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An Ancient Labyrinth of Lies
Part Two of "Bits & Pieces"

By Jim Kirwan
Control of American and Israeli firepower will equal death by the millions; but will never result in real control over anyone that does not voluntarily surrender to them.
The reason that the above is a true statement is that their various weapons of mass destruction, which they are using on us now, do not come with a vaccine for them to take. Consequently there is no solution for any of them to be able to use to insure survival. These various poisons and the torments they have created by trying to use nature to destroy nature, will backfire. But as they have been consumed with creating the means to break the will of the peoples of the world, they have forgotten that they too must live here, while these catastrophic destructions play themselves out. This shroud which they have created to kill us by the millions with, will in the end kill most of them as well. Here is one of their early trial runs and it consequences-that was used as a prototype for part of what was done during Katrina. (1)
This was what things looked like here in September of 08, and how has your life been affected by these particular failures of the traitors that are far stronger now than ever?
"This morning Bush went back to the microphones to again trash the public for failing to approve of his strong-arm plan to bailout his buddies and to screw the people. 'Politics must be kept out of this' has been the constant refrain from the bunch of pretenders who appointed themselves to fix this problem. But "Politics" is not about democrats and republicans it's about what people think, and it's about anything that will directly impact the real and long-term futures or millions of ordinary people. What these criminals fail to understand is that: "The act of breathing is political!"
Overlooked in the dictator's tirade was the fact that the negotiations in Washington are only between the White House, the congress and the Corporate Oligarchs that created this fiasco: Their 'conversations' and this legislation have shut-out the public; especially those that have everything to lose. Bush said again that he was trying to reach the American people and to get them to 'get them on board' as if the public could still be asleep. What is clear is that the public wants this problem solved; they simply do not believe that there is anything in this giveaway to the criminal-establishment that will change anything about their lives: except to make everything worse, for them!
This triad of criminals that are negotiating with themselves have all underestimated the public that has been bleeding badly since Cheney-Bush stole their first election. And now that the last act of this Coup has arrived, the public has finally drawn their-own line in the sand because they have realized that unless the public is 'bailed-out' they will die! There will also be no one left to do anything to create the huge profits which the criminals are fighting over. The Bushwhacker gave himself away when he said "it doesn't matter how legislation gets done" because it does matter, greatly!
Bush went on about how 'this 'failure' will affect job creation and the availability of credit to start new businesses and it would affect credit card rates and the savings of ordinary people' and basically that by not agreeing to this blackmail of the public by the same people that created the crisis: the public would be hurting themselves. Bush failed to remember that there are no jobs creation programs, we have no opportunities, and that the banks and their owners have been playing Russian roulette with interest rates throughout the last eight years! There are millions of people in need of intervention now, to save their homes, to avoid bankruptcy, and to be able to keep a job to be able to feed their families. None of which this Paulson-Bernanke-Bush Slush-Fund for the rich will do!
Government's job is to provide for the needs of the country-in this instance that would involve real and immediate help to those who lost everything because the government allowed these financial goons to play fast and lose with every rule of law and commerce-it is the government sanctioned criminals that should be left to die, and not the sheep that failed to scream, back when this all began. The ordinary people that the criminals used to create this monster, ought to be assisted with their survival and not further insulted by this government's love affair with every criminal-scheme and con-artist that ever tried to buy a vote! There is nothing in this vile legislation that addresses any of the truth, of what must be done to fix the disaster that this government created from their own lust for profits and power in the short-run." (2)
We are where we are now because too many of us have come to believe that we could actually 'live' as slaves in this world so long as we don't have to see the bars. Beyond that ugly fact of life, many still seem to be comfortable living in this rogue state, so long as we are the "leading rogue state" in the universe. Ergo, our dictators will protect us from any and all threats to ourselves, either now or during any future confrontation with reality.
This has not worked out the way so many believed that it could; because it cannot ever really work. Free people cannot coexist with treason, torture or the basic lies necessary to enslave so vast a population as is the other 93.5 % of the world's people. With this set of facts as a given, there can never be anything that functions between this totally corrupted police-state and the so-called real-life which surrendering our last remaining freedoms was supposed to guarantee. Consequently; that choice which too many embraced as "CHANGE" is what has brought us this 'terror from the top' coupled with that constant war-drum of ever-deepening fear; even of ourselves.
In the last decade this society actually threw all caution to the wind and actually came to believe that 'we could indeed control everything,' from our lives to nature itself and all the way down to the smallest details of everyday existence. The basic flaw in that preposterous assumption was that no one, who was not already part of this ancient cult, could ever be allowed to question anything. The truth in this, which we mostly failed to perceive, was that the only way that any real society can ever truly function is if its people question everything while continuing to live authentic lives both fully and free from an overpowering and corrupt government that only seeks to kill us.
The conflict that inspired this current nightmare is as old as human civilization itself. The truth lies in the real conflict that has always been for total control over growth and the quality of life for the elites and no one else. Their idea of what matters is privilege over any real freedom for anyone but themselves. No one can trust anyone else, under this tyrannical system of lies and deceit, of advantage and plunder over work and life that would be possible if there was any 'balance' at all between the filthy-rich and the rest of us.
The current nightmare is designed to create chaos, and yet in nature, order can be seen to grow directly out of chaos: The more brutal the destruction the greater the beauty to be reborn. Fractal Theory explains this unlikely outcome, but for ordinary people the human aspect of this phenomena is much easier to understand. It goes like this: Work with nature and life and not against them and the result will not only become self-fulfilling but it will enhance all other aspects for those that firmly commit themselves to that reality. What makes this possible are the strange attractors at the core of Chaos Theory. We know very little about these dark energies except that they are necessary to that creation which results in "order out of chaos."
Without the naturally-occurring tensions between these two seemingly opposite attractors that enable the natural process of creating beauty from destruction as well as life from death; there could be no resulting order from the devastation that so often seems to linger wherever the long shadow of human-beings has been seen or felt. In brief the only thing we really seem to know, according to George Orwell in 1984 was: "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
In light of this rather persistent and reoccurring thought, we should all be very aware of the dangers in Orwell's words becoming a reality from which there would seem to be no escape. We have virtually lost everything already that has to do with actual joy, with real pleasure or with anything like a real challenge or a real life: So what's left to look forward to?
Governments were created not to direct societies but to serve them by making life easier and better to live in, than things would be without the services which governments are paid to provide. But in our haste and greed, driven by impatience with the time it takes to earn one's way to real success; it seems we have continually shrugged off the need to make the real choices that have to be made; along with the responsibilities we refuse to be responsible for. Once government realized that they could use this system to take complete control over all life-it was only a matter of time until we finally reached this hell-hole that some still think of as actual daily-life.
If this continuing crime-wave is ever to be interrupted, hundreds of thousands of people will have to come together, just to begin to change the hard-core 'facts-on-the-ground.' Traditionally we used to look to organizing as the magic wand to solve this problem, but today those who organize to change anything are just encouraging the use of double-agents and government undercover thugs to thwart whatever is to be accomplished long before it can even begin. The fact is that this has been true now for nearly forty years, which is why we've going backward in compensation since 1973 when the Trilateral Commission began to change the rules between those that work and those that own us.
These obligations of ours to clean-up-our-collective-act cannot be delegated or assigned to anyone else; nor can they can this be blindly left to "others" to be accomplished; because countries only belong to those who are willing and able to change this evil direction that has become firmly entrenched during all that dead-time since the end of WWII.
Every avalanche begins with small disturbances and little stones that impact others of their kind until larger and then even-larger stones begin to move; until what began with just a few stones becomes that irresistible force which can overwhelm all resistance: No matter how well armed!
Our enemies have used rumors and disinformation, fear and terror to virtually conquer what was already a basically passive population. An awakened population could use some of these same tactics to bring our would-be destroyer's to their knees. Remember the only real authority they have is the authority that people give them whenever they agree to do whatever we are illegally-ordered to do every single day since this farce crossed over into the twenty-first century.
And please never forget that "adapting to the world of total-surveillance" has nothing in common with real life where there are real dangers and real opportunities: This also includes real challenges, real problems and actual joys in a world where no one needs to look over their own shoulders, just to see if it's safe to speak aloud.
1) Deadly Silences ­ The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up
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3) Bits & Pieces - Part 1
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