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Obama Quietly Pulls Plug On SPP/NAU?
Excerpt from just-updated (October 2009) Wikepedia article on North American Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP)
SPP/NAU Cancellation
In August 2009, the SPP website was updated to say: "The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP-"North American Union") is no longer an active initiative. There will not be any updates to this site."
Currently, the website calls itself an archive for SPP documents and announces: "Going forward, we want to build on the accomplishments achieved by the SPP and further improve our cooperation."
The NDP has called this a "victory" which is "the result of the active and sustained efforts across the country, and across North America, of Canadian, Mexican and American activists from the labour movement, civil society, progressive legislators and all those concerned and committed to build a better quality of life in our Canada and throughout North America."
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