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Rothschilds Control - Working
Toward A Real Robot Army

By Dick Eastman
In this century it presents no difficulty for them at all. Without question the great profiters from the present economic collapse -- which is really a transfer of ownership -- know they must eventually come to rely for security on a race of real "transformers," fast, agile and rugged shock-and-awe attack and domination robots -- because they can't trust human soldiers -- even desensitized kill-loving sociopathic mercenaries-- to obey the orders the bankers are intending to give for "terminator" services against their own kind, against contumacious debt-slaves daring to consider repudiation of their debt or even toclaim trillions in restitution for all of the past wars, depressions and exactings of blood and wealth from the nations of the world.
They can afford a thousand times more than all the money of all nations that has gone into space programs. They control the defense scientists of every major power and can put them to work, blindly and compartmentalized, working on any component necessary for such a force. They will do it because they have to do it.
They cannot send American soldiers against the American people for long and they cannot send Chinese or German or Indian soldiers too without even those brainwashed armies getting second thoughts. In the end it will have to be robotic armies controlled by a few trusted blood-line operators. (Shades of Mr. Incredible? But don't you know that in terms of the vast resources of the Rothschild interests, popular fiction often trails clandestine fact.)
On the other hand -- I must respect that fact too -- perhaps the behavior control technology is even better developed so that they will rely on perfectly brainwashed soldiers after all. Certainly the controllers of the robotic forces will have to be managed with highly reliable technologies.
It sounds too "far out" to be worth consideration, doesn't it? But have you really stopped to think about all that is within the means of the most powerful groups on the planet, people commanding maybe a hundred trillion dollars at their own discretion?
See some of the progress that has been made with police robots
here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oruJrxgj0xs
Given the special demand of the richest buyers of these robotic services, it is beyond question that the club of the worlds ultra super rich have been supplied with much more advanced systems which they don't feel compelled to telshare with the world just yet.
Crude remote-controlled killer robots already deployed in Iraq.
Still not even robots would be able to save them if we all turned on them at once. What would have to happen for that to be possible?
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