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They Don't Own Shovels,
Crowbars Or Even Gloves!

By J. Speer-Williams
The ever exploding twin towers of US debt and trade deficits are to be expected from a country that's engaged in two foreign invasions, maintains over 170 military bases overseas, gives trillions of dollars to foreign bankers, yet produces nothing anyone in the world wants or can use.
With corruption, graft, fraud, deception, ignorance, and mismanagement, political regime after political regime has finally collapsed the US economy, and our middle-class along with it, all by the careful design of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel.
Soon, we'll be hearing of the glories of "Recapitalization" from the chattering-class of Cartel mouth-pieces, those who perform on television as talking-heads, that pretend to analyze the day's news.
Long story cut short, Recapitalization is being conducted by those who destroyed our economy, the International Monetary/Banking Cartel, by buying up our nation's natural resources, our water, and our infrastructure, with about 10 cents on a very inflated dollar. We are giving the Cartel the very rope with which to hang us from a tree on property we used to own. Yes, now that the Cartel has bankrupted America, with the help of their many stooges in government, their current governmental underlings are selling off America to the very same Cartel that has bankrupted us all.
This Cartel stratagem is obvious and easy to see, as it has been played out in so many 3rd world countries, like Haiti. The Cartel ensures that national debts become so large, that people in these impoverished countries don't even own shovels, or crowbars, or even gloves with which to dig each other out of rubble caused by earthquakes. Wide spread individual poverty, begins at a national level, when a government goes into such debt to the international bankers that they have no resources to put into their infrastructure of factories, mills, highways, water treatment plants, railroads, harbors, bridges, and anything else that makes national production possible; and these infrastructure facilities fall into disuse and disrepair; then jobs disappear and citizens face poverty, the exact deterioration of our economy that has been going on in America for, at least, the past half century.
According to <http://www.Transportation.house.gov>www.Transportation.house.gov of the 597,340 bridges in the US, 73,784 are structurally deficient, which the Department of Transportation defines as needing significant maintenance, rehabilitation, repair, or replacement.
Any cursory examination of America reveals we should be re-building infrastructures, rather than destroying foreign ones, and letting our own infrastructure fall into ruin. But due to unilateral wars of aggression, due to the misappropriation of trillions of dollars, and without the will to do what is right for our country, our faux-leaders choose more mounting debt and call it a "stimulus" to our economy, when it's a mere bandage on a shotgun wound that creates more infection.
Riding on the shoulders of Recapitalization is something you'll be hearing more about: Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). PPPs are technically defined as partnerships between government and business; when in fact, PPPs are a take-over of America's wealth by foreign, private oligarchs.
Already, from USA Today we're told "Roads and bridges built by US taxpayers are starting to be sold off, and so far, foreign-owned companies are doing the buying."
Even Homeland Security tells us that 80 percent of our 3,200 port terminals, nationwide, are now operated by foreign companies and countries.
The Pocahontas Parkway, in Virginia, has been sold to a Cartel front, Transurban, headquarted in Melbourne, Australia, for $611 million.
The Chicago Downtown Parking System has been sold to another Cartel front, Morgan Stanley, a global financial service (sic) firm for $563 million.
The Chicago Skyway has been sold to Macquarie Infrastructure Group/Cintra -still another Cartel front, for $1.8 billion. Macquarie has, also, bought the Indiana Toll Road for $3.8 billion.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is trying to sell the Pennsylvania Turnpike for an estimated $10  billion.
Chicago's Midway Airport is for sale for an estimated $2 to $3 billion.
The New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden Parkway, and the Atlantic City Expressway are for sale for as little as an estimate $10 billion.
And on and on it goes, and will go, until a hand-full of private oligarchs own America's infrastructure, which they'll then only maintain parts of.
Expect to pay heavily to use the Cartel's decaying toll roads, roads we've paid for many times over. Rates at the Cartel's municipal parking garages will steadily increase, until only those in the financial sector will be able to afford them. Taxes will continue to rise as our government continues to borrow ever more money from the International Banking Cartel, ensuring America's indebtedness and poverty for many generations to come.
Candidate Obama, while campaigning for the presidency, repeatedly claimed his budget would cut our national deficit by half by the end of his term. Instead, Obama shattered all spending records for first year presidents. In a narrow sense, Obama is a mere tool of selected oligarchs; in a wider sense, he is a front man for Wall Street. Ultimately, Mr. Obama, his top-level appointees, practically every member of congress, and the entire Supreme Court are all governmental lackeys of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel.
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