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Did An 8.6 Quake Hit China?
Something occurred in China yesterday, something
that may have been a magnitude 8.6 quake. 

By Holly Deyo
We don't know what happened yesterday, but two seismic monitoring stations ­ some 1300 miles apart ­ both reported an 8.6 earthquake in China. Maybe it was a weapons test.
However, a large magnitude temblor struck in nearly this same location (36.50ºN, 105.70ºE) on December 12, 1920. The Haiyuan quake killed 200,000 people, caused landslides and collapsed thousands of homes. Various magnitudes were reported for this temblor ranging from 7.8 to 8.5. Aftershocks shook the country for three years following.
Below are two screen snapshots from reporting stations that still show an earthquake occurred. The INSF is from Switzerland and Red Puma is from Romania.
The third screen shot of EMSC looks like they are claiming this event is a reporting error. A 'reporting
error' from three different seismic stations in three different countries? It's funny, the USGS didn't
report it. Whatever occurred, these seismic stations picked up something 'interesting'.
http://standeyo.com/NEWS/10_Earth_Changes/100128.CH.8.6 event.html
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