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Zionist Communist Organized
Crime Takes The Planet
Adios - Communist Jews and Chinese use economic and social sabotage to
crash, kill and conquer their way to a red racist slave planet owned by
Jewish organized crime while you throw tea parties.
From Dick Eastman
For a variety of reasons, time after time, you have rejected that message.
You prefer the populism of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Parties. Your enemy of choice is the "liberal" and government that is too big, that taxes you far too much, and that offers too many services which you say causes all the problems. You say Democrats did all this. You say we need to fight the Arab terrorists who did 9-11. You say the Bible teaches that all who are not on Israel's side will be destroyed when Jesus comes. You say that truth lies with conservatism and libertarianism. And you know you are right and I am wrong because you love the flag and praise the constitution and the 2nd and 10th amendments and start your Tea Sessions with the Pledge of Allegiance and a tribute to John Wayne.
The Tea Parties are a plastic bag which prevents grass roots from touching real soil and growing a natural resistance to the measures of conquest. The Tea Parties exist to saddle you with Money Power secret agents for leaders. When you go to a Tea Party you are shown some candidates for Senator in your state. One only is a real populist. The other three or four are Money Power secret agents who are out to drain money and support from the real populist.
In my state, the real populist is an Eastern Washington farmer, Clint DIdler, who actually attacks Goldman-Sachs and International Finance by name. To defeat him, the Tea Party system offers a constellation of alternative candidates -- one a Harvard educated Doctor who gives house calls and opposes abortion and knows all about what we should do for Health Care and believes in "Constitutionally correct government, creating jobs and eliminating the national debt."
Another, Chris Widener, is a travelling globalism PR man, who re-names his trade "successful small businessman" having "travelled extensively throughout the world" (China, Israel, London, Dubai etc.) who is a "constitutional conservative, a believer in smaller government, free enterprise and free markets that have made America great.
A third is Sean Salazar, who groups up with poor dark-skinned people who he says cheered when Reagan was shot who claims because he can speak to poor people easily -- and indeed he is a very glib smooth joke-making speaker selling the dream of unity just like Obama did (as if the American people can't talk to each other without a Money Power politician acting as go-between!). He can bring unity while addressing the issues of "jobs, upholding our Constitution and abolishing tax-and-spend big government."
And none of these three Money Power secret agent candidates spoke at all about debt, or monetary policy, or credit policy, or organized crime centered in our leading banking institutions or Israel. Yet the people filling the Yakima Convention Center didn't seem to care or notice -- all of them were past 60, most of them well past.
At the end of the meeting -- no questions were allowed in this "One Nation Under God Tea Party Forum" of "Candidates Joined in the Race Against Patty Murray -- there was not vote taken to see who won -- so the people could quickly narrow down the field to deliver one strong candidate to go against this Washington State version of Dianne Feinstien. But that is just it, the One Nation Under God forum is really designed to keep Patty Murray in office.
Here is the proof. The organizer of the event, the man who approached local John-Birch style conservative Jerry Irwin (a man I once respected for his stand against Bill Clinton in the '90's) and got him to put up the money for the event, designed the forum in a way that would lead to the destruction of the real populist -- whom most of the Yakima audience seemed to strongly favor anyway -- but their favoring Clint Didier does not help Clint Didier and this is why.
After the prayer thanking God for the Constitution and for his care of the country, and asking him for small government, low taxes (again not mentioning debt slavery) and that our grandchildren may live in freedom -- the pastor layed out the rules of "helping to defeat Patty Murray with your money. You write a check to the Tea Party group and they will disburse the money equally to all of the candidates who spoke. In other words, you write a check for $500 dollars -- $100 will go to the Tea Party Movement, $100 will go to the man you thought won the debate and $300 will go to his opponents who are going to do all they can to cut him down as inferior to a Harvard Doctor on knowing what to do about Health Care Reform, inferior that a world-travelling and internationally connected small businessman in dealing with jobs, and inferior to a guy raised in neighborhoods dominated by local community-college taught communism in terms of appealing to minority vote which the rest of us can't understand -- the organizer even reminded all of us old people (it was Feb 10, my 61st birthday) that we are dying off in this country a thousand a day being replaced by communist-education-system indoctrinated new generation voters at a very fast rate. And it was true that I coudn't see most of the people in attendance being active in politics another four years -- but I think the organizer said that for the benefit of the secret agent sabotage candidates so they would not be discouraged at the reception they got from these old real-for-sure true-blue paleoconservatives who require Tea Party deception to trick them. One fifth of the money went to the populist candidate and three times that amount when to the men bent on attacking and diminishing him in the eyes of the voters.
I actually stood up after the debate and the closing prayer were over -- and told the audience in as loud and calm and authorititative voice as I could manage -- that they should disregard the instructions given and give money only to the man they felt won the debate, that if you believe in competition over socialism in economics you certainly should believe in it when you are buying political services from political candidates. What sense does it make to give one dollar to the man you want to win and three dollars to the men who are out to discredit him so Patty Murray -- the Money Power's real choice -- can win again. (No one has more cause than Patty to sing "What a friend we have in Jesus," because the "god-fearing patriots" of Washington State are going to bankroll her victory in a teacup.) Not one of about a 800 people agreed with me. The organizer responded with "Isn't it great that we live under a system where anyone can have his say" which got a big applause. I left the building alone. The grip of the Money Power on the American people through the Phony Tea Party sessions is not something real populists are going to be able to break.
You are going to have Sarah Palin versus Obama in 2012. When the American people hear the world "populist" they will think of Palin and Glenn Beck.
I said the Pledge of Alligience, too, and I sang the Star Spangled Banner -- and I actually am the same kind of "liberal" that Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were --
and I too like the Constitution and freedom. But go to any MR
facility and you will find drooling residents who can also say the pledge of allegience and pronounce their love of their country and do so sincerely. I only wish I could tell you honestly that that is all that is necessary. I felt I could have blown away all three of those phony Money Power agents by simply laying out the facts about the money power. That cutting government spending is not going to reduce the crushing burden of debt. That big-spending liberals who hold office too long who spend more than we can afford and tax us too much are not the root of the problem.
Today, I have over 70 news messages and analytical commentaries from various populist writers - of the most depressing news on all fronts. These are the darkest days for real populists. Everywhere the people are perishing for want of accurate knowledge, for want of leadership that is really on their side.
I have not really recovered from the great silence that met me when I spoke up to all those people. I told them to forgive my rudeness in speaking out and that I thought that once they analyzed how the Tea Party money collection was organized and what it was really accomplishing to undermine the favored populist candidate and to take the money of his supporters and spend it on his phony secret agent supporters -- I was reminded of the Cassandrian curse that lies over my head -- to see and to warn but never to be believed. -- I always had the hope that if I could just once talk to a lot of people in person that I could awaken people to the real source of danger -- after my last birthday however I now know better -- the real reason we are all dying before each others eyes. --
So, instead of making the usual elaborate edited news roundup with quotes and links -- my populist social credit clipping service -- I am just going to forward each of these articles to my old list jeffersonianjihad where you can access the archives and read them albeit without pictures.
If you want to look at these -- the weight of them (the defeat of the people each one represents) is crushing -- unless of course you are trusting that Ron Paul, Limbaugh, Beck and Palin and Art Coday the Harvard Doctor running for Senate in Washington State have it all under control.
I will no longer be taking the time to mail things to whole address book as I have been doing. I will just foward articles that contain important information to jeffersonianjihad yahoogroup where you can read them. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jeffersonianjihad/messages
Also the list frameup http://groups.yahoo.com/group/frameup/messages has all of my old archived clippings and letters. Here is the advanced search page if you are looking for something on social credit, clandestine weather modification etc. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/frameup/msearch_adv
Also you can search the "best" letters (all of them poorly written, yet the facts are there) by simply going to www.rense.com search engine and keying "Dick Eastman."
Remembering Jesus's words from the cross I can do nothing but forgive you for following wolves in shepherds' clothing and not knowing the difference.
I thank my friends for all they have provided me to pass on -- especially my most admired friend who gave my ideas their public test. Jeff and I have shared something in common with the men who died defending the Alamo. I think I am out of ammunition for "ol' Betsty" -- I've given my best shots and nothing came of it -- but if some eleventh hour 59th minute solution occurs to me I will put it in an essay and send it to Jeff -- use his search engine.
I am going to be getting rid of my oldickeastman@q.com address -- it is too discouraging to read the hundreds of misinformed and misinforming letters that come each day -- showing me how hopeless reaching the American public really is. (Yes, I realize that that is the intention of these counter-propaganda mailings -- but after fifteen years a while that makes no difference.)
Remember, I will be forwarding this weeks important messages to
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
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