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America's Shameful Neglect
By Karl Schwarz
Every now and then one of the MSM outlets does a worthwhile story that is long overdue. It is sad and telling that it was a UK newspaper and not a US newspaper that ran the story that American media is too cowardly to address.
"UN investigator accuses US of shameful neglect of homeless"
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/nov/12/un-investigator-us-neglect-homel ess
Even that headline fails to even come close to the reality of the matter in America. Trillions down the tubes to bailout banksters, pay big bonuses to liars and thieves, and worse incompetents and ingrates. So sad that the AIG CEO wants to leave now due to pay constraints, greedy assholes that these people are. My bet is he has yet to truly earn even one dollar of what he has been paid.
I learned years ago that sitting on sanctimonious asses and demanding big pay is not an entitlement to a big pay check. It requires work and excellence to deserve it.
Yet, our nation is saddled with leadership and arrogant elite that cannot solve a simple problem of food and housing for a growing number of people stricken with poverty and homelessness. They can even throw the borders wide open and provide education, food stamps, and medical for illegal aliens while denying the same to US citizens.
Maybe one of these days Americans will wake up to the reality that the real problems are in DC. That entire area of idiots needs to be removed, revised, changed and cast from power.
And, these charlatans wonder why people have such contempt for their limousines and wasteful lifestyles of gross consumption.
No nation can claim greatness with so many of its citizens living in poverty, squalor, and homelessness. I saw a friend off once at the Miami Port. On the one-way street out of that facility I could not believe how many homeless people, both poverty stricken and US military veterans, were living on the sidewalk for the next 6 to 8 blocks.
More Americans should travel to Washington DC and see the many homeless US military veterans living on the streets of our capital in plain sight of the callous nitwits on Capitol Hill and the arrogant thugs at the White House. I have seen the lobbyists and power brokers pretend they are not even there but they are everywhere. As if they were leading the world and cannot even lead the District of Columbia out of a basic human need problem.
The Hurricane Katrina fiasco was not unique. It is on display in Washington DC daily and has been for decades. It is also all over Manhattan, and California or any place else if one uses their eyes for their intended purpose.
No nation can claim Superpower status with so many US veterans living as homeless in America. I have seen this travesty since Vietnam and the US government and the Defense Department both lie and ignore the plight of our veterans. Frankly, I want to puke every time I see the Congress Critters and White House feigning their affection for US military veterans. This latest Veteran's Day was another annual puke day.
No nation can claim greatness when there are many shopping in US stores, even WalMart, for dog food to make a meat loaf so they have something for dinner that night. I have seen the poor and the elderly doing that, but did not have a dog.
One should be outside of the US as I am and see the endless barrage of ads touting "Green Card to the US, apply here", "Do you want to live and work in the US? Apply here." when our nation does not and will not even care for its own citizens. They kill the economic engine, put tens of millions out of work, yet tout the greatness of America with a Green Card to work and live in what is now become a sleazy nation.
I want to ask them where all of these jobs are since the average American cannot easily find a job yet they have vast amounts of ads offshore for people to apply for Green Cards.
The greatness of America is dead and gone. Anyone waiting for Washington DC to provide a solution, an answer, even a clue what the real problems are will be dead and gone before they see anything from our national capital.
It is way past time for change, but I have come to believe that Americans no longer know what that word means.

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