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More Will Die With Obama
Social Security Cuts

October 16, 2009 (LPAC)-Today it was announced by the Obama Administration that the Social Security Administration will withhold an annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) next year for the first time since the increase became automatic in 1975. In a transparent behaviorist effort to preempt opposition, Obama called today for 50 million seniors, veterans, and retired workers to receive another round of $250 checks, as if that would compensate for increased costs not included in the fraudulent Consumer Price Index applied to seniors.
Lyndon LaRouche immediately responded by saying that this is a policy to reduce the population. This is a British policy and there is no mystery about what Obama is doing. Prince Philip has publicly set a goal of reducing the world's population from the current 6.7 billion to less than 2 billion. That is the goal expressed by the Obama policy. You have not yet seen the full escalation of this policy, which will come soon if Obama is not stopped. The death rate will increase, unless Obama is stopped. It is a genocide policy against the U.S. and other populations, coinciding with the World Wildlife Fund policy of Prince Philip. This is your destiny if you allow this to continue.
Part of the deliberate fraud behind this policy is the fact that the Social Security Administration uses a part of the Consumer Price Index known as the CPI-W, which measures spending patterns of blue-collar workers (themselves an endangered species) in calculating the annual cost-of-living adjustment. Social Security payments have been linked to the CPI-W for more than three decades. But, the spending patterns measured by the CPI-W and the general CPI - also known as the CPI-U - don't match those of the elderly, especially in the case of health care: The CPI-W assumes that people spend about 5 percent of their income on health care. For many older Americans, that number is much higher. The basket of goods that are used in the CPI is not represented by the basket of goods consumed by the elderly, and, as a result, seniors pay more for health care and other services that don't factor prominently into the CPI.
This move by the Obama administration on the basis of such a transparently fraudulent metric, weighted against the elderly and veterans, should be seen as part of the overall policy of the Obama health care bill to cut medical care to the elderly, i.e., to kill the elderly, in order to cut costs.
While Obama contemplates sending the elderly $250, how many trillions have gone to Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, etc., all of which have reported profits this quarter and will be issuing huge bonuses to their colleagues in crime? According to the Daily Telegraph on Sunday, Goldman Sachs may be paying as much as an average compensation of more than $700,000 per employee.

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