's proud heritage, we must keep alive. For it was possible once, and can be againThe American Dream.
J. Speer-Williams
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