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Death In The Shadows
By Jim Kirwan
When one looks at the world of today it is impossible not to see the reemergence of certain patterns in the artificially created terrain of what passes for our lives. Among these designs the most obvious threat comes in the form of sudden and inexplicable death at the hands of illegally-constituted governments. These actions are a direct result of a specific set of guidelines created in secret, prior to implementation.
The first warning sign was issued when the United States Congress gave George W. Bush his "License to Kill," and that criminal-act opened this Pandora's-Box of political-anarchy which has brought us to this point. (1)
This was followed by The U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, which is and was a crime against the Republic and the people of the United States and had nothing whatever to do with any national threat, real or imagined. It was written by Cheney & Rumsfeld together with the crazies that lived in the basements ofWashington from 1973 until GW Bush turned them into our jailers in 2001; after he had stolen the Oval Office and assumed the imagined-mantle of "The Decider."
This nation has never even had a public conversation about the so-called existence of Al Qaeda; because far too many of us have simply assumed that it actually exists. There is a CIA program by that name that was in good-standing until 911, and thereafter that program became public-enemy number one; with no explanation whatsoever. However since 911, virtually everything which this government has claimed was "true" has been proven to be false, from who conducted the attacks on 911 to the non-existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, right up to this moment when the government is trying to create yet another "terra-threat" from an incident in Detroit which they designed and carried out on Christmas Day, 2009.
The goal beyond the immediate one is and was to increase national paranoia and racial hatred, without justification for the latest quirks that have just been added to "National Security Requirements" on air travel into the USA. (2)
During the last month of 2009 Obamanation issued a series of Executive Orders that licensed Interpol to commit any crime in this country, including murder, without fear of any punishment (Mossad already has such a permit, but it's not been made public). In addition Obamanation has given itself the power to 'Disappear American Citizens," IF the president or anyone that he appoints decides that the person in question "MIGHT AT SOME FUTURE DATE BECOME A DANGER TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS OF THE United States." This is possible because we have succumbed to that particular kind of fear and loathing that is wrapped in the terror of SUSPICION!
Since the last few years of the Clinton administration the police and law-enforcement agencies in this nation have gone from a policy that sought to "protect & serve" to one of "Kill 'Em All and Let God Sort It Out!" Consequently hundreds of thousands of incidents have been allowed to go unpunished while the civilian forces of this country have made war upon the ordinary citizens of the nation-as if they were the enemies of this country and not the victims of these new and internal fascist policies. However as only the acts that have been video-taped have come to the attention of the public; it might appear that this "problem" is much smaller than it actually is.
Lastly, the current-resident of the Tarnished House has given himself the right to use NATO troops to put down any possible local violence (inside the United States) with international armed forces. Said troops are supposedly currently massing just north of Camp Pendleton in California; in preparation for the violence that is expected to greet the official announcement of the Bankruptcy of the State of California, later this month. (3)
Whether or not this last 'threat' is true depends on many things but according to every other nation where such menus have been followed what will happen next will be the appearance of unofficial DEATH-SQUADS that will operate inside this country, to eliminate any real resistance to the complete surrender to the illegally constituted so-called authorities that are seeking to crush this society, with dispatch and with extreme prejudice.
Consider these facts just released this morning: "The Washington Post Reports the Past Decade was the worst for the USEconomy in Modern Times. There's been zero net job creation since December 1999; no previous decade going back to the 1940's had job growth of less than 20%. Middle income households made less in 2008 when adjusted for inflation than they did in 1999. And the net worth of American households has also declined when adjusted for inflation. This compares with sharp gains in every previous decade since data were initially collected in the Nineteen-Fifties. Wall street also registered its first ever negative decade on a total-return basis."
Consequently by any measure the United States for the last decade has been going straight to hell-by government design-and by illegal legislative fiats. The United States of America has become a joke that is armed to teeth and because its people no longer participate in anything which this pseudo- government decides to do; it is no longer answerable for any of the continuing crimes which it and its puppet-masters decide to do to us. Here is what we have done to some overseas; will this soon become common here as well? (4)
The question is will we wait for the coming of the Death Squads before we choose to stand against this malevolent obsession with power and greed that has apparently already swallowed so much of what was once a very different nation? Or will we passively surrender everything we say we once stood for in exchange for a life to be lived totally upon our knees in the FEMA camps or worse-just because we can't be bothered to connect the dots and see where this down-bound train of ours is really going!
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3) Alert: "Prepare for Rebellion" Obama orders US-Canadian Troops
4) The Blood of Others - video

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