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Chertoff Profits From Full Body Scanners
And Other Police State Technology 

From Anon
As reported on NPR news, former Homeland Security Chief (and likely Obstructor-in-Chief of the investigation into Israeli "movers" busted on 9/11 "documenting" the event and cheering) Michael Chertoff is now a "consultant" who profits from sales of full body scanners and "a lot of other security measures."
This technology, designed to force people into feelings of fear, nakedness and submission, is reminiscent of prison and concentration camp procedures. It is the modern equivalent of ancient Pharaonic social control techniques detailed for example in the Narmer Palette, which shows a larger than life Pharaoh beating, decapitating and otherwise dominating smaller, naked victims:
Here is the admission on NPR:
Since the weekend, air passengers traveling to the U.S. from foreign countries have experienced tighter security measures. Still, those measures fall well short of what Michael Chertoff would like to see. Chertoff was Homeland Security secretary in the Bush administration. He now runs his own security consulting firm and he joins us by phone from Montreal. Welcome to the program once again.
Mr. MICHAEL CHERTOFF (Former Secretary, Homeland Security, Bush Administration): Good to be on the show.
SIEGEL: You're calling for the installation of full-body scanners at airport checkpoints. Why aren't there already full-body scanners at airports?
Mr. CHERTOFF: Well, a couple of years ago we began the process of testing them to see, first of all, if they worked and second, if they could be deployed without unduely restricting the flow of traffic. And the good news is that we were able to demonstrate that they were successful. We could use them without slowing up traffic and we could also protect privacy.
The difficulty is the ACLU and other similar organizations began a very aggressive campaign to limit or prevent the use of these machines and it culminated frankly last year in a vote by the House of Representatives to be very sharply restricted of the use of these machines. So, although we have acquired these machines, they are not as widely deployed as they should be.
SIEGEL: In your current role as a consultant, do you have an interest in body scanners?
Mr. CHERTOFF: You know, I, to be - we consult with all kinds of firms including firms that you manufacture body scanners.
SIEGEL: You do have some interest in....
Mr. CHERTOFF: Correct. That's correct.
SIEGEL: .....in more sales of body scanners.
Mr. CHERTOFF: As well as a lot of other security measures. But I would point out that I've talked about this for probably the last three years."

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