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Your Endangered Mass
Media Needs Your Help

Zionista, Henry Waxman, says that the media needs government help. After I stopped laughing, I reflected on the hard and incontrovertible fact that primarily Zionist-Jewish interests control 96% of the world media.
Waxman says, "We cannot risk the loss of an informed public and all that means because of this market failure" (more laughter). I don't know what informed public Waxman is talking about but it wouldn't be in America unless, all of a sudden, the American public has switched off this endangered media and migrated in a large, bleating mass to the alternative, internet news sites. I haven't seen that. The official stockyards and approved grazing areas are still packed full of head-bobbing sheep. The resurrection theme of Easter has a different meaning for sheep; lambs in particular.
However, the mass media is losing revenue so some migration or simple avoidance must be taking place.
Here is a damning and seriously news-worthy article that exposes who did 9/11 and there's no mention of it in the endangered media. It had disappeared from its original spot yesterday with the notice that it couldn't be found- now it's back up- so I'm going to link it twice just in case. This is the same free and independent media that's been whitewashing the climate scandal; except for Sump Pump Murdoch's crew who represent the emergent elite at war with the established elite. You can't tell the players without a score card and the mass media prints those too.
This is the same free and independent media that shilled for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran. This is the media that has been caught out in more proven lies than I can count. This is the free and independent media that didn't cover the Gaza genocide and turns a blind eye to what has been happening inPalestine for 60 years. Still, in this case, they are definitely too big to fail. If they fail, then who can the government and the corporations use to keep the people in line with the official program of lies; corruption, wholesale theft, mass murder and the ever encroaching suppression of the freedom of movement and speech? More importantly, what will Israel do to continue its total control of American domestic and foreign policy? How will they continue to convince Americans to send their children to die in their wars? The mass media is far too big and important to be allowed to fail.
Just a couple of years ago, Obama (rhymes with Osama) said he was going to end these opportunistic wars abroad and bring the troops home. Now he's got a new war in Pakistan and he's sending 30,000 more, presently warm, bodies, into the Graveyard of Empires. Obama (thymes with Osama) says that we have to eradicate Al Qaeda at all costs. This is a good tactic. Since there is no Al Qaeda, it will be impossible to know when it is eradicated. Since the CIA created Al Qaeda, they can have Al Qaeda show up anywhere. Now that they have decided that they want what is under the ground in Somalia, you can be sure that Al Qaeda is going to appear there with thousands of insurgents just looking to drag American soldiers around Mogadishu, behind their souped-up Toyota trucks, the way Hector got dragged around Troy and the free and independent mass media will be there to give you the big picture.
Obama (rhymes with Osama) says that the troops are now going to come home in 2011. That's two years down the road but due to collective agreement by White House and Pentagon psychics and soothsayers, they know just when it's going to be okay to pack it up and relocate it somewhere else. When your politicians are guaranteed and proven to be lying sacks of shit, you need an information industry that trades in nothing else. You need professional shit chefs to mold the shit into tasty morsels of sustenance for the people who have become accustomed to eating it if you serve it to them warm.
Let's not leave out Great Britain and their colonies in Canada and Australia, nor should we forget most of Europe. They are all beneficiaries of the same endangered media and all of them are incorporated territories in the extended empire of The Lizard King.
I've never been a fan of Jon Stewart because the media has long been in the practice of setting up seemingly dissenting voices in order to give the appearance that there's controversy and disagreement in the ranks. Bill Maher is a good example of this. Now they've got big alternative media voices that say Hollywood is under the control of the Saudis (more hilarious laughter). Some of these 'controversial' media figures get seriously outraged when you tell them that Israel was behind 9/11. Meanwhile, these voices that present themselves as representing the truth, rail against the establishment, while serving its needs at the same time. Jon Stewart goes after the Climate scammers but then he dissembles. Sure, the scientists deliberately lied and performed a consistent fraud but global warming is real. Right, Jon.
The amount of people telling the truth at any time has always been a small minority. There's no opportunity for advancement and very little money in it. What it comes down to is that the world is the world is the world. The currency of the world is lies. Whether you are telling the people that a war is being fought to further democratic principles and to free an oppressed population or whether you are telling someone how beautiful or talented they are, when they are not but you have your reasons it is the common currency of the realm.
Product manufacturers tell you that their product is better than another. This hamburger tastes better than that hamburger. This soft drink is the real thing. The Russians eat their children. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The truth is that just about everything is a lie. We get comfortable with that. We agree, for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit, to agree on certain lies instead of uncomfortable truths. It's just easier and safer. People who go looking for the truth often find more than they bargained for. Sometimes you don't see them anymore.
Unfortunately for the liars among us, the force of the apocalypse is at work. It's a natural force, just like the wind and the rain. We don't understand how it works but we don't understand electricity either. There are a great many laws of nature that we don't understand but sometimes we see the sequencing of a power or a process and we can put it to use. The potential in electro magnetism is immense. There's immeasurable potential in a great many things that we don't seem inclined to fund because certain people are already making a great deal of money from other things that would be rendered obsolete if we looked a little deeper.
There is more than enough of everything on Earth to insure that everyone has enough but that would mean that a few of us couldn't have too much. Our endangered media has been very useful in holding out the idea that any one of us can be like the chosen few if we just get creative and apply ourselves. That's another load of shit but shit is both the fuel and the product of the endangered media and they have got a cutting edge catering section that ensures a new and improved palatability every day. Except except they're endangered now and their lies are being increasingly exposed to the public eye. As bone dead stupid as a large percentage of people have proven to be, even they are waking up. That's what the apocalypse does for you.
Whether it's Tiger Woods, or an increasing number of political and corporate figures, something is pulling the curtains aside. Something is busily at work exposing what has been hidden for far too long. Those whose fortunes and positions rely on concealment are not amused but what can they do? They don't know who is doing it and they don't know how to stop it. The very things they rely upon to keep them hidden are being used against them and this is one clear indication of how evil destroys itself. The moment I heard about Tiger Woods, my mind put it together pretty much like it now appears to be. We all have this facility but we can only use it if we use it on ourselves first.
What I am getting is that if you have been a good little boy or girl, Santa is probably going to come and see you and if you haven't then Santa is going to put the 't' in his name before the 'n' and the last 'a' after the 't'. That's how it looks to me.
Now, we'll be returning you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress. Make sure you've got a lot of catsup and mustard. It helps to make it go down easier. I hear hot sauce can be effective as well.

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