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What Did You Know &
When Did You Know It?
By Jim Kirwan
The breaking up and shutting down of this nation came directly from the actions of Harry S. Truman, the thirty-third president of the US who was a very active Christian-Zionist, long before many knew there could be such men.
Truman brought the still illegal 'state of Israel' into the world, through the UN that also began on his watch. He was responsible for the first use of nuclear weapons in a time of war and after the war he brought us the National Security Council that replaced the Congress, and the CIA, which was created illegally by Truman supposedly to protect this country from foreign interests. He also was responsible for the creation of the World Bank in 1945, to accompany the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which had already been created by world leaders. The Korean War that is still not settled was Truman's Police Action that is still an active and intractable mess.
Truman also presided over the Marshall Plan (1948-51) that rebuilt European industry with American loans that eventually ended American competitiveness in Europe. Harry also presided over the beginning of the reconstruction of Japan; which included teaching the Japanese the 'American principles of business.' These clear and concise business practices were later tested in direct competition with US companies, after America had forgotten what we had used so effectively to build this nation; consequently we lost out to the new Japan and that began our slide as an industrial and economic power in the world.
Thanks Harry for that helping hand we gave to the world which enabled us to win the battles of WWII: And yet still ultimately lose the post-war period so massively. All of this from a failed Midwestern haberdasher with mob connections that linger still around the US presidency.
Since Truman and his reshuffle of the entire American Republic, this country has not yet recovered from the death by a thousand cuts that our 33rd president left us with. Our money, which was stolen from us by private-global-banking interests in 1913 had already done a major job on keeping America and Americans in debt; but after Truman's body blows to the Republic, we were already near failure just ten years after theoretically 'winning WWII. JFK was killed because he wanted to begin to turn all of this around by ending the FED and denying nuclear weapons to Israel. He paid for his efforts with his life, and this 'nation' has never been the same since that dark Dallas-day in November of 1963.
FLASH FORWARD: What we now face today, thanks to technology, has bypassed the dire predictions of Sinclair Lewis, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell: Because today we face 'The Last Enemy'.
"The Last Enemy" is a fictional British series in five parts, for television, that explores what is about to come on-line in America very soon from the carefully hidden realities contained within our own identical National ID Card programs, coupled with the massive data collection that has been going on uninterrupted since seven full months before 911. (1)
The American program began as Total Information Awareness (TIA) and has continued under many different names since its inception under Bush Junior and the thoroughly disgraced Admiral Poindexter.
The delivery systems that were the focus in The Last Enemy also dealt with devising vaccines (such as the one we are currently fighting to avoid) that could be radically designed to affect only specific racial groups; something that officialdom consistently denies. It also touches on nano-technology and chip implants and their use and abuse in real-time scenarios; that both the Brits and the Americans would hate to have you know anything about.
However there is also a financial corruption side to this story that is very real and is still unfolding. "" For the past 6 months, one could barely switch on the television in the Netherlands without seeing the face of famed virus hunter Albert Osterhaus talking about the swine flu pandemic. Or so it has seemed. Osterhaus, who runs an internationally renowned virus lab at Erasmus Medical Center, has been Mr. Flu. But last week, his reputation took a nosedive after it was alleged that he has been stoking pandemic fears to promote his own business interests in vaccine development. Last week, his reputation took a nosedive after it was alleged that he has been stoking pandemic fears to promote his own business interests in vaccine development. As Science went to press, the Dutch House of Representatives had even slated an emergency debate about the matter."
On November 3, 2009 it appeared that Osterhaus emerged with at least the damage somewhat under control. An updated Science blog noted, "The House of Representatives of the Netherlands today rejected a motion asking the government to sever all ties with virologist Albert Osterhaus of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, who had been accused of conflicts of interest in his role as a government adviser. But Dutch health minister Ab Klink, meanwhile, announced a "Sunshine Act" compelling scientists to disclose their financial ties to companies."
The Minister, Ab Klink, reportedly a personal friend of Osterhaus, subsequently issued a statement on the ministry's website, claiming that Osterhaus was but one of many scientific advisers to the ministry on vaccines for H1N1, and that the Ministry "knew" about the financial interests of Osterhaus. Nothing out of the ordinary, merely pursuit of science and public health, so it seemed.
More careful investigation into the Osterhaus Affair suggests that the world-renowned Dutch Virologist may be at the very center of a multi-billion Euro pandemic fraud which has used human beings in effect as human guinea pigs with untested vaccines and in cases now emerging, resulting in deaths or severe bodily paralysis or injury." (2)
The problems we face involve the possible requirement of a National Identity Card, as part of what will happen upon the declaration of Martial Law-in order to have total control over the population. This must also be seen against the backdrop of the possible expansion of US Military forces, here in the North American Union (formerly the United States of America).
"Members of all branches of the United States Military will soon be facing a most critical decision. The European Union Times is reporting here that Obama is using the deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan to cover for the movement of some 200,000 troops, presently on duty in countries other than Iraq and Afghanistan, to USNORTHCOM to prepare for the "expected outbreak of Civil War within the United States before the end of winter."" (3)
Between the impending crash of the dollar, the intensifying Depression, and the very real threat of yet another global war we need to begin to do the things we can do to avert catastrophic events in favor of survival; so that there can be a tomorrow in which to act upon the criminality that is literally pouring out in these ever-shorter days before an ending that almost no one wants to see. War isn't new, but the particular variant of that term that we have inherited via technology and greed is bringing to people everywhere new horrors that only technology can create. In the twentieth-century wars tended to have battle-lines and uniforms: today that is only a long lost fantasy. Today war is as universal as it is irrational. Francisco Goya did a lot of work around what war looked like to those that fought, and the few that survived it, in his time. For anyone interested most of that work is online. These etchings are extremely vivid, proceed accordingly. (4)
But Goya also did something else that still lives at the heart of what we are living with today. It's called The Dream of Reason produces Monsters.
Goya described it this way. 'Imagination deserted by Reason creates impossibly useless thoughts. [Yet when] United with reason it is the mother of all art, and the source of all its beauty.'
We must begin to use our minds and our personal determination to conquer the nightmares and to awaken ourselves to what we most need right now, while there is still a small chance to stop the unfolding horrors that our inattention has made possible.
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