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By J. Speer-Williams
Our government's "Green Revolution" is another covert attack on our collective health and environment, largely using their mythical global warming hoax to do so.
The new Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs are a perfect example of this kind of subterfuge. While claiming these new CFL bulbs will reduce carbon emissions, "our" Congress passed legislation stating these new light bulbs must completely replace our everyday incandescent light bulbs by 2014, without telling us of the serious dangers to health and environment, that these mandated bulbs pose.
CFLs are loaded with deadly mercury, one of the most toxic elements on Earth. In fact, all CFL bulbs contain - at least - five milligrams of mercury, about 200 times the amount of mercury in a flu vaccine shot. There is enough mercury in each CFL bulb to contaminate 6,000 gallons of clean water. To break one of these CFL bulbs is to risk ruining the health, or ending the lives, of one's entire family, or office staff, with enough released atmospheric mercury to best require the expensive, professional services of a Haz/Mat Removal Team.
All Americans will be well advised to practice a "mercury escape plan" in the case of an accidental breakage of one of these CFL bulbs: Grab your cell phone, babies, dogs, cats, and parakeets (if they aren't already dead), and get well away from your house. Call a Haz/Mat company to completely clean your house before re-entering it; or better yet, relocate your family. Such are the serious dangers of mercury.
And our environment? This is where mercury laden CFL bulbs do their most serious damage to everyone of us - in the environment. The same environment that our hordes of "Greenies" are so concerned about dying from global warming. But unknown to our greenie friends, already there are hundreds of millions of disposed CFL bulbs that have contaminated personal garbage cans, fleets of garbage trucks (spreading their toxicity near and far), and garbage disposal sites, that are doing irreparable damage to our ground water, except when such garbage is burnt; then, mercury is released into the very air we all breathe.
With over 100 million American households, and tens of millions of other lighted facilities, all over our country, and with each of them disposing of even just one CFL bulb a month ... can anyone imagine how much mercury will poison our disposal dumps, our ground water, our air, our lungs, and our entire bodies. If one did not know better, mercury is the perfect bio/weapon for genocidal madmen: The poison is in dental amalgams, vaccines, light bulbs, and who knows what else.
Are our lawmakers simply without a shred of common horse sense, or are they driven by a sinister power, intent on not only destroying our environment, but our very lives.
In any case, something inhuman drove our CFL horror, and is driving the "Green Revolution," and its off-shoots of global warming, and the entire climate change circus of death.
J. Speer-Williams
Mary Sparrowdancer
Our "lawmakers" are primarily elite, zionist communists at this point in time, and they are driven by eugenics, a plan that maps out ways to destroy, damage or eliminate those they feel are "inferior" to the zionists.  Years ago, I tried some of those CFL bulbs and they were so awful I stopped buying them. They did not have a long life as advertised in the propaganda, and the lighting from them was absolutely awful. It was stark, harsh and cold. The communists who took over the US in 1906 are now rampant in the US. They are destroying every part of this country. We need to purge the government of them, and replace "lawmakers" with only true Americans who can uphold the Constitution - not communists upholding Bolshevik/Israeli and zionist agendas.  No one in US government should have a dual citizenship in Israel, the worst and most deadly communist "state" on Earth.
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